In Triangle Strategy there are four options from which players can choose. Players can choose the difficulty on which they want to play when starting the game. You can change this selection at any time in Settings menu . You can easily access this at any time during the game.

What difficulties are available?

Players can choose from four levels of difficulty: “Very easy”, “easily”, “normal” and “difficult”. For players unfamiliar with the gameplay and unique combat systems used in the Triangle Strategy, it is recommended to start the game on the light or middle level of complexity. Once the players will better figure it out in the game, Hard will not be too complicated.

Everything You NEED TO KNOW About Triangle Strategy!
The settings of the complexity of the game will affect the game of the game in battle. The higher the level of complexity, the smarter there will be AI in battle. The complexity settings are “very easy” and “easily” provide players with relaxed and simple experience, allowing them to fully focus on the plot of games and dialogs. Normal and complex difficulty levels are designed for more experienced players who want a little complicate the gameplay.

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