Netmarble (Representative Kwon Young, Pojo Wook) announced on the 24th that the online showcase of the mobile baseball game ‘Netmarble Pro Baseball 2022 (Developer: Netmarble and Park) is successfully completed and conducted pre-registration.

Online showcase, which has been on the online showcase, which has been on the online showcase, which has been on the online showcase on Netmarble Old Official YouTube ‘Netmarble TV’, was the first time TV ads appeared. In addition, it was introduced to the “My Athlete”, a convenient play through a “my own athlete”, a “my own athlete” and a convenient screening through a real baseball featuring a real baseball that utilizes the actual baseball of the Netmarble professional baseball 2022.

In addition, we introduced our strategic card battle content ‘Challenge mode’ and club content, which was introduced through updates after launching, and expectations.

Netmarble began pre-registration at the same time as the showcase starts on the day. Netmarble Professional Baseball 2022 Dictionary Revenue Site Available for all users participating in pre-registration sites, A grade baseball card selection pack is given and can acquire a diamond player card selection pack when participating in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In addition, if you invite your friends to participate in pre-registration, we will pay a glove containing KBO players through the lottery.