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Lost Ark Massive Suspension of RTM Account Online Number Plummets

Since May, the number of concurrent online users of the rapidly rising Steam version of Lost Ark has dropped sharply recently. After the operator Amazon banned script accounts on a large scale from the 15th of this month, the number of simultaneous online users quickly decreased to more than 200,000.

As of 2:00 p.m. Beijing time on June 20, the number of simultaneous online users of the Steam version of Lost Ark dropped to 273,010. You must know that the Steam version of Lost Ark exceeded 830,000 simultaneous online users on the 15th of this month. In other words, it dropped to more than 200,000 people in just five days. Moreover, on the 18th and 19th as weekends, the number of people online at the same time was more than usual, but there was still a decrease.

The Steam version of The Lost Ark has dropped so quickly in simultaneous online numbers, basically because of the massive ban on scripted accounts. As early as last month, Operator Amazon announced that it had suspended millions of accounts for using scripts. However, a larger-scale ban was initiated after some players reported accounts using scripts.

One day after the measures were taken, that is, on the 16th of this month, the number of simultaneous online users of the Steam version of Lost Ark decreased by 150,000, showing the impact of the relevant measures on the number of concurrent online users.

The scripting issue with the Steam version of Lost Ark started last month. At the end of April, the number of concurrent players online was stable at around 300,000 to 400,000, but in May, it suddenly jumped from 800,000 to 900,000. This caused trouble for regular game players, and players began to report many script accounts responsible for collecting gold coins and selling gold coins in the game.

It can be seen that the large-scale blockade measures adopted by the operators this time have achieved specific results. To this end, the operator has also banned millions of game accounts and said it is fighting against script accounts by blocking advertisements for selling gold coins and strengthening the reporting function. However, due to little success, players of regular games are dissatisfied.

Whether there is a cross in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 is the long-awaited continuation of Overwatch, a multi-user shooter with heroes originally released in 2016. Fans have high hopes for the game, including modern functions such as cross-progress. This may make you ask if there will be a cross-process in Overwatch 2.

Answer yes in Overwatch 2 has a cross-progress according to the press release on June 12, 2022. This means that you can play a sequel on any platform and maintain your progress on all platforms. In a multi-platform release, this is an excellent function, since it allows you to play anywhere on the day of the release.

Unfortunately, the degree in which the elements will be included for cross-progression is unknown . The original Overwatch allowed us to exchange statistics and cosmetics between the consoles, but this may not be so for the sequel.

How to include cross-progress in Overwatch 2

There are no official details about this for now, but you probably need to tie the console to the account. To include cross-processions. That is how Blizzard copes with cross-progress in his other games, so Overwatch makes sense to follow their example. We will update this leadership if we share more specific information.

Additional information about Overwatch, see the section, is Overwatch 2 with a free game? and Overwatch: Anniversary Remix Vol. 2-Dates of the beginning and ending, new skins and tests in games for games for professionals.

Develop video games within a great computer game: Robloxs competition is launched on Facebook

The bet of Meta For the globe of video clip game is overall, and the following action in the Facebook method for opening an opening in this competitive market has its own name: Crayta. You might know the brand name since it is a video game development system that houses numerous games and enjoyment experiences that have been for a couple of years, take pleasure in customers of Stadia and also Computer with Epic Games Store, and also that simply twelve months ago Facebook itself bought.

This system is already offered on Facebook Gaming if you are interested in trying Crayta. The announcement comes gone along with by a video clip in which we see Zuckerberg himself speak regarding the benefits of this platform, at once when Facebook Gaming is increasing to even more countries in Western Europe the availability of its computer game directory in the cloud, with The ultimate objective of developing better experiences in the metaverso in which they function, which in the past have called the future of the video game.

Crayta shows that you can develop and appreciate this kind of experiences in an easy way Zuckerberg Among things that I love about this is the suggestion of having the ability to make a room or a game from inside the room itself or Video game, claimed Facebook creator when speaking regarding this alliance with Crayta. Mark Zuckerberg also highlighted the facilities that this platform places in the hands of customers to create their very own games. Considering that constantly, if you desired something like that to be implemented in this excellent quality 3D environment, it would certainly have been extremely difficult to render to an explorer or mobile, but have the ability to do it with a cloud framework and after that send it by the network After providing it in the cloud it is a massive breakthrough.

Include Crayta to the Facebook Gaming environment is an additional action in the ideology of Make games and also democratize their growth. Zuckerberg has acknowledged sensation very thrilled by giving individuals tools to develop video games, once more extolled the virtues of his metavers. I think what Crayta reveals is that you can produce and appreciate this kind of experiences in a basic method all kinds of 2D atmospheres, as in the application of Facebook in mobiles and also computers.

Which Best open-world Games can Replace Fallout on PC?

Prolonged and painful reflections led us to conclude that many excellent games were not included in the article. However, they are not similar to Fallout in plot and setting (and sometimes completely different) but have elements of similarity directly in the gameplay.

And since the main feature of the Fallout series has always been and remains glorious freedom of action based on a large and seamless open world, it would be fair to end this material by listing games with the similar world order.
I immediately provide you with a link to a valuable and interesting article that details all the best open-world games on PC.


Fallout takes place in the Western United States, and Atom RPG takes the player to the world of the Soviet Wastes. He will become one of the few who survived the nuclear war between the USSR and the Western bloc, resulting in the apocalypse.
Atom RPG is an isometric role-playing game in which, like in Fallout, gamers have to explore the world around them, filled with various dangers and mutants. The player will meet other survivors and go for resources in devastated forests, fields, and other locations.


A tactical role-playing game from Brian Fargo, one of the creators of the Fallout universe. Yes, and many gameplay elements seem familiar from the first part of this legendary game. It was the Wasteland series, like no other, that got as close as possible to Fallout in terms of atmosphere.
Of course, despite the isometric camera, the level of graphics, detailing, and environment elaboration are often better in Wasteland. The gameplay is so saturated that almost every task provides several solutions. Any action of the heroes will direct the development of the plot in a specific direction and affect the state of the local world and its inhabitants.


A very atmospheric RPG, more similar to Fallout 2 than others. The main distinguishing features of this project are:
An advanced role-playing system.
Many game features.
An intriguing non-linear story that tells about the survival of people underground.
The game is a kind of reincarnation of the classic isometric RPG. Therefore, it contains such features typical of the genre as turn-based battles, many dialogues, and enormous opportunities for playing the chosen role.
Unfortunately, UnderRail took such an unpleasant feature of the old school CRPGs as very fuzzy, low-quality graphics, although it appeared in 2015.
Another drawback for Russian-speaking gamers, which is often present in products from indie developers – the absence of the Russian language. However, it can be partially fixed if you download an amateur crack for UnderRail from the network.


Despite its considerable age, the game has a fully three-dimensional environment and an open world (although not seamless, divided into locations). It offers the player many weapons, ammunition, and other valuable adventure equipment.
The gameplay principle here is relatively standard for an RPG. During the journey, the hero constantly encounters various characters offering to complete a couple of tasks that are not very interesting and varied but adequately paid. In addition, often on his way, he will come across another category of NPCs with unique parameters and valuable skills, from which he will have to form his brigade to establish a new order.
In Fall, you can easily ride through the wastelands in a buggy or a hummer. There is also an opportunity to craft useful little things from various rubbish collected during wanderings worldwide. True, there are no recipes here, so you will have to act at random by trial and error.
Fall: Last Days of Gaia is not just a game similar to Fallout, but one of the first survivors in the post-apocalyptic world, so to speak, the great-great-grandfather of modern survivalists


An isometric co-op action game that takes players into the distant future. True, not the brightest – as planned by the developers, the world survived the post-apocalypse, and people were divided into three factions. Their ultimate goal is to take possession of the treasures of the Crater. This is the name of the epicenter of the apocalypse in the game world. It represents countless caves and tunnels filled with technological artifacts and values ​​​​of the old civilization.
The user will have to explore the Crater alone or with friends, complete tasks, upgrade characters, craft weapons and equipment, and participate in intense battles against crowds of enemies and bosses. Although the game looks different from our primary guest, the atmosphere of post-apocalypse and adventure is preserved!


Encased is inspired by the original Fallout and Roadside Picnic, as revealed by the developers on the game’s Steam page. This is a post-apocalyptic turn-based RPG in which players will explore a wasteland full of anomalies, level up a hero, complete faction missions, and influence the world’s fate.
Encased is very similar to the classic Fallout series despite a slightly different setting – sci-fi post-apocalyptic instead of retro-futuristic post-apocalypse. At the same time, it is original enough not to become a stale clone of the cult franchise.


The Outer Worlds is as far from Fallout as possible. Literally, the game takes hundreds of light-years from Earth, and it doesn’t smell like a post-apocalypse either: humanity lives and thrives in a colony somewhere on the edge of the galaxy.
However, this is a game from Obsidian Entertainment, and it strongly resembles Fallout: New Vegas – with the same frivolous style, black humor, and player-driven plot. If you are bored with the bleak wastelands of Fallout, perhaps the bright landscapes of The Outer Worlds will give you new emotions.


Biomutant combines a colorful post-apocalypse with a touch of fantasy, parkour, and kung fu. Imagine that there were no people left in the world of Fallout, and ghouls, deathclaws, and super mutants built a new society on the ruins of civilization.
Biomutant exploits something like this setting: here, in the role of a mutated animal, you have to explore the ruins of cities and abandoned tunnels, look for artifacts of bygone days, and fight opponents using melee and ranged weapons. Funny and cute game, to the eyeballs stuffed with various activities.


Mad Max is an adaptation of the fourth part of the cult movie saga Mad Max. It should be noted that the first film appeared long before the release of Fallout (1979 versus 1997), and Fury Road, being its direct sequel, only picked up the glorious traditions of the diesel saga, modernizing and honoring them. The game based on Fury Road, in turn, adopted all the ideas laid down in the 2015 film, successfully supplementing them with a large number of its developments in terms of gameplay.
Therefore, it is not entirely correct to perceive Mad Max as a Fallout-like game because this franchise, created by George Miller, which was the basis for it, became the inspiration for almost all subsequent post-apocalyptic games including Fallout. Well, it doesn’t matter.
Mad Max is a spectacular, at times intense, open-world game. Its main advantage is an unpredictable and dynamically developing plot, almost all of which missions have an accurate Hollywood production.
In general, if you like the spirit of dieselpunk, like Fallout, and like the atmosphere of the films from the Mad Max cycle, then be sure to play this miracle – you are guaranteed a lot of impressions and pleasant emotions.


A free-to-play post-apocalyptic MMO set in a cross between Mad Max and Fallout 4.
The gameplay is based on fights involving monster-like cars assembled from many different parts and equipped with deadly guns. True, this time, the battles take place in full 3D, and the graphics of Crossout are pretty modern.
The game’s main feature is that gamers get the opportunity to build their car literally from scratch. Therefore, each created mode of transport has its design, unique technical parameters, and tactical advantages.
In addition to an advanced workshop, the game pleases with a complex damage system and the possibility of free trade between players, which allows you to get rid of unnecessary parts and weapons usefully.


A series of post-apocalyptic games that needs no introduction for Russian-speaking gamers. Based on the famous novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky, the Metro 2033 series, together with the STALKER series, is one of the most popular and recognizable game franchises in the post-Soviet space.
The games have incorporated all the best that should be present in a quality AAA action game: superb graphics, a substantial well-designed world with which the hero can interact closely, a fascinating storyline with a large number of colorful and memorable characters, and exciting shooting mechanics and much more.
Metro is not a concept of a post-apocalyptic world copied from Fallout, but rather an author’s look at what life could be like after a nuclear war. But in the end, both universes got a lot of common ground and similar elements, which is a big plus for Fallout fans.


A post-apocalyptic first-person shooter was developed by the creators of iconic PFSs such as Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein. Unsurprisingly, gunfights and chases (there are vehicles in the game) among the desert, post-nuclear landscapes are the essence of Rage. And if you have already played enough in Fallout 4, you should pay attention to this project.
The game offers a selection of unusual weapons with various upgrades and ammunition types, a variety of opponents, including both raiders and radiation-spawned mutants, and breathtaking racing missions and special competitions. Transport, by the way, is also subject to modernization and cosmetic improvement.


Multiplayer survival shooter set in guess where? That’s right – in a harsh world, experiencing an apocalypse. Unlike Fallout, here, the end of the world was caused by a deadly plague, but the atmosphere is similar.
Miscreated takes a little bit from different parts of Fallout: it has a flexible base building system, like in the fourth part, and the game itself is an MMO, like Fallout 76. True, the survival mechanics here are much more profound – get ready to get your food, fight external dangers, scold players who crept up from behind, and make dangerous forays into ruined cities, the ruins of which hide mutants.


It is an unusual project with specific notes of similarity not with the main Fallout series but with its spin-off for Fallout Shelter’s mobile platforms.
This War of Mine is a 2D war survival simulator where the player controls a group of survivors who need regular food and medical supplies. In addition, they must be protected from all-seeing and ruthless snipers and marauding encroachments of other refugees.
There is no unbridled action in this game, and even crammed with events constantly evolving storyline. But there is an incredible atmosphere in its effect on the psyche, enveloping the consciousness with a dense veil, forcing you to take a fresh look at many values ​​​​and life guidelines that seem to have long and firmly settled inside. And all because of This War of Mine, every minute puts players in front of a terrible moral choice, making it clear that sometimes the distinction between black and white, good and evil is erased, painting everything in gray when the only, almost bestial thirst for life comes first even at the cost of the lives of others.
One of the most atmospheric and emotionally complex games in the history of the gaming industry.


A Fallout-type game that offers an unusual combination of three genres at once: RPG, RTS, and car simulator. Events are developing in the post-apocalypse, but unlike other similar projects, the main character spends almost the entire gameplay behind the wheel of a vehicle. The same applies to his comrades, of whom there can be six people in the detachment simultaneously.
Desert Law offers more than four dozen vehicles upgraded for combat, each of which can be subjected to additional improvements.
The plot of the game, the development of which is shown with the help of colorful comics, is divided into 29 exciting episodes, providing an opportunity to participate in exciting battles in the spirit of Carmageddon and Ex Machina (by the way, the latter is another variation on the Fallout on wheels theme).
In general, a good game, but it should be borne in mind that it was released a long time ago – in 2005.


In the world, Mr. Prepper, the nuclear apocalypse has not yet arrived. But it is inevitable, so the main character begins to build a bunker in which they can survive any adversity.
It’s a Fallout Shelter-style side-scrolling strategy where you build deep, not up: create a safe underground shelter, place farms, greenhouses, and living quarters, mine the items and materials you need to survive, and beware of people from the government who will be certainly interested in your activities.


In Fallout 4, we took the first steps toward restoring society. Along with the usual gameplay of a role-playing action game, the mechanics of settlement management were available to us.
Endzone: A World Apart offers similar gameplay focusing solely on managing a post-apocalyptic city. This is a city-building simulator about the rebirth of civilization, where you will help people survive in conditions of radioactive contamination, acid rain, sandstorms, and other adversities. And along the way, you will send expeditions to the outside world, get pre-war artifacts and save the survivors.


Another game in the genre of settlement management is in the setting of a nuclear apocalypse. Whether a handful of people will survive under challenging conditions depends only on you. Moreover, the developers did everything to make the outcome negative: there were few supplies, many dangers, marauders and gangs attacked without a break for lunch, and even their settlers could unleash a Civil War if they didn’t like something. However, the great difficulty only fuels interest in the game.
Outside the base in The Last Haven, the world thrives: opposing factions can be tracked on the global map, zombies and mutants live their own lives, and in sorties, you control each unit.

Lost Ark May 26 Maintenance Patch Notes Available

This Thursday, May 26, 2022, Amazon Games will be conducting weekly maintenance to fix various bugs and issues found in Lost Ark, including one related to the Valor Coins that can be obtained in PvP. The maintenance starts at 9:00 am (Madrid time) and finish five hours later, around 2:00 pm. The time CEST indicated in the official announcement stands for Central European Summer Time. It is specifically Madrid time, Spanish time, converted to summertime (to put it most simply).

Lost Ark Patch Notes for May 26, 2022
All Lost Ark servers and regions will be offline today, May 26, from 9 am CEST for regular weekly updates and maintenance. Server downtime is expected to last up to 5 hours and will allow the following fixes to be applied:

Fixed an issue where players would receive the wrong amount of High-Value Coins at the end of a PvP match
The Lost Ark team also identifies users who received the wrong amount of Valor Coins after the monthly update and makes up the difference between what was earned and what should have been. It is a more manual process that will take several more days than established, so the study asks for patience from players who have suffered this failure.

They fixed an issue that allowed players to send HTML in the chat window, resulting in excessive whitespace.
Fixed an issue that would crash Book of Coordination saving if combat skill presets were loaded on a warlock
It is expected that everything will be solved by the afternoon, and players can return to Archesia as usual.

League Of Legends Bug Reveals The Next Big Event Coming To The Game

Riot Games is having a lot of trouble keeping the news about hitting League of Legends a secret. We have seen it with the case of Bel’Veth, a champion with whom all the leaks were baited. However, it is not always the fault of information leaks that news reaches the public ahead of time. Sometimes, the developer’s partners make a mistake that allows us to know the future of the video game. This time, precisely what has happened with skin points to the great summer event.

The Star Guardians return to League of Legends.
The issue has surfaced in a video posted by the Korean League of Legends account. It showcased the changes from patch 12.10 that just hit and showed off the new return to base animations that will be given out as a reward for being an honorable player. The problem is that, when showing her on different champions, a Rell skin appeared that has not yet made it to the game and corresponds to the Star Guardian theme. A set of cosmetics whose return has been rumored for some time could be coming to the game very soon.

Different leaders have been pointing out the possibility that this line of skins will be incorporated into the game in recent months, and now Riot Games seems to confirm it because of a bug. The dates would still be determined, although everything indicates that Guardians of the Stars will star in the great event of the summer, and hopefully, they will join the title in the middle of next July. It is on these dates that these types of events usually take place. The last two years with Spiritual Bloom and The Ruin are what happened.

Beyond the aspects and their possible release date, it is unknown what the main mechanics of the event will be or the plans of Riot Games in this regard. A Kai’Sa cosmetic will likely join Rell’s skin, but in any case, a dozen skins could be released that are yet to be determined. Ultimately, we also want to highlight that the summer event is always the biggest event of the year, and, while it didn’t happen with The Ruin, it’s also a player favorite.

Game events in summer: in the absence of E3, the date of Summer Game Fest

It will be a different year due to the absence of E3, but throughout the summer, there will be various fairs that will calm us down with news. We leave you the calendar, which we will update as new events are announced.

This will be a somewhat sad summer in the world of video games due to the absence of E3, which is the quintessential event in our sector, and where launches usually agglomerate thanks to the different presentations of the companies during those days. The fair indeed needed a change of scenery, and they promised that they would return with more strength next year.

The good thing is that we have not been wholly orphaned, and throughout the summer, we will have various events, spread over time, where we will learn about all the news in the sector, with the titles that will hit the market in the coming months.

So, throughout the summer, we will have several events, some already confirmed and others announced in the coming days, to calm the desire for news and discover the information that will arrive on our consoles and PCs.

For this reason, we have prepared a calendar with all the events related to the sector that we will be able to enjoy in the coming months, with their dates and everything we expect. We will update the content as new information becomes known.

Netflix Geek Week
Date: From June 6 to 10
An event organized by Netflix where they will update their catalog. The platform is known for its many series and movies about video games, and we will probably know many more. Each day is dedicated to a specific theme, which will be the following: series, movies, animation, Stranger Things, and games. We are interested in all of them, especially the last one, from June 10.

Summer Game Fest
Date: June 9 at 8:00 p.m. (peninsular time)
We have been with the Summer Game Fest for several years as a counterpart to E3, and this year is especially called to compensate for its absence. An event organized by Geoff Keighley, who is also in charge of The Game Awards gala, will be loaded, hopefully, “World Premiere” with industry news for three hours.

Upload VR Showcase
Date: June 9 (time to be confirmed)
Virtual reality games are increasingly growing and becoming more critical in the sector, so this will be the opportunity to find out more news and encourage more users to try this revolutionary technology that never ceases to amaze.

Tribeca Games Spotlight
Date: June 10
Emerging from the popular film festival and showing the sector’s growth, the Tribeca Games Festival will also offer a series of presentations that also include the possibility of playing demos and seeing interviews with its creators. All are designed to create closeness with the user. It has been the center where games like Kena or A Plague Tale have been shown in-depth so that we can expect gems.

Guerrilla Collective Showcase
Date: June 11 at 6:00 p.m. (peninsular time)
Guerrilla Collective is a digital gaming showcase to reveal new announcements, trailers, gameplay, and a Steam event page for wishlists, demos, game preorders, etc. All with the presence of developers and creatives live.

Future of Play Direct
Date June 11 at 6:30 p.m. (peninsular time)
Future Of Play Direct is a biannual Toonami-inspired showcase highlighting new ways to play and a collection of newly curated games. One of those exciting events if the indie scene catches your attention.

Xbox & Bethesda Showcase
Date: June 12 at 7:00 p.m. (peninsular time)
Although we are disappointed with the delay of Starfield and Redfall, we will surely be forgotten in one of the most anticipated events of the year. The Xbox and Bethesda show will include everything you need to know about the lineup of games coming to the Xbox ecosystem, including new releases for Game Pass on console and PC.

PC Gaming Show
Date: June 12 at 9:30 p.m. (peninsular time)
As soon as the Xbox and Bethesda event is over, we will have another exciting one focused on the PC video games that are to come. These events usually have ups and downs on their level, but there are always exciting gems. Studios like Klei Entertainment (Don’t Starve) and 11-bit studios (This War of Mine, Forstpunk) are known to present their respective new games, so there’s plenty of reason to stay tuned.

Gamescom 2022
Date: from August 24 to 28
After two years of absence due to the health situation, Gamescom returns this year in a physical event, with which we can finally see the news first-hand on the spot. It is an essential video game fair in Europe. It will have the responsibility even more of compensating for the absence of E3 and showing us everything that will arrive at the end of the year and what we expect for the next 2023.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga in the test: The best Lego

Not too long ago Players could hardly save themselves before Lego games. No successful franchise was certainly in front of the colorful rods, which in the same, but still funious play their way to the current consoles. Now the last Lego Star Wars game is nearly six years back. Developer TT Games has left the latest project time. The break seems to have used the team. Because according to the last, but relatively interchangeable games of the series, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga formally from the scope, atmosphere and funny ideas formally from all seams.

Nine movies and a complete universe

At the beginning of the game you can decide which of the three trilogies would attend to you first. In the beginning you can only choose Episode 1, 4 and 7. Each episode consists of five short missions associated with sections in which you can clearly explore the associated locations such as Naboo, Tatooine or Jakku.

If you complete all tasks there, then your next episode shuts off. In addition, there is still a free mode in which you can start any well-known planet of the Star Wars Universum you have already visited. There you then collect different deflections that can unlock your upgrades, new characters or cheatcodes.

Which version did we play?

We were able to play Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on the Xbox Series X play. The game all times flowed smoothly, even if hundreds of lego stones flew over the screen. Initial crashes, loading problems and story trailers were resolved with a hotfix during the test phase.

The Skywalker Saga is also available for Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

This does not necessarily revolutionize the classic fame of the previous Lego games, but just feels more about the sections in the open game world than before. So if you like to search for collective objects, you can sink here next to the about twelve-hour campaign additionally dozens of playing hours.

It was a long time ago in a far, far away galaxy

We especially liked the presentation of the game world during the test. All known locations were lovingly transferred to the little life. If you are strolling with the classic star Wars music in the background by Mos Eisley and you pass through Banthas or aggressive Jawas (including the iconic “Utinni!”), You are as a Star Wars-Fan guarantees the heart.

Also, the degree of detail of the LEGO buildings invites this time to just stay and enjoy the environment. In the last titles, there were always more common objects, which did not exist out of Lego, TT Games tries again to create a more homogeneous look. Especially the interiors of ships and space stations now exist almost completely from building blocks.

Of course, the typical LEGO humor is not too short. Thus, Darth Vader tries to change desperately in his Tie hunter to the radio station with the imperial march, or a gardener mows the lawn in peace, while the battle of the trade federation Against the Gungans rabt. Especially the Skywalker Saga takes some controversial scenes of the Disney Sequel on the sher. Luke Skywalker drinks green milk in every unobserved moment of green milk, Rey tries Kylo Ren because of his missing shirts, or an exaggerated crying Chewbacca, ice cold is left by Leia before the Millennium Falcon.

Unfortunately, the quality of each episode swatches something. In the first three, every GAG does not necessarily ignite. The leveldesign feels especially in episode 1 outrun and is filled with diligence tasks. However, this increases from movie to film, so that at the end a very positive overall impression remains.

Small innovations and contaminated sites

Unlike the older games LEGO Star Wars uses: The Skywalker Saga a dynamic third person perspective. This comes particularly well when you aim about the shoulder and then even dividing individual body parts of your opponent. So, for example, Stormtrooper shoots the helmet from the head, which then tries to catch their headgear. For example, this gives you time to cover the style of Gears of War or other coverage shooters behind objects.

Also the melee has been revised. Instead of just pounding a button on a key, you can now run different combos. This is necessary, because otherwise your opponents block all the beats. Also with the Batman Arkham games you have served. So you can use buttons insert beats counter or unlockable attacks with a sideways jump. This evaluates the gameplay noticeably, even if the control can sometimes be fumbling sometimes. Because the keys for combos and evokes are double occupied and strike again and again in the fight.

Real demand you can not expect in this Lego game. In terms of serial, the level of difficulty is very low. Opponents hardly cause any significant damage and even if you die, you only lose a few legotins, which you have immediately with one to two destroyed boxes. This makes the game ideal if you would like to have fun in the local co-op, for example, with your children, experienced players * inside will make themselves surgery quickly.

A paradise for collectors

Star Wars Games RANKED! (w/ Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga)

If you belong to the kind of players *, who likes to collect all sorts of extras, then the skywalker saga is likely to deal with you for a while. On your travels you can collect over 1,000 upgrade stones, with which you can improve the abilities of your legophiles.

There are over 300 pieces from the figurines . These divide into different classes, such as Jedi, heroes, scrap collectors or astrodroids with their own skills, which you all needed to get to the different collective objects.

What colleague Jonas Gössling has fallen on the postries and what does not see that and hear you in the test video:

The Holocaps are particularly rare. This makes her funny cheats free. In “PJU-PJU” mode, you listen to instead of blasterfired mouthmitted weft noises, light sevenes are replaced by baguettes or their turns a furious pork that torments your opponents with shouting. Especially funny we found the Nuschel mode. In it the well-synchronized German dialogues are replaced by the lego language of the older games.

Koop mode

You can play the complete game in local co-op mode. The picture is then shared vertically for the split screen. Player * In 2, only a button on the second controller must press and can immediately enter the game.

Unfortunately, there is no online mode.

Unfortunately, with so many objects, of course, the best developer will eventually out the ideas as you could hide. So quickly you meet the same switch puzzles, obstacles and mission types. For a variety, however, you can already repeat passed story missions to try special challenges or to assemble mini-room ships.

A dream for fans

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga knows his audience exactly. Star Wars enthusiasts receive the great atmosphere of the films and a lot of fanservice. Lego friends, on the other hand, are looking forward to the high level of detail of the buildings and the small innovations in the meanwhile Gameplay.

If you have not yet begun with the Lego games, but then this will not pick you up here. For everyone else, however, the Skywalker Saga is a real party and one of the best LEGO titles for years.

¿Cuándo sale The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 is one of the most anticipated games, good, probably of all time if we are honest. The first game is now widely considered one of the best Tloz games ever created, but many also have it on their list of the best video games ever created. So, before its launch, many fans of Nintendo ask themselves When is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2? ? Here is everything we know so far.

Release date of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Originally, the long-awaited sequel was scheduled for a vague release date in 2022. However, that changed with the announcement of a delay.

Now, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 will be launched in the spring of 2023 . At the time of writing this article, there is nothing more specific than that or a fixed release date. When that changes, we will make sure to update this publication. But, at least by definition, you can expect The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 launch in March, April, May or June 2023, unless Nintendo has a different concept of what spring means that the rest of us..

Actually, this is not a great delay since, probably, the game would probably go out at the end of this year, but clearly that is no longer the case.

That’s all you need to know for when the Legend of Zelda comes out: Breath of the Wild 2 for the Nintendo switch. Once we have more up-to-date information, we will make sure to update this publication.

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