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Location of all ruins of relics in Horizon Forbidden West

Exploring the world of Horizon Forbidden West, players will encourage attractions, called Ruins Relics scattered on the map. In these locations, the player will need to solve various puzzles to access its award, ornament . After completing Night of the lights A side quest, the player will be able to turn these decorations in stemmur. Each decoration is a holiday of old light and after activation will allow players to change the settlement lights in Vegas in accordance with the theme of these holidays.

Ruins Relics: Easually

Ruins Reliquia: Easually is pretty early in the game right south of chain scratch .

Ruins Relics: draw land

south-west of Before Light Settlement, players will find Ruins Relics: draw land .

Ruins Relics: restless Weald

Players will find Ruins Relics: restless Weald Traveling to North-West from Plain Song Village.

Ruins Relics: Dry longing

Horizon Forbidden West - All Relic Ruins Guide (Walkthrough & Locations)

Ruins of relics: Dry longing It is a little more difficult to find than others, as it is underground. It can be found east of burning spear village, over a mountain range. These ruins of relics will not appear on the player’s map, if they are not in close proximity to their location.

Ruins Relics: Runner’s Wild

Players can find Ruins Reliques: Runner’s Wild Located north-west of G. Glossing spear Location or east of Bastion .

Ruins Relics: Quiet Sands

Ruins Relics: Quiet Sands Last to the West from Tallnek: Silent Sands .

Ruins Relics: Long Coast

Players will find Ruins Relics: Long Coast Location to Northeast of the settlement. Tornmarsh .

Ruins Relics: Spread Island

After passing the plot and achievements Island of spiers Players can find Ruins Relics: Spread Island Traveling to the West from Heritage Edge Village.

Reliquia Ruins: Dune Hollow

Ruins Relics: Dune Hoschina Slightly different from others, because it is part of a side quest called Night of Lights . Players will need to go through the dungeon in dune Hollow Location of old light to find the last ornament.

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Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay dans Daunt

The long-awaited survey of Horizon Zero Dawn of Guerrilla Games is finally here. This week, we have traveled as a gameplay of Horizon forbidden West as possible. We have a summary of the first game, as well as some first gameplay and fights against some of the new machines. Today we will explore the dent.

The opening of this scene shows Aloy traveling on the back of a charger. It crosses dusty mountains, snow-capped hills, green plains and forests. On the way to the Barren Light Embassy, ​​its progression is stopped by a valley full of Bristlebacks.

Once we took control of Aloy, we can not stop us from walking around the trails and admire the landscape. After entering a neighboring town called Chainscrape, Aloy Found Petra, whose players may remember Horizon Zero Dawn.

Outside Chainscrape, Aloy climbing a mountain and approaches an old peak watchtower. Thanks to its focus, it can spot useful paths to climb and find points of support.

After finishing with the watchtower, Aloy finds a group of scroungers, a new machine for the game. The acid arrows are useful for weakening these beasts for a body-to-body tracking. Either that, either you can try to take them by surprise with a stealthy attack.

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HORIZON FORBIDDEN WEST PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME [4K 60FPS] - No Commentary

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