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10 Best Minecraft 1.19.50 Seeds [December 2022]

Minecraft’s seeds are useful tools that can generate players in a specific location, be it a hidden diamond area or a new place to call home.
So, if you want to try something new, we will show you the 10 best seeds for Minecraft 1.19.50.
We will also update this guide monthly to provide the most recent content and make sure it works for the current version of the game.

on the lush mountain

Screen capture through
Coordinates:-257, 116, 115
TikTok Manpixelmc user seed has an impressive landscape that combines two biomes: Snowy Tundra and Cuevas.
Once inside, players can explore an exuberant cave with Glow Berries illuminated and colorful Spore Blossoms.
Then, you can travel a little more to meet a Deep Dark biome and acquire Scull blocks, such as sensors, catalyst and shrinkers.

Diamonds in abundance

Screen capture through
Seed: 2023
Coordinates: 1637,-59, 1939
Diamonds are one of the most wanted resources in Minecraft due to their rare generation rate and its great durability.
Players can use these minerals to create enchantment tables, armor and powerful tools that are strong enough to break the obsidian.
That said, you can consult this seed of the Reddit Red bean user 0121, which presents a large amount of this diamond mineral.
Once the players enter the coordinates, they will be taken to this location, where the extraction process can begin immediately.

A closed mountain town

Screen capture through
Coordinates: 105, 96, 330
Those looking for an isolated area in the mountains should definitely check this seed for Minecraft 1.19.50.

In this region, you can live in a great town and harvest some ingredients of the garden, such as wheat and beet.
The players will also be protected from the monsters thanks to the surrounding mountain land, but be sure to place some torches to prevent enemies from appearing in darker areas.
Since there are so many trees in this seed from Minecraft, you will never run out of wood, which can be used to expand even more the construction of the village.
In addition, players can find a huge cave near and dig up some very necessary resources, such as iron, coal and many more.

The colossal looting post

Screen capture through
Coordinates:-461, 70, 192
Even if you have found Pillager Outposts in the past, I have probably never seen one like this.
Reddit Boy_with_pen user revealed this very high publication that almost covers the length of a nearby mountain.
Players can use this seed as a viewpoint for their base, or they can place a bed on the top to take advantage of the prepared structure.
In addition, you can find a ruined portal next to this construction and collect valuable treasures of a chest.

The huge ancient city

Screen capture through
Seed: 76517363
Coordinates: 985,-36,-957
The ancient city was first introduced into the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update, showing a new area within the Deep Dark Biome.
These locations can be difficult to find, but this Minecraft seed of the Reddit user, Boris, facilitates the procedure when generating players near a huge strength.
While you explore this destination, you can open chests to claim resources or improve your statistics by demolishing monsters in the zombie generator.


A mangrove without limits

Screen capture through
Seed: 249386829365641221
Like ancient cities, the biome of the mangrove swamp can be relatively difficult to locate due to the mechanics of random mane craft maps.
However, when players discover these places, they can have a much smaller size compared to other biomes of the game.
So, to help with this event, you can use this seed to directly generate in a huge swamp full of mangroves, frogs and mud.
Mangrove swamps are also the perfect area for people who prefer secret bases, in which trees and vines can use to cover their home.

The definitive mine well

Screen capture through
Seed: 867677604900324654

The Reddit User Cynix747 found this extensive seed of Mine shaft 1.19.50 with a ridiculously long road full of treasures, including enchanted apples, iron mineral and lapislázuli.
When players enter the tunnels, they can spend hours exploring the intricate design of this structure while collecting resources from various places.
In addition, if you find some monsters, you can use the open space of this Mine shaft to demolish them efficiently.

A Forest Woodland mansion with views

Screen capture through
Coordinates: 168, 100, 120
For more experienced players, you can try this Woodland Mansion seed to get valuable treasures and defeat mobs.
The players will also find several trapped allays, who are adorable creatures that will collect and deliver articles.
However, beginners in the game must prepare for battle before entering this building because, without a doubt, there will be a lot of looters and monsters in this base.
After clearing the area, you can take care of this establishment for your new home with an impressive view of the sea and the forest.

Spruce Village Island

Screen capture through
When you want to get away from everything, you can use this Gamernerdguy seed to generate a remote island of town of Abstains.
In this peninsula, players can trade with residents, harvest pumpkins and melt minerals with the high oven.
In addition, this destination is well protected by the body of water that surrounds it and the iron golem that patrols the island.

The mega lands Baldies

Screen capture through
This monumental seed of Badlands Minecraft of the TikTok Peekaboo user covers many natural resources, such as terracotta, red sand and cactus.
You can use terracotta to create unique designs, since these types of blocks have a variety of colored patterns.
For example, Cyan Glazed Terracotta shows the contour of a Creeper face, while Magenta Glazed Terracotta shows a distinctive arrow symbol.
That is done by our selections of the 10 best seeds for Minecraft 1.19.50.
If you want to see more landscapes highlighted in the game, you can consult our guides on the best seeds of the desert and Xbox 1.19.
Be sure to explore the relevant links below to get additional Minecraft content.
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19-year-old creates video for the fatality of Technoblade-YouTube obstructs its channel with 3.5 million subscriptions

A 19-year-old, English YouTuber, Owen Itsowen Clough, whines that his network had actually been outlawed by YouTube with 3.5 million clients: he had done absolutely nothing. However YouTube gets a great deal of applause for the spell. Due to the fact that lots of customers of Youtuber charge itsow of having improved themselves with the tragic death of Minecraft Youtuber Technoblade.

This is the customer’s complaint:

* Yesterday on July 4, the user Itsowen complained via Twitter on YouTube. He claimed his channel with 3.5 million clients was completely wrongly banned by YouTube (using Twitter).
* He claims: He is so depressed that he does not know what to proceed.
* However as opposed to pity from the neighborhood, there is just praise for YouTube. Several claim that the account should remain prohibited.

effective teenager comes to be the worst YouTuber on the planet

He likewise likes to develop videos in which he makes believe that the constantly covered Minecraft Youtuber Desire has currently revealed his face.

He keeps trying to create material that adversely refers to the huge and also effective YouTuber Mrbeast: Some of his most effective video clips are contributions in which it states: Mrbeast has actually launched a person. He pulls with this pattern totally.

Itsowen knowingly browses for the best YouTubers of the moment to in some way collect clicks in their setting.

In the short article York Teenager Owen Clough is a YouTube experience he was something like the entrepreneur wonder kid from the area, virtually a blood young boy Christian Lindner (using Yorkpress).

What sort of YouTuber is that? It all started so well. In 2019, Owen was defined by a British local sheet as an exceptionally effective adolescent company due to the fact that he started to make YouTube videos at the age of 11 as well as had currently constructed huge channels at the age of 16.

Today the channel of Itsowen is recognized for collecting clicks with video clips that are not remedy as well as worried with maximum shock result: they suggest a story with a cover and title that does not provide the video.

_ Evidy see the worst YouTuber in Itsowen with his So silly is mrbeast web content: _

wrong video for response to the fatality of a person on YouTube

In this sense, it is actual the last goodbye, yet the cover picture recommends an psychological farewell to an consecrated or an psychological obituary and not that 2 individuals play Minecraft with each various other and after that bid farewell.

Mrbeast has not yet replied to the death of technoblade.

The title photo of the video clip suggests that Mrbeast has been liquified in tears and also is now reacting to the death of his buddy.

** What was the spell now? The popular YouTuber technoblade passed away a few days back at the age of 23.

The video clip has nothing to do with such a response. Instead, the video saw exactly how both play Minecraft together as regular and after that bid farewell to each other.

Lots of see video clip as exceptionally unsavory

Obviously Itsowen had actually ultimately spanned the bow and also has now deservedly earned his spell.

This was currently distressed: The video of Itsowen had collected a lot of views within 20 hrs and also was so prominent that it was also in 5th location in the trend subjects in pc gaming on YouTube.

** How is this discussed?

The actions is generally unsavory:

  • Some think that Itsowen focuses on making such false shock messages channels up within a brief time and afterwards selling them.
  • Others say: Each time youtube lock him one of his networks, he would certainly compose the exactly the same article as well as beg the YouTube group for help. Each time he obtains his channel back, he just continues worse.

All the same, the number from the innocent boy, that mistakenly loses his substantial channel as well as is currently really depressing, rarely appears to lose him.

Minecraft himself responded to the death of technoblade with a monument in the launcher:

The Youtuber Technoblade dies at the age of 23-his preferred game Minecraft places a monument to him

_ The cover photo is a sign image. The YouTuber Itsowen is not a pet cat.

A 19-year-old, English YouTuber, Owen Itsowen Clough, whines that his network had been outlawed by YouTube with 3.5 million clients: he had done absolutely nothing. Due to the fact that lots of customers of Youtuber implicate itsow of having actually enriched themselves with the terrible fatality of Minecraft Youtuber Technoblade. What kind of YouTuber is that? In 2019, Owen was explained by a British local sheet as a very successful teenage business due to the fact that he began to make YouTube video clips at the age of 11 and had currently built huge networks at the age of 16.

The YouTuber Itsowen is not a feline.

The legend comes, the new work Minecraft Legend is released

The new Minecraft series developed by Mojang has been released. The action strategy game ‘Minecraft Legend’ is the main character.

On the 13th, Mojang Studio unveiled its new ‘Minecraft Legend’ through the Xbox Bethesda Game Showcase 2022 on YouTube. The game is an action strategy game made using the Minecraft worldview and game style. It is a peaceful Overworld that the Nether Monster Piglin invades the swarm of the player.

According to the released video, the Minecraft’s unique architectural elements are inherited, while the new graphics in the form of cartoon rendering can be checked. The player must command several creatures of Overworld, such as zombies and cripplers, to destroy several hubs built by the group of Piglin, and players can also fight on the battlefield with their own weapons. Various siege weapons, such as dialysis and turrets, appear, and the key point is to break through the castles and regions occupied by their own strategies.

The Minecraft Legend will be released in the first half of next year, and can be enjoyed by XBOX, PS, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Game Pass. More information will be announced later.

Minecraft Fans Fear Giant Youtuber manipulates important vote again

Park Ji Yeon (en hangul, 박지연; Seúl, 7 de junio de 1993) es una cantante y actriz surcoreana, conocida por ser miembro del grupo de K-Pop, T-ara.

Inincraft is the Youtuber Dream so popular so that the fear circulated, he could simply decide which new MOB 2021 comes to Minecraft. Because exactly that happened 2020. Dream insured to hold out this time – but you do not dare to him.

What is this for a vote in Minecraft? Minecraft will soon be tailored about what new mob comes into the game. On 16 October, during a minecraft live, 3 new MOBs will be a vote:

A Glare that finds dark places
An Allay , who apparently wants biscuits and embraces other items
A Copper Golem , the player can build themselves

2020 was dream for a mob that did not fit many – but he won

That s the problem : 2020 has already made such a vote. The ultrapopular Minecraft-Youtuber Dream said then said that the MOB Glow Squid should come to Minecraft.

The site Ginx writes: Dream would have taken over the survey and sent thousands of his fans to vote for Glow Squid.

Since Dream has a huge fan base, this mob sat down. But that did not fit many: they found Glow Squid is now only in Minecraft because he is useful for the Speed ​​Runs of Dream – not because it really should be the best new mob.

Supposedly, Dream should have chosen the MOB at that time Ironic only, though it was the most boring MOB.

I will choose the worst MOB!

Thus, Dream reacts 2021 : Because he got so much trouble at that time, Dream announced: He will ruin the voting despite this year and select the worst MOB . There would be nothing, what people can do about it.

After there was some excitement, Dream steered later and said: people would be awful about a block game , so he will keep away from the vote and give no recommendation.

However, a few minutes later he reigned himself again and wrote ironically, Of course I will manipulate the vote anyway.

This is the reaction of fans : Some minecraft players do not find that funny. You now want to establish the hashtag dreamshutthefuckup (ie dream, stop your mouth) so he will be trying on Twitter on 16 October.

Let s see who gives himself tomorrow when choosing.

Dream is known for its speed runs, but there was a small problem:

200,000 people see how the world s most famous Minecraft screeper raussled on Twitch

The cover picture comes from the Instagram Account Dreams.

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