The successful delivery of a package can be interpreted in different ways. With a message from Amazon, a customer now gets going.

Dortmund-photos from home are actually an occasion for joy. As a rule, they document familiar and convey security. That was the case with the photo that this text revolves, but not at all. It shows an upright package with the well-known Amazon logo based on the front door. Neither for residents nor for passers-by really overlooked, as reports.

Amazon customer rages after delivery: If package is gone, bad luck

It was shared by Twitter by a user who is apparently the addressee of the package. Because he wanted to let off steam. Because he said he was 350 kilometers away in a clinic at the time of delivery, his wife and children had been with her mother 200 kilometers away. Means: In the short term, nobody from the family could probably get the package in and thus bring it to safety with possible long fingers.

This is exactly what brought the customer into rage. because amazon could now talk himself out of having delivered the package-even if nobody could be found. So he writes: And Amazon help like this: nobody there? No problem-delivered! With proof. If the package is gone, unlucky, make a complaint against unknown.

Since several mailboxes and bell signs can be seen in the photo next to the door, it can be assumed that it is a multi-party house. Thus, other residents could also take advantage of the opportunity to use. On the other hand: Maybe someone who can put the package into his care in the building also lives in the building before the family returns.

Amazon customer sees delivery in the hospital: no storage location specified

Amazon meanwhile reacted quickly to the post office and asked the user whether he had given a storage location or neighbor in his customer account where the driver could hand in or store the packages. Which according to the man is not the case. The Amazon team then referred to deposit a corresponding instruction in the future if the customer should assume not to be at home when delivering the Amazon.

However, behind the corresponding link, the group also clarifies not to be able to guarantee that the transport companies can meet the requirements at all. This reaction also brought other users to the palm. So someone writes incredulously: So in short: Chris (_Her user, note of the red.

Amazon package parked in front of the door: Complaint with customer service possible

In this way, a discussion about the conditions under which the parcel deliverers work in Germany are relaxed in the comments. What can ultimately fall back on the customers if the driver has it particularly in a hurry. A user also follows the tip to complain to customer service if no parking permit has been granted.

Does it help? Perhaps the anger quickly smokes when the package is brought to safety. No matter whether from a family member or a friend of your friend.

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Rubric list picture: © We Gucci/DPA