“What did you have for the alternative?”

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■ 1. Unique ~ Legendary Farming
\ – Farming a unique item in ‘Gent Imperial Palace’.
\ – If the unique equipment has been completed, the cheatra-flooring tunnel, and the Legendary equipment in the land of memory.
\ – This will first set the “All Legendary Equipment” definitely. As of December, the expected period is 1 month?
\ – The jail (the land of memory, the ground, the bottomless tunnel), the steep (black temple, the basement of the pain) is good, and it is good to collect goods.
\ – Improvements in the future, from the javesty to the emergence.
\ – Currently, it is possible to graduate from Legendary, if you have a 2 weeks and three weeks in the reorganization? This section is not complicated.

■ 2. Switching equipment, Talisman
\ – When Unique Faming is completed, Harlem – Closed Zone ‘Operation: Hope’ Faming ‘Switching Equipment’ in Hope.
\ – “Random” . The price requires quite time. Switching equipment is important because it raises the level of the buff skill.
\ – Move to ‘Machine Daejeon’ channel and fascinates ‘Talisman’ and ‘Run’. 1 week (select OR1 person).
\ – “Random” . There is a three-week confirmation acquisition quest, but the spicy flavor is started.
\ – Talis can be determined in the future ‘mountain range’. This is also a taste.

※ All the epic equipment and after the Forming are both parallel.

■ 3. Epic Equipment Farming – Length to Life
\ – If Legendary Equipment is farmed, you can faith the ‘Epic’ equipment through various contents.
\ – You can get in various contents, including jigs, hell parties.
\ – “Random” . You can choose only one site in the ‘temple of resurrection’. Once per character.
\ – Of course, the epic item has a set effect. I do not want to wear anything but I can not wear anything.
\ – Weapon, armor, accessories and special equipment are both random. The drop table was not determined and all together.
\ – There is an epic item that can be upgraded to the Epic Equipment.
\ – The material for this item upgrade comes from several contents, including the grid.
\ – About 2000/1850 per site. For reference, a carrick is about 160 per day. This is also up to twice as recently.

■ 4. Myth Equipment Farming – First Life
\ – The upper item of ‘myth’ is a special ‘myth’ in a low probability. There was a chance of a chance, but it is achieved.
\ – This is the “flagship character” and item settings according to the presence or absence of ‘mythical items’.
\ – “Random” . You may come out. It is a blind chicken that has no pliers.
\ – Xintheau is a higher version of Epic Equipment, and additional options are granted.
\ – This option can be adjusted to ‘Callado Box’, but it is all ‘Random’.
\ – There is also a Calado Box only. Eventually turning the random and turning the optional regulation.
\ – All of this is the story of “myth”. Before improving, there was a small number of empty users.

■ 5. Lots of spicy 2nd Life – “Talisman”
\ – You can upgrade the Talis from Machi Daejeon to upgrade from the ‘Mountain Mountains’, and you can get new.
\ – The color of the dealer is the color of Talisman only if not yellow, it is useful.
\ – The real exhaust is a rune setting. The tendency to match the skill for DPS is strong. Of course, “Random”.
\ – Approximately 2 to 3 weeks (based on 1 Carrick) Provide a reporter that only one talis is possible.
\ – Talis only takes the character to the balance patch level at the balance patch level. It is necessary, but it should be only once a week.
\ – It is possible to reconcile the talis only by obtaining special goods through the auction hall and dungeon compensation.

■ 6. Third Life – Shiroko Raid
\ – If the epic equipment and myth equipment are all right, you can obtain ‘Sirocco Epic’ through the raid.
\ – Reid requires an appropriate item level (fame) and settings. Magic grant is required.
\ – The shiroccan equipment consists of four species (three sets of equipment, 3.) and has a feature that imparts additional options by “fusion”.
\ – What happened to “Random” . Mitigate the 2021 patches to make it possible for one site to be possible.
\ – You can specify a confirmed ‘set’ in three items. The site is random, dedicated goods. This is greatly improved.
\ – This character is determined by the presence or absence of reverberation. It is possible to reverb with improvement patch.
\ – The reverberation grants an option to the weapon, here it is optionally attached to “random”.

■ 7. Fourth Life – Hoking
\ – Weapon, bottom, auxiliary equipment, and the four devices up to the ring are capable of capable of ability through ‘option’ conversion.
\ – This allows you to give you an optimized option, and the content that enables this is ‘Hoking’.
\ – ‘Sun Harm’ refers to four dungeons of the Chest Town-Black Haechang. Option conversion material can be obtained.
\ – So daily nation 4 times a day is a ‘common homework’. This can be stored in the epic set full user.
\ – Weekly nauses can be turned on a week from a dedicated channel and a little difficulty in needing.
\ – The width of the option through the conversion, and the type of option is “random” .
\ – It is possible to a certain commodity through special goods called ‘pupil of fear’. Currently, it is called ‘Improvement’.

※ The above contents are the premise that there is no event.

■ Transportation. Setting item options?
\ – Dunpa predicted improvement, but usually starts conversion based on six options.
\ – ▲ Nudity, ▲ Cymps, ▲ Chul dam, ▲ ​​All attack power, ▲ physical / magic / independent attack power, ▲ power / intelligence.
\ – In addition, there is also a skill aggression, and attribute damage concept.
\ – A specific option is to decrease the real efficiency to reduce the real efficiency and low expectations. It must be balanced.
\ – This is the ‘Option Conversion’ that the act to balance is introduced earlier. The API is released and can be seen on multiple sites.
\ – General users are compromised by a certain line and set it in a long period of time using a predictor system.
\ – The buffer is also granted that the optional option is granted as a buffer-only option, so that no one can not be avoided.

■ END!
\ – If you stay in a certain statement, you can enter the specifications and enter the final content, “Ozma Raid”.
\ – Talisman, Siroccan Reid, Epic, Myth, and Option Conversion is a story when it climbed to some extent.
\ – Ozma Reid gives 5 sites similar to Sirocco Raid.
\ – The effect of a single item is good, but there is a penalty. It is a role that relieves the set effect.
\ – I expected it, but one price, the rest should rely on this random and can go twice a week.
\ – The end of the random hell is random. The preset is weaving.

Inde roughly this level summary only if key parts, Deans, who easily understand this? Write, write, erase and write again, this should be another good summary. To deepen your understanding of this system requires quite a long experience. Simply memorizing as well as read and write is contemplating ‘what to do, but “to build up experience with the process of the game.

Workday Adaptive Planning Accelerates FP&A | Revelwood Webinars (with Ken DiSessa)

Of course, this process is in the last few years, numerous ssatyeoon content after the 100-level expansion to the maximum level results. If you look closely, it can be seen that the ‘random’ really wise. called ‘price’ system, Farmington mitigation are added to some degree after the last time the system. And this is the premise that it is necessary Farmington The above myth Equipment “in all conditions. It ‘parent’ myths. Gunma go, acupuncture, trophy car, hell, madness, myth items that are classified as top tier of black magic to Take the best efficiency. For nothing it is not something written by the director means the only ‘Arlene’ bad words came out four times. Although without a myth, but a piece extent possible… if you can get an myth eopeoya buds change the settings.

“List Price” is to follow most of the goods acquired while performing its content, the most recent pieces worth some yiraseo a quantity slightly upstream side to the patch. March did not leave in a few months time extended to the maximum level if there were no events going through this ‘nasaengmun’ character should grow. Faster it turns a lot of character with the advent of the account attributable material. That is a relief. Old fifty deonpa users find that they tend to see “dir jyeotne – it’s a lot, really,” the nasaengmun. Frankly, that is not the information itself is not level.

There is synergy ‘Eterna’ Knit for equipment, the deepening process of getting set in the additional number of content are a few more times. The Enchanting is also a certain level or higher is required to understand this as being essential to catch, and I also understand the strengthening jaeryeon system according to the physical / magic / independent offense. Damage is easy character to write a stand-dont jaeryeon as access, if the physical / magic attack character is more than +11 river of weapons is generally required. And earring has the state caught by it to some extent based on the enhanced +10 (buffer amplifier). Suppose that both novice egen delete ‘price’ system of simhande burden, other specification-up equipment.
The fortunate thing is that these ecosystems would have to expand the 110-level to the most changes. Most of these users are reported to be as positive about the news of change, improvement of farming systems is nasaengmun were many users who agree that Dungeon Fighter hits the high barriers to entry, so naechil the user himself.

Another thing is that a system of one “notch”. Through the relief efforts set the current equipment in the equipment set of the following steps it can be guaranteed to some extent. This means that it can be preserved in the output due to some sort of value preservation efforts. So I do not know may not be able to help a very high thing to be a part of farming and the current setting.

I tried it a point not to enter any event. And among some extent eased the process was about to be a head ache from Farmington jikkeun Epic equipment. Was mortal destiny: ‘Operation Hope’ blades have achieved the highest level in the same time is a, Farmington did not even do a decent Legendary Equipment nearest time a month 1-2 weeks for switching equipment in Farmington. Dont dont ended quickly with very angry, stacked packages and sells Avatar with the power of real goods in gyeongmaeso gold and PC accumulated mileage and room to work. Breath freely initiated remaining characters are… not caught even a sense of what to do. I was so tired right tteoleojina out the game…

“What the hell am I doing… yinya meantime deonpa users are? How did you come to this game inde degrees? It seureoul respect eopeotdago price… looking at the future and not just the reduction was reported only in the recumbent Farmington unppal? Ahninya this full cloud ppalgem ? “

“So one game is gonna cost my Gem ‘season’ from the moment. Event, it gives them juniper is about 80% of the injustice disappeared through. Give it just a giant bit should not the money is tempted, but even nearly a year. the buffer will come out without weapons 9 months applying’ve been to Legendary weapons. See Note 12 river 8 jaeryeon weapons to the event? is there going to the roots Wagoner Trang epic events in real’m hUGE, so then and – and then After the events – and everything out. Huh? Wait a minute. Hey, I tteot myth?

Fresh delicious, spicy taste and seem to some extent.

Dungeon & Fighter heralded big revamp with March, the maximum level of expansion. Image of ‘spicy’ while we talked about before the reorganization will mean that you will be most content without taste. Since the change of the public have already been through the Dungeon & Fighter Festival it has continued to provide information via the official website.

I’ve tasted “Dungeon & Fighter” is closer to the appearance of fact as to me. Maybe think of those who have always enjoyed the deonpa old users “have this much to do…” he could see a figure falling hear a persuasive to joke. Also yiraseo highly unusual aversion comfortable with Graduated diverge depending on whether the game is lucky I think that the viscosity is more reluctant badly felt.

But Dungeon & Fighter users and Farmington period of approximately director referred to nasaengmun is without the reform a step back and look it seems very much woteul sheets. That even experienced users when they do not deviate from the Dungeon and Fighter, I think it really deserves the admiration and respect. I’ll have one game that much ‘love’. Dungeon & Fighter is still a favorite, and enjoy while continuing to demand an improvement in their game and iteotgie enthusiastic user released a variety of opinions about the future direction of the content overcoming the tough times that Dungeon Fighter Maybe it well inherited until now?

As mentioned earlier, the way that the story varies when the Season ‘event’ is very interesting. Some statements in the confines of the most nasaengmun intact, but at least they are nasaengmun dir nabeoryeoseo to the pretty smashed. It was actually about even finish the mythical setting of the item five characters suddenly progressed through the event with ‘Assault’ useful to have somewhere to be updated at this level to prepare for the next season. Even if the seraphim who had the first three Carrick almost single site only put out most shite… No, the environment, equipped to prepare amplified in that I think an amazing achievement.

So phenomenal partner, offers low season, most of the barriers in an instant. Nevertheless, time is still playing because even flexible enough to be adjusted by yourself. If you do not do homework eopgetda negligible viscosity of the millennium somewhat blurred the notion of damages.

Yihurodo many stories that feature some of the ecosystem and the game, Dungeon & Fighter want to mention one till future notice. But let the length of this article, hold them all the story, I want to finish it as soon as the first piece Lin Dunn survival group reports here as being too long, so you want, press Back.

This article will only ahninyago not gonna write? No, because then throw up story today is going to go shoot the same day homework exile, purgatory, ohkyul Russ. Dawn days ago it has kept ready the road type you’d already receiving training firm fatigue potions homework to doing anything else!

“Hey, but this is not enough I TP 1 point?”
“That is even if there is not tugeuk on Fire.”
“TP 1 year by taking more points if you give up this skill to rise a 10% attack power? Absolutely not impatient, just go.”
“Uh… eot. Yellow yeah heh.”

beonoe fin. “Tugeuk on Fire” comment Summary