The Sakuba Metal Manufacturing has launched the steam version of the adventure game Garage: Bad Dream Adventure Steam version.

This work was a remastered version of Garage-Garage: Bad Dream Adventure released for PCs in 1999, and was distributed to iOS/Android in December 2021. The protagonist applied to the mental treatment device into its own spiritual world as a biological machine, aiming to escape from there, a unique and elaborate world view, and a sense of discomfort and anxiety floating throughout the game. It is called one of the three major distortion games and three major games.

In this remastered version, retouching almost all images, additional corrections, and modification of videos by complementing AI frames. In addition to improving user interfaces and game balance, new chapters, subquests and multi-ending have been added.

GARAGE: Bad Dream Adventure Steam version is being distributed for 2,400 yen.