The observation of the newly launched market curriculin and Oasis Market, aimed at the opening of the company (IPO), has been shown to be a gentle-promoting promotion.

Marketory Last year sales recorded 64% YoY to W561.4bn, which increased by 64% YoY, and the trading amount rose more than W2tr. The operating area is expanded to W217.7bn, which has increased by 87% YoY, but it is a politurn for further growth, such as workforce and logistics.

Oasis Market Last year, sales were 357 billion won, and since the company was founded since the company’s founding. Oasis Market’s operating profit is 5.7 billion won, followed by surplus.

** ■ Market Celsius, Last year, 2 trillion won,

According to the industry, Market Curl, which is scheduled to claim listed preliminary review this month, posted sales of W561.4bn on sales on Last Connection. This increases by 64% YoY. Last year, the marketcutoring solution has increased by 65% ​​YoY to 2 trillion won. The sales deficit is expanded to W217.7bn, which has increased 87% YoY, but it is an analysis of investment costs due to infrastructure expansion, such as logistics and manpower.

This growth is visualized as a result of investment such as logistics. Market Curli was able to upload the Gimpo Logistics Center in March last year, up to 2.3 times the order processing capacity. In addition, the dawn shipping ‘s shipping’ availability has also increased the delivery capacity, such as becoming increasingly expanding to Chungcheong-kwon, July Daegu, Busan and Ulsan area last year last year.

Marketcellley sales are recorded for growth trends, including W157.1bn in 2018, and W429bn in 2018, and 9,200 billion won in 2019, and the trading solution followed by 4 trillion won in 2019, Last year, two trillion won is growing twice a year.

However, sales losses that are continuing are still a homework. Marketcommeration sales loss is gradually expanding to W33.7bn, W33.7bn in 2019, and W16.6bn in 2020, and W217.7bn last year. The company is reported that this is due to the increase in investment for future growth such as logistics system, personnel, marketing, etc.

In fact, Market Curl is newly established a new technical officer (CTO) on the last year, and recruiting the former Kakao Technology Director of Ryu-hyung Gyu-gyu, on the other hand, while the total developer scale has also increased up to 200 people on the scale last year. In addition, the company also ranged to the 2nd shareholder of the company, Dry Ice Manufacturing Facilities, Dry Ice Manufacturing Equipment Company,

Market Curli submitted a listed preliminary examination bill this month, and is expected to be able to listen to 3Q this year. The company has been recognized for the corporate value of 4 trillion won at the time of LED 250 billion won last year.

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■ Oasis Market, last year’s sales of W357bn… Since its founding, maximum performance

The competitor in preparation for all cases Oasis Market, which was preparing for the company, was 357 billion won in sales, and it has been the biggest performance since the founding of 2011. The expansion of the product, the dawn of the dawn, and the number of customs increased by 150% YoY, and it was buried in sales.

Last year, Oasis Market Operating profit was 5.7 billion won, and 41% decreased by 9.7 billion won in 2020, but it is maintaining continuous surplus management. The company explained that the decrease is due to the launch of new stores and the expansion of logistics facilities.

In fact, the company ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ Shinchon Branch ▲ Ahn Hyun Branch ▲ Gongdeok Branch ▲ Daechi 3-shop ▲ Hagi Station ▲ Sangil Store ▲ Cheongdam Station ▲ Apgujeong Branch ▲ Guri Branch ▲ On the other hand, in the second quarter of this year, it is preparing to operate a 10-fold full filling center for the second quarter of the year.

Previously, Oasis Market has raised sales of W111.1bn in 2018, W119.1bn, 2019, and sales of W238.6bn, 2020, and operating profit was $ 280 million in 2018, 9.7 billion won in 2019, and 9.7 billion won in 2019, I recorded. The company was recognized for its corporate value of W10bn at the time of attracting $ 10 billion in home and 200 billion won from home and shopping last month.

“The dawn delivery, which started noteworthy with Corona 19, is now in the main stream of the distribution industry, and its competitiveness is also enhanced, and sales are growing greatly,” If there is no special issue, Explained that all are expected to be listed in this year. “