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Future clarified: Florian Kainz extends on 1. FC Cologne

  1. FC Cologne has extended the contract with Florian Kainz prematurely. The midfield all-rounder signed on Friday afternoon until 2024 at FC.

Under FC Chef Trainer Steffen Baumgart launched the Austrian national player in the current season 25 times in the Bundesliga. The 29-year-old scored three goals and is with five assists, together with Captain Jonas Hector, best preparatory.

“Kainzi is human and athletic an important part of our team. After his serious injury in the past season, he has fought back and since his commitment in 2019 to a starred Bundesliga player developed. He embodies the style of Steffen Baumgart to 100 percent and is one Power provider, “says sport director Jörg Jakobs in a broadcast.

The former Rapid kicker also expressed itself to the contract extension: “For me two reasons were crucial. On the one hand, the sporty perspective is true. It is just a lot of fun to play football at FC. We are a really good unit, with the We can achieve something else – and so I mean not only the team, but also the coaching team and the entire staff. On the other hand, this was a very important decision for us as a family. There are also many things for the FC. We feel We were very well found in the city, many friends have found here and our son was born here. I am pleased to complete many successful games for the FC in the next over two years. “

FC Koln Player 'Florian Kainz' Double Touched Penalty was Disallowed vs Hamburg ????
Kainz moved from Werder Bremen to FC in January 2019 and was used 14 times in the second leak season’s second half season. The Austrian national player prepared four hits and made the direct rewriting into the Bundesliga with his teammates. All in all, the 29-year-old has 113 Bundesliga missions for Cologne and Bremen (14 Goals / 19 Assists).

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From February to September 2022 Balo Rotation e Sports Calendar

Riot Games released the Valorant Champions Tour Blueprint in 2022.

The structure of the Majority E Sports, which showed the first line in 2021, is made up of the International Convention, Masters, the International Convention, Masters, who gathered in one area of ​​the regional tournament, and the Champions of the Eastern Wang.

In 2022, this structure is as intended, and the challenger tournament and the Masters Competition are tied to a single stage, and a total of two stages per year are held annually. One stage is slightly higher than the existing, and it will proceed to about 7 weeks. As a result of a total of three stages have been compared to the year, the number of contests has been reduced, but the annual number of competitions is retained without a major difference as the challenger’s Korea structure is reorganized.

The main changes in the Reorganization of the Majority Challenger Corporation, is that the main line is changing to a structure in which a league and a tournament agent in a conventional simple tournament. This allows participating teams to secure the number of players, and viewers will be able to see a variety of strategic attempts that could not be seen in the tournament. Based on this, it is expected to improve performance, so it is expected to help improve the competitiveness of Korean Majority e-sports.

Specifically, the qualifiers proceed to the open qualifiers, but in 2021, the fourth to the top of the Majority Champions Tour, Take a qualifier. The top 8 qualifying teams will raise the pool league main line of a single round Robin, and the top six teams survived here are played into playoffs. It is a way to execute Korean representatives to participate in Masters through the main line and playoffs that are held for 7 weeks. The contents of the Challenger’s Korea will be announced earlier next year.

Clash Royale League 2021 | September Monthly Final | Day 1
According to the 2022 plan, the Area Conditioning Challengers shall hold Stage 1 in two to March, and the International Convention, the International Convention, the International Convention, which is gathered by the Challenger Stage 1, is held in April. In May and June, Challenger Stage 2 is held and Masters Stage 2 is held in July.

Based on the results of a total of two-time stage grades, the V Valerian Ball Lot Champions entry into the Majority E-Sports, based on the performance in the last ministries in August. Since then, the Champions shakes the best team of Ball in September.

Even after the Majority Champion’s ended, the Ball Lot E Sports will visit fans differently. During this period, third parties can open the contest to discover the next-generation Valorant e-sports player, and the ‘Game Changer’ competition, which women players confront themselves, are held. It can be widely used to expand users with a variety of hierarchies, and the amateur to dream of professional.

Riot RP Imam’s official said, The Ball of the Ball of Many fans in 2021, will change the competition of professional players through the 2022 plan this time, and will change to introduce more new users as competition is more interesting. I said.

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