The fight against Zodiac is one of the two major exams that expect you to end walker on the extreme difficulty level (escheator). Similar to Madelyn, this struggle is not overly difficult, yet here, in addition to good knowledge of the game mechanics, a quick comprehension and spatial thinking will be demanded. So you know what to expect here, we will explain to you in this guide all relevant game mechanics and betray how to react to it. We wish you a lot of success at Zodiac on the extreme difficulty! The fight against Zodiac demands a lot of spatial thinking. Source: arena

Spoiler warning : If you should have not completed the main scenario of Final Fantasy 14: End walker yet, this guide could include some spoilers for you.

Zodiac extremely unlock

To unlock zodiac, you must have completed the main scenario of end walker and then talk to the surrender singer in alt-sharlayan (x12.7 y14.2). Then you can enter the exam. For this content, an item stage of at least 560 is assumed.

Zodiac Extreme – General for the fight

Zodiac extremely is a pure farming, which is always about analyzing the situation in a short time and positioning themselves in the right place to suffer any damage through the boss skills. Rotary and pivot point is the rotating arena, which you already know from the story mode.

Since the group has to split in this fight as well as never before, it makes sense to mark an experienced player to which the others can follow. So new players have a practical guidance. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the different skills (just the stars) to be able to react independently.

Finally, Note on the videos: From an unable reason, the groups in the initial period of End Walker have provided the arena with different terrain labels. However, these do not fulfill any purpose and are more hindrance than they help. So let them easily leave if you have the opportunity.

Zodiac Phase 1

In the first phase, you will do it with the basic attack patterns, which will later be combined into an ever-common way to make life difficult for you. Here we want to introduce you step by step, which will expect you in this phase. You can also view the complete first phase in this video:

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_ Tokyo _ sets the life points of all players on 1. That’s why the healers have to worry.


_ Styx _ provides a player with a yellow assembly marker. A total of six times damage is triggered, which distributes itself to the entire group. This is one of the main reasons why the group should always stand up. As long as this is the case, the healers can compare the damage comfortably with group heals. If the group does not stand together or not all alive, the healers and tanks should reduce the damage with corresponding cooldowns, so that they do not die even more players. Should not all players be alive at the assembly markers, you can help with damage-reducing Cooldowns. Source: arena


In each quarter of the arena, a _ phoenix _ \ – or _ Behemoth _ _illusion _ . Around the behemoth a normal surface attack is triggered, so you should keep away from you. Around the phone arises an annular (donut-shaped) surface attack. In the further course of the fight, it will be your goal to stop you ** and to stay near the Phoenix illusions to take no damage. The safe area is always limited by further surface attacks, so that you must pay close attention to which side of the Phoenix you. But it’s enough for the beginning if you just stand near you. Your goal will always be close to the Phoenix Illusions. Source: arena


A simple tank killer. The affected tank should keep away from the group and use appropriate Cooldowns.


Here, triangular or square patterns are created on the arena rand. From the respective symbol, then an attack will be made. When triangle is followed by a conical attack, so you should stop laterally to the symbol to escape it. At square , the entire half of the arena is provided with a surface attack. Keep away from the corresponding page. These symbols will encounter the whole fight over and over again. They are also the only element that is not shooting with the arena .

Source: arena remotely stays away from the side on which the red squares are created. Source: arena introduces you next to the purple triangles to avoid the damage.


At _ Alien _ , the boss moves to one of the arena edges and then performs a large-scale attack that goes into diagonal line over the field. Run into the opposite corners to be sure about it. At the same time you will do it with PARADIGM. Therefore, deviates with the side on which the Phoenix is ​​located. When Zodiac fires through the playing field at Alien diagonally, you have to run to the corner on which the Phoenix is ​​located. Source: arena


A normal AOE damage, which then causes damage over time. Here too, the healers have to take care of.

Rotating arena and snakes

Now you get it for the first time with the rotating arena. With _ Luminous flux _ The boss rotates the arena 90 degrees in one direction that is displayed on the edge. All elements are also moved accordingly. The only exception here are the triangles and squares on the Arena rand. Your characters also remain at their position.

Your goal is here to position you before turning so that it is then in a safe area. This can sometimes prove to be pretty tricky. The first time you have to dodge the _ snakes _ , which fire in a line over the arena. When the paradigm is added, you have to be at the point where the phoenix will be located later. The arrows on the Arena rand show you in which direction the platform will turn. Source: arena


At the next PARADIGM the boss will summon the snakes again and then use Alicia. He leans far forward and beats with both fists on the arena, which triggers a large area attack in the west and the east. Here it is best if you get right on the midline in front of him. Depending on where the snake is located, you have to run close to him or position you a little more to the middle. Previously avoids red areas to be sure about this attack. Attention simultaneously on the snakes that attack from the side. Source: arena

Zodiac Extreme – Phase 2

In the second phase, the boss becomes unassailable. At the same time, four adds with the name _ Electricity of the darkness _ on the field, which must kill her relatively quickly, before _zodiacs has charged 100% _ and triggers the group.

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At the same time pay attention to the north of the arena, because here the well-known _ triangle _ and _ _ and _ square _ _ symbols_, which you need to dodge. At the same time a third symbol is added: the _ circle _ triggers a line-shaped attack covering about one third of the arena.

In total, three combinations of circles and either the track or the direct appear. To the triangles you have to come close while you keep from the direct distance. Attention simultaneously on the attacks of the circles.

In general, it is advisable that the remote fighters take the more distant adds to focus so that the coatings can concentrate on the front row while dodging the surface attacks. After the third symbol combination, you should have destroyed all adds, which makes this phase relatively short. In this combination you have to run close to the triangle and will not be in front of the circle icon at the same time. Source: arena

Zodiac Extreme – Phase 3

In the third phase, you will continue to add the rotating platform. More and more elements are added that make it difficult to find the right place where you are safe from damage. At the same time, there will also be some completely new skills. The complete third phase you can watch in this video:

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FFXIV Endwalker - Zodiark EXTREME Trial Guide

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_ ASTRALEKLYPSE _ is the most difficult ability in this fight. On the one hand, a single mistake is deadly here, on the other hand, the attacks take place so fast that it is difficult to follow a marked player to the safe places. So it is important that you yourself through this maneuver. The starching hit the arena successively from three sides. Source: arena at _ Astraleklypse _ Zodiac is flying counterclockwise around the arena and in the west, south and east a star picture in a 3×3 grid (in total so nine possible stars). The stars will take effect on the arena shortly thereafter and cause damage to the appropriate positions.

Especially in the beginning it can be a bit confusing to understand the exact position of the impact. However, the bottom row will always hit the page that faces the respective star picture. So make it like a book or a waffle iron that is folded over the arena. This scheme illustrates how the star pictures hit on the arena. Source: arena There is not really a universal recipe, as you can dodge this ability. The easiest way is to correctly position for the first star picture and then remember the two subsequent steps. You do not have to keep the complete star pictures in mind. Just tell you what steps you have to go in succession to no harm.

If you have survived all three-star pictures, this attack is not survived for a long time, because directly after another attack will take place. At the first AstralekLypse you get it with three circular symbols from the north side, which then cause line-shaped damage. While dying the stars, you must be careful in which order the circles appear to make it possible to dodge accordingly. Since the attacks are done directly after the start of the stars, you have little time to position you correctly.

After the second AstralekLypse **** _ another time _Algernon takes place, when Zodiac intervenes diagonally over the arena. Makes you and runs on the corresponding pages that are not affected. For both variants, you should have the sprint ready to avoid in good time.

Source: arena After the starlings appear the second time, Zodiac will attack diagonally over the arena. Source: arena still while the first starlings take you to pay attention to the order the circle icons appear.

Fire lines

The fire line is a new element that will encounter you at the rotating platform. The line once leads diagonally through the arena and should not be touched by you. So see your Save spot so that this is not crossed by the fire wall. The markings on the ground are helpful as these displays where the line will be at the end. Stayed up on the outer half to be sure of it. Even with the fire walls you have to set up so that you do not cross your position. Source: arena

Trimorphos exoteric

Here Zodiac makes the triangular or square symbols on the arena edge three times in succession. To avoid the effects should not provide you with bigger problems. Immediately thereafter, Alicia is done again, with Zodiac beating with the fists in the West and East, causing space damage. Just run right in front of him to be sure of it.

Remaining process

From now on, only the well-known skills will repeat themselves and especially combined in the rotating platform in an ever-common manner, so it is getting heavier to make sure the safe place around the Phoenix. It is not bad if you are losing the overview here and harmed. Pay attention to the fact that it remains with a source of damage, and they do not overlap. Once you will get it to do with damage areas under each player, which force you to move. Stick here as a group to get together to intercept the subsequent meeting marker. Towards the end you get it with the rotating arena with almost all effects to do at the same time. Source: arena

The rewards

Unlike the other Prime fighting, you will not be rewarded here with weapons. Instead, your jewelry (earrings, collars, bracelets and rings) with an item level of 580 will be obtained from 580. Again, you get the equipment case where you will find a corresponding piece of jewelry when it opens you. For every victory over this boss you also receive one of the totems here, which you can exchange in Radz-At-Han against the pieces of jewelry. With one of the later updates, it will also be possible to purchase the riding.

We wish you much success in your fight against Zodiac on the extreme degree of difficulty! If you have any questions or suggestions about this guide, you can tell us this in the comments!