It may be something like the rest before the storm in the Dortmund Ronstadt. Even though Türkerspor Dortmund in the Bundesliga Season 3 after 1: 2 against the Hombrucher SV 09/72 and before the away example at the leadership SV tub in 1911 between two top plays, soon greater topics would come to the ambitious table channels.


Since the fast departure of Sebastian Tyrant to the Tu’s Bövinghausen are the Dortmund on trainer search, currently the 48-year-old Robert Podeschwa is on the sideline, but with him is clearly arranged that his coaching facility at TSD 2000 will only be of temporary nature. In the successor search, a World Cup hero is a hot candidate: Than Mansion shot Turkey at the 2002 World Cup with his Golden Goal against the Senegal into the semi-final. An entire nation was the attacker born in the Bavarian Kemp ten born attacker, which was followed by third place on South Korea (3: 2) at the time in the game in the game. Two more hits. And now soon Dortmund? This personnel is more than just a rumor, as ENSAN Barn confirms.

Barn, who makes public relations at Torpor and as a stadium spokesman, is the Norbert Nickel of the Ronstadt, reveals: Than is still thinking, the ball is now with him. It may be that he comes in winter, or next summer or Also not. Barn supplemented with a smile: He would not only be a hammer here for the Turkish community, but also for the female fans, because today’s 46-year-old made in the many years after the glorious WM, for example, as an actor in TV Series or as a figure skating a good figure.

Cello has a harder, relative speech that many in amateur football are so unused.

Serkan Barn About Ex-Professional Marcel Raceway

Should Mansion do not sign at Torpor, the club, according to Barn, still wants to grab a high shelf: The new coach should already have a big name. Either from his time as an active player or that he has already made himself a name as a coach. Finally, the new will meet a team whose individual members do not sound like 7. League. First and foremost, Marcel Raceway stands out in the eye, 64-fold second division player, which also started in the 3rd league in 193 times. Even though the 35-year-old matches 17 hits the scorer’s list of the Bundesliga Season 3, Barn says: ‘Cello’ is important, but not necessarily the most important because we have other important players. Interesting is with Raceway but according to the Torpor spokesman that he has a harder, rebate speech that many are not used in amateur football. In this way, he focuses on the young players, so Barn.

The centerpiece, or our engine, as Barn calls him, captain Over Amman, who has 59 regional league operations in his vita. He is currently one of the best amateur player Dortmund, which also confirms Kevin Großkreutz. Operator is always delivered by the opponents, but when he dodges the wings, then the rooms opens for the other players.

In the focus of the scouts

For players like Justin Braun (19) and Denis Donor (20), two young generation representatives. Both, so barn, will soon gamble far more than higher-class from his view, with Donor allegedly already scouts from the 2nd Bundesliga and the 3rd League have become aware. Barn could still call some eminently important players, players such as defensive OUR Cent, the first division experience from Turkey and third-league experience of Borussia Dortmund, or Florian Luka, who has already achieved eight sailors with his strong left-hand adhesive. Truly not the only ones standing for quality in the TSD squad, accordingly, the 7th League is not a permanent feel-good zone.

Will be celebrated again in summer? Turks Dortmund has set itself the climb to the Westfalenliga as a clear goal. Turks Dortmund

Now the rise in the Westfalenliga is the goal, says Barn, whose club will not be permanently satisfied with it. Of course we have to arrive first in the Westfalenliga, but in the next few years we want to go to the Oberlin. Such ambitious plans need more than only an intact team, also the environment must grow. Currently, Torpor Dortmund plays on a top well-kept artificial turf area, which the club is allowed to use exclusively, but belongs to the city of Dortmund. Likewise, the clubhouse on the sports facility at the Mendel. However, the first floor is only part of TSD 2000, hanging photos and flags in the corridors, everything exudes a homely atmosphere. All right? No. In the Oberlin you have to have a natural pathway, says Barn, but it is optimistic that one day you would come to a solution here one day. For the home games on a different sports area, would also be an option. There is already something on the current sports premises, according to Barn only details and the club can begin building a grandstand at his artificial turf.

Also, not quite as desired, it works in the substructure: Children who like to come to Turks, even an A-youth can bring the club to the start, but there are no C and B youth teams. Here we are still missing coaches, says Barn and tells that Akin Kara, 1st Chairman and full-time doctor, in this matter is not purely football: We are here in the Dortmund Ronstadt, here very many nations live together, there is a lot of poverty, and we want to integrate with football. The coaches have to be integrated with football Being a role model because you can not train anyone a team.

The club is feverish looking, the new exercise ladder must bring a lot, a Golden Goal in a World Cup quarterfinal is not mandatory. This experience has the possibly future coach of the first team exclusive.