The news was announced in the pages of the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu: Grimgrimoire Once More, Remaster of the game released on PlayStation 2 in 2007, is en route to PS4 and Nintendo Switch for July 28 this year, only in Japan for the moment.

This version reviewed and corrected with the friendly Vanillaware Tour Tour Strategy Game will partially make new skin. The Japanese studio promises us the introductions of four “big magic”, usable on the battlefield and whose activation will be accompanied by unpublished illustrations. Always on the gameplay side, this remaster will introduce a skill tree that it will be to garnish using parts earned by performing certain specific tasks. Pieces that, by the way, can be recovered if you change the opinions along the way.

GrimGrimoire Once More JUST Announced By Vanillaware

Visually, Grimgrimoire Once More promises high resolution graphics and a blank display. On the comfort side, Vanillaware has thought of impatient, by impaleting a “fast forward” function – and not “back”, sorry Puyo – as well as the possibility of backup in the middle of a battle. The challenged challengers, however, have not been forgotten with a “difficult” mode that we promise us even more raised than that of the original. Finally, this remaster will agree with a new dubbing for some key characters, such as the heroin Lillet Blanc or its close friend Margarita surprise.

Damaged on the other hand that Vanillaware has not announced anything about the scenery of the game, horribly repetitive, to have spoiled the pleasure of Amaebi friend who, in 2007, had seized the test of the original. A repetitiveness that he said, “a lot of this brilliant work of Vanillaware so much uniforms the fights by looking forward to them. The weariness is therefore gently settled, but surely, despite the undeniable qualities of the gameplay. “. Let’s hope Vanillaware kept in reserve some announcements about this _remaster.