Currently, DC movies are going through a stage of changes, that is because a few months ago James Gun has become a director of everything that linked to the visual with these sagas.
And now, through a new hashtag there is talk of the possibility of returning Zack Snyder, who directed the popular Justice League.
Now that there are elements such as the WORLDS, users have been trying to make a movement called #sellsnyerTestonetflix, this to be sold to Netflix everything related to DCE.
And before this, James Gun himself has talked about such a crazy hashtag, which has had a good acceptance by those who love Snyder back.

Here is your comment:

Let me tell you that this is probably the most crazy hashtag in history, for two reasons: first, Netflix has not expressed such interest (although we have discussed other things);
And second Zack has not expressed any interest and seems very happy to be able to do what he is doing (and, yes, we also talk).
Snyder contacted me to express his support on my decisions.


It is a great guy, and once again it seems to be delighted with the great saga that is building at the moment.
That means, that Snyder is the first to have taken the initiative for not wanting to continue with his film universe, so now the road is open to the new saga that wants to start with a Superman tape.
He does not refuse to return to direct a film, but it will no longer be through the concept he established years ago.
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Editor’s note: Many think that the restart is for good, since the actors have already left their original roles.
So Snyder’s interest is also non-existent, it would be best for the director to work in one of the new tapes.