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Everyday update of Everyday, 9th anniversary

The Wemoid Connect (Representative Lee Hooro) said it will carry out updates and events to the 9th anniversary of the 9th anniversary of our mobile game ‘Every Town’, which is a mobile game ‘Ebriatown’.

‘Ebrytown’ is a 9th anniversary theme to the sea, and reflects the colorful contents that reflects them sequentially. First of all, through the primary update of today, the production facility ‘Premium Cajun Cage Seafood Gall offers’, ‘Bring Salmon Pipes’, ‘Tani Ocean Harvarians, and Theme Park’ Bring Sea Food Festival Ⅰ, Ⅱ ‘, Royal Resort’ Bright Palace ‘New Village’ Chefbring ‘has been added, and the new Colleners’ Sea’s Scent’, which allows you to get the sweet cards and research points of collection, and new cultivated “The scent of the sea” was also new.

In the second (Tue), the second, the background ‘Ocean City’, and the sky landscape ‘Sky Aries’, and Theme Park ‘Bring Sea Food Camping I, II’ is added. In addition, various updates for improving the convenience of users will be held together.

ASCENSION SYMPTOMS and UPGRADES happening now You ain't dying | DNA ACTIVATION ● The EVENT

The WMADIDID Connect proceeds to the users who have been tested for the users who showed steady interest and love for ‘Ebriatown’ for nine years. First of all, from today, we will notify the special item ‘9th anniversary trophy’ from today, and from March 5, the theme park ‘Hydrangea Park II’ is also presented.

There is also a compensation for a specific period of time. In addition to the existing connection compensation of the existing access compensation from March 3 to 13, we presented three kinds of materials to create a ‘spring flower rabbit doll specialty’ and a specialty store, and on a specific date on March 5 (Sat) ‘SS Classification Random Box’, ‘Domoquoter’, ‘Seed’, ‘Heart’, etc. Paid goods and items in the game are also available.

The representative work of the WMATE Connect ‘Ebrytown’ is a longevity mobile game that has been steadily loved by domestic and global users until the 9th anniversary of the Services in 2013. Detailed information on the 9th anniversary update and event of ‘Ebriatown’ is available for more information on the official café.

Fifteen new servers in FREE-TO-PLAY launch of LOST ARK

Last Tuesday, Lost Ark kicked off his anticipated access to the West, to welcome the players who invested in one of the Founder packs of the MMORPG. And the players have clearly answered present since the title has recorded a peak of more than 530,000 simultaneous connections on the servers and that some players face sometimes long queues of a few hours.
However, the “TRUE” Commercial Launch Free-To-Play of Lost Ark is planned for today, in principle from 18h – from the beginning of the afternoon, the MMORPG is the subject of a Maintenance aimed at preparing the reopening of the game servers. And unsurprisingly, the operator Amazon Games expects a serious influx of new players in the evening.

On the official forums, Amazon Games teams announce the opening of fifteen new servers, including six for European players (Inanna, Thaemine, Sirius, Antares, Belshaza and Nineveh). These fifteen servers are added to those already available, the 25 open to launch the anticipated access, then those added to reduce queues.

New ETA cancelled for Lost Ark Launch, another delay, characters NOT deleted, here's what's up
And as the first Lost Ark servers are stormed, Amazon Games now prohibits the creation of new characters. In other words, the new players who will join the MMORPG on the occasion of the Free-To-Play launch will have to create characters on the new servers and will not have access to the already overloaded “historical” servers. It is certainly binding for the players who hoped to find nearby loved ones, but the operator sees a necessity to prevent the queues to connect to longer. Note that players already having characters on the first servers will always be able to create new characters (within the limit of the number of _slots available). This limitation is nevertheless temporary and intends to apply only the time that the players’ populations of each server stabilize.

Update (18h) : As often in patch deployment, the schedules indicated are not always representative of reality. Following deployment difficulties, the free-to-play launch of Lost Ark is delayed by a few hours. We will take his trouble in patience.

BVB For that we love football Erling Haaland insulted in Wolfsburg

Manuel Peter Never (pronunciation in German:/ Manuel nɔʏɔʏɐ, -SL -/; Gelsenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, March 27, 1986) is a German footballer who plays as a goalkeeper and his existing team is the Bayern of Munich of the Bundesliga, First Soccer Division of Germany. He is also a worldwide as well as captain of Germany’s nationwide group.
It is considered among the biggest goalkeepers in the background of Borussia Dortmund, and for several taken into consideration the most effective of all time. [NB 1] Never is described as the Sweeper-Keeper for his style of one-of-a-kind play And also speed when it comes to leaving the objective line to expect opponents, producing plays from objective.
It is an outright international with the German national group given that 2009, in which it is the goalkeeper and also with which he has actually played the Globe Cup in South Africa, the Euro 2012, the Globe Mug in Brazil 2016, the Euro cup 2016 and also the Russian World Cup 2018. It was Chosen by the IFF HS as a better goalkeeper in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 as well as 2020. In 2014, along with winning the 2014 Globe Cup, it was selected Golden Glove of the Championship, and also was elected at eleven Suitable of the Globe Brazil 2014. In 2016, after the Europa, it occurred to Bastian Schweinsteiger as captain of the selected Teuton.

Borussia Dortmund’s goalkeeper Erlang Haaland has been considered in his dream comeback against the VFL Wolfsburg by a viewer with the stinking finger. The BVB star took the insult but loose.

Borussia Dortmund vs. Mainz 05 | Full Game | Matchday 21- 2014/15 Season

From the stink finger of a female fans of VFL Wolfsburg, Erlang Haaland was not spectacularly spoiling his spectacular comeback.

A gate with only seven minutes start-up time and the highly deserved 3: 1 (1: 1) victory of the BVB at the Lower Saxony overshared the offensive gesture of the VFL trailer, which set a hobby film with huge success in the network. For that we love football, the goalkeeper joked on Twitter in his replica.

Since 19 October, the DFB Cup winner had missed the edgy Norwegian painfully and also missed the wintering in the Champions League because of its forced break due to muscular problems at the hip bubble.

With his own role of origin Haaland produced the final score in the Volkswagen Arena and hurled a black-yellow fehdhandschuh directly to the title rival FC Bayern.

BVB: Erlang Haaland A great attraction for the league

Additional buoyancy could give Haaland two more records of his still young career, which he cracked at his short comeback. 50 goals in the first 50 games, such a quota is unprecedented in the Bundesliga. And additionally, the blonde giant is 21 years and 129 days of the youngest professional who could reach this Tor mark.

Wolfsburg’s coach Florian Krefeld could only look at the opposing Goalkeeper with a bit of envy. Haaland is a different player and a great attraction for the league, said the 39-year-old, who instead had to talk to his protégés about the opportunity utilization.

Because especially Lukas Mecca could not reach the ice to the ice-cold and drained Haaland on this day.

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