Youtuber SkatterBencher, who is engaged in extreme overclocking of processors, published a video on his channel where he talked about the intricacies of overclocking Ryzen stones, and also overclocked the 64-core monster Threadripper 5990X to 4.825 GHz at 1.45 V. In testing TR 5990WX with Cinebench R23 the processor worked at an average frequency of all cores of 4.4 GHz. As a result, the stone consumed a terrifying 691 watts during the test, but also scored 100,191 points. It may seem that the consumption of the processor is quite cosmic, but we recall that the modern Intel Core i9-12900KS consume more than 300 W to get three times less results.

At the moment, it is not known whether AMD Ryzen Threadripper 5990X release samples will support work in TRX40 motherboards, and overclocking is completely blocked in WRX80. It is likely that it will be possible to overclock only such early samples of these processors, which are virtually impossible to get.