For a person who was mutated not to feel emotions and live at all more than hunting, Gerald sure finds a lot of romance.
Of course, players must make the right decisions for this to happen.
The great final expansion of the acclaimed 2015 role-play game adds a new romantic option, although it is a bit different from those that fans can remember other parts of the game.
Here is how to get that romance option in The Witcher 3 Blood & Wine.

The Witcher 3 Blood & Wine Romance explained

Blood and wine spoilers below!
During the main mission The night of long fangs, players will have the option of addressing Shanna to take her to Distaff or search Brianna to ask the invisible old man for advice.
To participate in the new romance, you will want to look for Shanna.
Eventually, this will open a new main mission called Beyond Hill and give it…
Although this new search seems a bit open by nature, it is actually very simple.
You need three beans to invoke the bean stem that leads to the exit of this fairy tale land.
In the upper part of the bean stem is the giant of the clouds, a… well, greatly powerful giant.
Defeat this huge monster and you will be one step closer to abandoning the area and complete the mission.
However, before leaving, Shanna realizes that she can die in the very close future depending on what happens.

With her facing her own mortality, she decides that a toy with the closest individual, which turns out to be Gerald, is in order.
She will offer you, and two options will appear:
[Let Her Have Her Way With You.]
At another time, maybe.
Due to its misleading nature, you may distrust Shanna.
But don’t worry, this is a time when she is not really trying to deceive you.
If you give to your wishes, the following is probably the most cheesy of all love scenes in The Witcher 3, complete with your own Spider-Man kiss (you know which one).
In the middle of the clouds, the two dance and make love, with a complete musical score and some soft hugs to follow.
Image source: CDPR through
It is definitely one of the most interesting romantic options.
It comes from nowhere, even surprising Gerald for a moment.
Just make sure that a certain vampire does not discover what you were doing when you were sitting in the clouds.


He does that for getting the romance option in The Witcher 3 Blood & Wine.
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