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A Look Back At Michael Köllners 1179 Days With The Lions: How His Legacy Lives On

It was a Sunday afternoon in November 2019 when Michael Killer took a seat for the first time on the TSV 1860 Munich bench.
The era Daniel Bedrock has just been a thing of the past for a good two weeks, sixty remained in the twelfth place in the table and now needed to deal with the junior varsity of FC Bayern.
The city derby rose to Gaining’s heights, the 16th match day of the 3rd department, 15,000 fans had come and saw a 1-1.
So it started.
At the end of the season, sixty tenth was 8th at the winter break.
It was the worst placement on which the lions under Killer’s direction to the goal after 38 games-the club won the state cup and thus resolved the entry ticket for the DFB Cup, for which sixty 2019/20 had not certified.
In the next two years, sixty bets the promo, however did not make the big throw.
Especially bitter: the failure in Might 2021, when the lions went to Ingolstadt as a challenger on the last match day.
With a success at the FCI, the Munich group had passed the chants and had actually played in the transfer to go back to the 2nd division.


However, sixty lost 1: 3, left the place to ninth and ended the season in fourth location as well as a year later on.
Killer was still commemorated by the fans.

Killer on the fence!

Scene from May 2022: Michael Killer discusses a loudspeaker to the lion fans.
When his group won 6: 3 against Dortmund II on the last match day 2021/22, the west curve requested the coach ( Killer on the fence!) Despite the missed out on ascent, a scene that was illustrated that it was rather tight
The band was that coach and appendix held together.
Killer followed the call at the time, but left his future open that afternoon: Why should I stand now and offer a dedication due to assumptions or promises?
Killer lastly decided to remain and proceeded record with five victories in the very first five video games.

Now whatever seemed to be included, but at the end of September the team fell.
She said goodbye with a 0-1 in Illertissen from the state cup, then she only won two of the following eight point games.
Nonetheless, the accountable Killer revealed trust.
At the beginning of the year, the coach himself set an example, in mid-January he received backing from investor Hasan Ismail -Thoth. Now he is history in Gaining.
Killer needs to go after 1179 days.
He reviews the longest term given that Werner Lorant, who had trained sixty from July 1992 to October 2001-3396 days and thus as long as no other coach in the history of the lions.

Bayer Leverkusen Ends Winning Streak As Dortmund Wins 2-0 Thanks To Adeyemi Premiere Hit

After 5 wins in a row, the Leverkusen chest was wide.
Borussia Dortmund also felt that in the initial stage.
In this, the Herself emerged, after the 2-0 against Bochum Palacios and DLI for Hudson-Odoi (not in the team) and Home, strongly variable and creative.
Amir’s first attempted approach was still grazing the outside network (5th), at Diary’s conclusion from a severe angle after a great plug-on pass from With, Nobel needed to make himself really long (16. ).
BVB needed something to arrive in the Arena.
Although more than simply a corner in the charge area, the first look of Adam would have been possible (10th), but otherwise Dortmund was seldom presented.
Haller, who changed Mouton after the 2-1 in Mainz and commemorated his start-up launching, mainly hung in the air.

Dortmund works in the Spieladeyemi

After nearly half an hour, BVB, in which Wolf and Bellingham (after the yellow lock) for Guerrero and painting began, likewise got better into the video game.
The visitors existed in the battles and worked themselves into the game-and even took the lead in this method.
After Wolf’s conquest against Amir and subsequent double pass from Brandt and Bellingham, Haller Brandt’s cross through intelligently and hence allowed Adams Bundesliga premiere (33. ).
Dortmund likewise taped this match plan till the break.
Even the offensive (especially deem) returned to their own half and left the formerly so variable Leverkusen offensive.

again and once again Kobel-Tapsobas own goal

After the restart, the Herself then found her video game from the preliminary phase-failed again to Nobel.
The keeper parried a massive Diary, and DLI did not handle to press the rebound over the line (48. ).
Even in the back, luck was not on the side of the Leverkusen.
Tapioca carried out an own objective (53.) after an input of wolf.
However, even from the second objective, Bayer did not let himself be delayed and instantly put the passage forward once again.

Slowly but undoubtedly one desperately despaired.
The keeper remained in between again, this time against an DLI head (57th).

Leverkusen series tears, Dortmund’s continues

As a result, the video game was balanced.


Both groups contributed with forward-oriented and no-frills video game to be entertaining.
There were possibilities on both sides: Tapioca went through nearly a 2nd own goal (70th), Bellingham’s header broke past the goal (75th).
For Bayer, Nobel continued to turn out to be insurmountable: Diary failed due to a foot defense by the keeper (76th), the alternative Amount put a header expensive (81. ).
Due to the fact that Bayer likewise stayed tirelessly in the last phase, however ultimately stayed lucky, the Herself’s success series ended with the 0: 2.
BVB, on the other hand, constructs its own on three triumphs in a row-and jumps to fourth place and only has 3 points behind FC Bayern Munich.
The Leverkusen will be guest at FC Augsburg on Friday (8:30 p.m.).
The Dortmund expect SC Freiburg, which hides behind BVB, on Saturday (3:30 p.m.).

Reading The Live Ticker Report: BVB Defeat Bayer Leverkusen 0-2 On Matchday 18


The 18th match day found its degree with the 0: 2 in between Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Dortmund
The live ticker for checking out!
Click here for the detailed game report, listed below you can read the course of the game once again in the live ticker

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB-0: 2 (0: 1)

Tore |
0: 1 ALEXEI (33. ), 0: 2 Bellingham (53. )
Setup Leverkusen |
Hradecky-Frimpong, Tapioca, TAH (63. Baker), Hincapie-Andrich, Palacios (70th Bellcrank), Diary, With (70th Block), Amir (80. Derby)- DLI (80th Amount)
Setup Dortmund |
Kobel-Rerson, Sure, N. Schlotterbeck, M. Wolf (85th Hummel’s)- Can, Can, Adam (72nd Bynoe-Gitten), Brandt (85. Zeus), Bellingham-Haller (61st Modest)
Yellow cards |
Leverkusen: Tapioca (28th), With (60th)
Dortmund: Adam (34th), Can (60th), Modest (84. ), Person (90th)

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: Bundesliga in the live ticker for reading-0: 2

After the last whistle: This ends our reporting from the preliminary of 2nd round of the Bundesliga
We thank you for the interest and dream you a good rest Sunday and an effective start to the new week
After the final whistle: After five Bundesliga wins in a row, Leverkusen pulls the loser again and, as ninth, loses the connection to the worldwide places
A brand-new possibility of points for Bayer will be back in Augsburg on Friday
The next day the BVB contends versus Freiburg at home and will just be a tuned tun with only 3 points
After the last whistle: In the end, Bayer 04 Leverkusen undergoes Borussia Dortmund 0: 2
The yellow and black owe this success to their effectiveness and stable and focused performance
The usual phases of weak point, like last, did not enable Westphalia today
However, the BVB was certainly a little luck
In the very first half, the much better home side could have taken the lead
And even after the break, the Herself had enough opportunities
However the ball just didn’t desire to go in, which was partly due to Gregor Nobel
And so the Rhinelander stayed entirely without scoring in front of 30,210 spectators in the sold-out Bay arena

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: Bundesliga in LiveTicker-2

90. +5
Referee Tobias Well ends the hustle and bustle on the pitch
90. +3
The Rhinelander do not leave anything untidy till included time
Farm Derby kicks a totally free kick from the ideal half field with his left foot
But nobody can get what Gregor Nobel sees late
The keeper has to extend and directs the ball to the corner
90. +1
The regular playing time has simply expired
The hosts are still approved four minutes of grace period

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: yellow for Person

90 \
Julian Person captures his 3rd yellow card this Bundesliga season since of a foul on Farm Derby
87 \
Bayer runs unexpectedly, attempt it extremely variable
However nothing may result in the goal
And with the avoiding of the various opportunities, the conviction is now vanishing

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: Double change Dortmund

85 \
And instead of Julian Brandt, Marco Reus will contest the last minutes, takes over the captain’s bandage and gives his comeback after injury
With the gamers of gamers, we are through for today
85 \
It will be exchanged once again
2 long-serving warriors are ready
Mats Hummels comes for Marius Wolf

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: yellow for modest

84 \
Anthony Modest extends his hands to Mousse Diary to keep it
The referee has the yellow card for this
For the striker, AS is the 4th caution of the continuous Bundesliga season
83 \
Leverkusen has enough chances, however does not utilize them
And gradually running the work self is becoming progressively hopeless
The minutes betray
81 \
Jamie Crimping crosses from the right
The just substituted Radar Amount gets the header and puts it just over the crossbar from about eleven meters

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: Double change Leverkusen

80 \
And rather of Nadeem Amir, Farm Derby need to contest the last phase
ABI Alonso completely draws his exchange quotas
80 \
Fresh staff needs to now make a difference among the home side
Radar Amount comes for Amine DLI
76 \
Mousse Diary makes it into the box and shoots with his left foot
Gregor Nobel stops the ball with his left foot and keeps his box tidy
75 \
Marius Wolf crosses the penalty area from the right
Jude Bellingham moves into the cross and extends with his shoulder
The ball jumps past the long corner
74 \
On the other side, Mousse Diary attempts repeatedly from the second row and does not even survive this time

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: Change both teams

72 \
Goalscorer Karim Adam goes down with the guests and leaves Jamie Bynoe-Gitten the field
70 \
At the exact same time, world champion Excel Palacios makes area
From then on, Karim Bellcrank can get included
70 \
After a long injury, Florian With is insufficient for 90 minutes
The young star clears the field in favor of Adam Block
69 \
There is almost a copy of the second goal
Jude Bellingham once again with the shifting video game to the
Marius Wolf serves Julian Brandt this time
This pulls the important things flat and greatly in the middle
In the objective area it is once again Edmond Tapioca, which practically causes an own objective
Jamie Crimping scratches the ball from the line at the last minute
67 \
Mousse Diary tries from the second row
The left shot misses the objective, flies far over package
66 \
Nico Schlotterbeck appears on the left in the opposing penalty area, trying to find a path past Edmond Tapioca on the baseline
The ball leaps to the left hand from an extremely brief distance
The Dortmund is grumbling, however are far from a punitive habit as far

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: Modification both teams

63 \
On the side of the home side, Jonathan Ta his replaced by Mitchel Baker
61 \
For the very first time, one of the fitness instructors steps in
Edwin Eric takes Sebastien Haller out of the game to bring Anthony Modest

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: yellow for Can and With

60 \
Florian With also sees yellow for his entry versus Nico Schlotterbeck
With is totally unencumbered in this regard due to the fact that of the long injury
60 \
After a collapse between Florian With and Nico Schlotterbeck, the Dortmund betting, however the video game continues-it continues Salish Can too colorful
He forces the disturbance with a foul on Nadeem Amir and likewise kicks the ball away
So you actually can’t earn a yellow card
Because this is his 5th, Can will be missing on the coming match day
57 \
Leverkusen does not be reluctant, comes across the right with Mousse Diary
On his flank, Amine DLI comes short and heads on the objective
Once again Gregor Nobel reacts highly and screwed the tour to the Rhinelander again
55 \
Naturally, this means a mighty damper for the work self
No problem assists, nor has enough time to fix that

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: Bellingham to 0: 2!

53 \
Bayer 04 Leverkusen-Borussia Dortmund 0: 2
The visitors strike ice-cold
Jude Bellingham transfers the game to the best side and after that orientate himself together with 2 colleagues to the sixteen
Marius Wolf has area on the right, puts a sharp half-high flank
In the center, Edmond Tapioca gets the ball on the ideal knee
And from there the thing jumps unhappily into your own objective
50 \
After that, the Russians are attempting to get the occasion to get beef
You attempt to bring calm in
The hosts don’t offer up
48 \
Bayer browses again, goes on it early and dominated the ball. Mousse Diary pulls the left in the box
Gregor Nobel blocks
Amine DLI follows, but the thing does not wish to enter
Only one corner leaps out due to the fact that Nico Schlotterbeck eventually steps in
After that, nothing outcomes
46 \
Without workers changes, both fitness instructors send their groups into the second phase of the video game
46 \
Now the ball rolls back in the Bay arena

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: Bundesliga in the live ticker half-time break

Halftime |
After 45 minutes, Bayer 04 Leverkusen was 0-1 in the home video game versus Borussia Dortmund
The home side had begun strongly and likewise taped a big possibility
But Gregor Nobel destroyed this
From the middle of the very first half, the guests gradually operated in much better
And the BVB effectively utilize its goal
Now the black and yellow controlled the occasions, however avoided making definitive resuscitation
The management of the Russians is definitely not undeserved, however a tie would definitely have fit really well with this game
In order to a minimum of realize that, the Herself is naturally still sufficient time

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: Bundesliga in LiveTicker-1

45. +2
Then referee Tobias Well asks the stars to the cabins for a break
45 \
This is how the conference ripples towards the break
The referee shifts their start by an injury minute
42 \
The yellow and black construct on their ball safety
So the game flattened again
A minimum of the duels are still handled really extremely
The referee needs to step in once again and once again
40 \
The visitors utilize the game control to soothe the events
With one goal you are satisfied with BVB

37 \
But Dortmund clearly determines what is taking place
The management still supported the Westphalia
All of a sudden Bayer tries to develop
35 \
For Crimping it goes on, the minds can calm down once again
Perhaps the Leverkusen wish to discover the emotions back into play?

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: Yellow for ALEXEI

34 \
A little later, Karim Adam is extremely motivated to the duel with Jamie Crimping near his own corner flag
This ensures chaos on the pitch
The referee examines the entire thing with yellow correctly for Adam the very first caution this season

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: Adam for 0: 1!

33 \
Bayer 04 Leverkusen-Borussia Dortmund 0: 1
After a ball loss of Nadeem Amir against Marius Wolf, Julian Brandt begins on the right, searching for the double pass with Jude Bellingham
Then the flat pass follows in the middle
Smart leaves Sebastien Haller the ball through the legs
Karim Adam comes to the shot and puts it in the right corner from eleven meters with his left foot
30 \
Dortmund discovers better in the game
With regard to the ownership of the ball, BVB captures up, approximately offers tie here
At the very same time, the guests stopped the Leverkusen forward urge for the time being

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: Yellow for Tapioca

28 \
For the very first time, Tobias Well reaches for the yellow cardboard
Edmond Tapioca gets it to see it after a nasty on Karim Adam
For the main protector, AS is the third warning of the present season
26 \
Julian Brandt establishes a little train, permeates the sixteen through half-left and searches the closing with his left foot
For the very first time, Lukas Radetzky needs to intervene and wards off to the corner
23 \
In this phase, the Dortmund are at least a time on the ball. So you slowly push yourself into the opposing half
The method into the box is installed
21 \
The BVB still does not develop
The runner-up is plentiful and is forced to react
There is barely any area for your own imagination
18 \
The Herself still has more of the video game and now likewise tapes the first big chance
This makes the Rhinelander a much better group here
16 \
Florian With is splendidly putting the ball into the penalty location on half-left
The quick Mousse Diary shoots his best foot on the long corner
With a strong parade, Gregor Nobel prevents the effect
13 \
After a totally free kick by Julian Brandt, Niklas Sure comes to the shot in package, but puts it too expensive
The offside whistle sounds anyhow
11 \
That involves the first corner of the video game
This establishes a Leverkusen altering minute
This gets stuck because of technical insufficiencies
Nadeem Amir then pertains to an end, however has no success with his left-wing shot
10 \
Then the black and yellow reveal themselves on the opposing sixteen
There Karim Adam solves, gets the ball from Jamie Crimping, then requires a little too long on the left of the goal location and uses the opponent the chance to disrupt decisively
9 \
After looking into the start, the action is presently flattening a little
The Herself breaks initially
And the Russians are still being reluctant
7 \
Bayer plainly identifies the initial phase
The BVB defensively needs to do all hands complete
Absolutely nothing happens to the visitors
5 \
After a throw-in deep in their own half, the Dortmund lose the ball. Nadeem Amir does not torch for long, fires from the 2nd row
The right shot from a half-left position lands simply next to the brief post on the outside network
4 \
The hosts desire to make it into the sixteen for the very first time using a standard scenario
Amine DLI’s high cross from the ideal side gets expensive
2 \
It goes straight to the point
Ezequiel Palacios places on the very first shot on the goal of this encounter, intended at almost 20 meters with his ideal foot too in the middle
Gregor Nobel grabs
1 \
The kick-off has simply been scored
At temperatures simply above freezing point, the home side burst

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: Bundesliga in the live ticker

Before the start: Quickly before the start of the game, we look at the referee team
Tobias Well acts on the pipeline
The former FIFA referee comes to his 117th task in the Bundesliga
The 45-year-old is supported by the assistant Dr
Martin Thomsen and Marcel Pilgrim
Christian Gittelmann is the 4th official
Pascal Müller and Katrin Kowalski provide video security
Prior to the start: By the method, the preliminary of the season went 1-0 to Russia
And the last conference in Leverkusen also won the Dortmund (4: 3)
The last home win of the Herself against BVB reduces to January 2021 (2-1)

Prior to the start: BVB also has actually been running at the minute because the start of the year
Against Augsburg (4: 3) and in Mainz (2: 1) you scored three points each
The last external personal bankruptcies immediately prior to the World Cup break are not forgotten
In November, the loser was drawn in Wolfsburg (0: 2) and Mönchengladbach (2: 4)
Thanks to the weakening FC Bayern, the Bundesliga idea is only 6 points away
Prior to the start: This is precisely what the Herself is presently rather far
Bayer is now in shape truly well, has 5 wins in series in the Bundesliga-after the World Cup break in Mönchengladbach (3: 2) and against Bochum (2-0)
The last defeat set it in Leipzig at the end of October (0: 2)
In the house, the last time was left against Freiburg in early September (2: 3)
Since then, six house video games have been unbeaten, 4 of them were won
Before the start: At the end of the second half of the season in the Bundesliga, the ninth has the sixth visitor
There are six points between the two teams, which is why one does not get in a tabular method
Due to your own aspirations, which you are currently looking after, is task for both
And one point actually brings no one forward
At least the BVB still has contact with the desired table regions
With a win today, the black and yellow would jump 4 on Champions League-Platz, which must approximately correspond to the minimum goal of the association
Before the start: After the 2-1 win in Mainz, Edwin Eric exchanged three professionals on the part of the visitors
This is how Raphael Guerrero, Donnell painting and Youssef Mouton can be discovered on the bench
For this, Marius Wolf, Jew Bellingham (back to the yellow lock) and Sebastien Haller can get involved from the start
For the third time, Dortmund’s very first wintry entrance Julian Person (Union Berlin) remains in the starting development
Julien Durbanville (RSC Anderlecht), who was signed on Friday, still needs to be client, however the 16-year-old is not in the BVB team today
Prior to the start: ABI Alonso makes 2 modifications compared to the 2-0 win on Wednesday against Bochum
Rather of Callum Hudson-Odoi (short-term failure) and Adam Home (bank), world champion Excel Palacios and Amine DLI transfer to the Leverkusen starting eleven
There is still no area in the squad for the brand-new obligations Noah Mamba (Club Bruges) and Patrick Pent (State Reims)

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: The constellations

Before the start: the lineups are there!
So the 2 groups go into the game:
Leverkusen: Hradecky-Frimpong, Tapioca, TAH, Hincapie-Andrich, Palacios, Diary, With, Amiri-Adli
Dortmund: Kobel-Rerson, Sure, N. Schlotterbeck, M. Wolf-Can, Can, Adam, Brandt, Bellingham-Haller
Prior to the start: Both groups can presently eagerly anticipate a small upward pattern
While the hosts recently absorbed 5 victories in a row under ABI Alonso, the Russia was able to win the youngest two encounters
The first leg went 1-0 to Dortmund, Marco Reus sank the match winner
Before the start: The Herself receives its guests in the Leverkusen Bay arena
The kick-off is at 5:30 p.m
Prior to the start: hi and welcome to the live ticker of the video game in between Bayer Leverkusen and BVB!

Bundesliga, Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: The constellations

  • Leverkusen: Hradecky-Frimpong, Tapioca, TAH, Hincapie-Andrich, Palacios, Diary, With, Amiri-Adli
  • Dortmund: Kobel-Rerson, Sure, N. Schlotterbeck, M. Wolf-Can, Can, Adam, Brandt, Bellingham-Haller

Bayer Leverkusen vs. BVB: Bundesliga today on TV and Livestream

Because the battle in between Bayer 04 and Russia happens on a Sunday today, it is relayed at DAZN
This is your group for the night:
Mediator: Laura Monterrey
Press Reporter: Marco Hartmann
Analyst: Jan Platte
Expert: Tim Borowski
The streaming service has recently had three new memberships, the Bundesliga is the most pricey, DAZN Unlimited
The entire thing costs 29.99 euros each month
Here you can find out more about which sports are included in the new three subscriptions
BVB and Bavaria different worlds: Standing place ticket rates of the expert clubs
Articles and videos on the subject
Had fun with you at FIFA Bayern exit Richards by means of Lewy and Co
Register the Bundesliga on Fridays and Sundays exclusively reside on DAZN-now!

Bundesliga, match day 18: The present table

Square |
Group |
Games |
S |
U |
N |
Tore |
Distinction |
1 |
Bayern Munich (M) |
18 |
10 |
7 |
1 |
52: 16 |
36 |
2 |
1 \
FC Union Berlin |
18 |
11 |
3 |
4 |
31: 22 |
9 |
3 |
RB Leipzig (P) |
18 |
10 |
5 |
3 |
39: 24 |
15 |
4 |
SC Freiburg |
18 |
10 |
4 |
4 |
29: 25 |
4 |
5 |
Eintracht Frankfurt |
18 |
9 |
5 |
4 |
37: 26 |
11 |
6 |
Borussia Dortmund |
17 |
10 |
1 |
6 |
31: 25 |
6 |
7 |
VFL Wolfsburg |
18 |
8 |
5 |
5 |
36: 22 |
14 |
8 |
For. Mönchengladbach |
18 |
7 |
4 |
7 |
34: 29 |
5 |
9 |
Bayer 04 Leverkusen |
17 |
7 |
3 |
7 |
30: 28 |
2 |
10 |
Welder Bremen (n) |
18 |
7 |
3 |
8 |
29: 37 | -8 |
11 |
1 \
FSV Mainz 05 |
18 |
6 |
5 |
7 |
26: 29 | -3 |
12 |
1 \
FC Cologne |
17 |
5 |
6 |
6 |
29: 31 | -2 |
13 |
TSG Cofferdam |
18 |
5 |
4 |
9 |
26: 31 | -5 |
14 |
FC Augsburg |
18 |
5 |
3 |
10 |
23: 33 | -10 |
15 |
VfB Stuttgart |
18 |
3 |
7 |
8 |
22: 32 | -10 |
16 |
VFL Bochum |
18 |
5 |
1 |
12 |
19: 44 | -25 |
17 |
Bertha BSC |
18 |
3 |
5 |
10 |
20: 32 | -12 |
18 |
FC Schalke 04 (n) |
17 |
2 |
3 |
12 |
14: 41 | -27 |

US Masters Forgives Saudi Players

It’s a big day for golfers from the Middle East, as they have just been granted access to one of the most prestigious tournaments in the game. The US Masters in Augusta will welcome players from Saudi Arabia next April, marking a major milestone for all involved. Read on to find out more about what this means and how it will affect the tour!

The Profiler of the controversial Saudi tour LIV will be allowed to start at the US Masters in Augusta next April.
The organizers of the traditional major tournament announced this.

The men’s golf is split and the virtues of the game and the significant legacy of those who have built up were reduced, the statement said: Although we are disappointed with these developments
to maintain tradition and bring together an outstanding field of golfers in April.
This means that stars such as Dustin Johnson, Phil Michelson and Bryson DeChambeau, who, like the two-time German major champion Martin Layer, left the PGA Tour in favor of the highly doped competitive series last year, with sporting qualifications at the Magnolia Lane.


Articles and videos on the topic
Bang met type Berghain new world champion
Golf dispute goes into the next round
Top sport live on DAZN.
Register now!
Can be canceled at any time.
One will send the invitations this week and invite those who, according to our current criteria for the Masters tournament 2023,, it said: We believe that the golf sport that has many challenges over the years
has mastered, will continue to exist.

The Future Of Basketball In Germany Is Uncertain

German basketball has always been an undisputed top-five player in Europe. However, now there are many doubts about the future of this in the country.

The nine-time German basketball champion Broke Bamberg is presently only 15th in the Bundesliga table.


Ex-basketball nationwide player Yasmin Delhi, who in the past was not only active as a player, but likewise as an authorities and fitness instructor in Bamberg, looks critically at the advancement of the German traditional association.
Bamberg has actually lost his identity, says Delhi in an interview with radio Germany, and demands: As long as you can’t handle to get the city behind the club again
New beginning, with an individual who takes responsibility and makes the right choices.
Delhi continued about the current scenario at the traditional club Bamberg: Sponsor Broke has actually increasingly pushed out the small sponsors and did whatever. As long as Broke tens of millions pumped in, it was great, now that Broke turned away, the small sponsors are missing out on.
Freak city community is no longer there.
The great fluctuation on the post of the fitness instructor and the ing director resulted in a power and responsibility vacuum: And the sad thing is: the mistake is repeatedly duplicated, Delhi was irritated.

FIFA World Cup Qatar Qualifiers: Pavard, Germanys hero of Russia is degraded to the first complementor

Award, with his spectacular performance in the World Cup final against Argentina, was widely praised as one of the stars of this championship. However, he has not been able to demonstrate it in this tournament so far.

At the World Cup in Qatar, Benjamin Award was weakened by the normal player to the first congratulator.


Given that the start to Australia (4: 1), the right-back has not contested a single 2nd, it no longer plays a duty under Didier Deschamps.
His time could soon finish at FC Bayern.

Nonetheless, this is because of the 26-year-old itself. As the Build reported, Award is stated to have currently selected his medium-term ing future.
Accordingly, it is omitted for him to have conversations with FC Bayern beyond a brand-new working paper past the summer of 2024.
According to the expert magazine, it is clear for the 2018 world champ: he intends to leave Munich after the current period.
No video game of the 2022 FIFA Globe Mug?
This television broadcaster programs all 64 games live .
In the occasion of a year remaining agreement term, FC Bayern still waves a transfer fee for Award, that has actually been a top pet on the right defense for three as well as a half years and also won the Champions League in 2020.
According to the media report, the German document champs are already checking out for potential new enhancements to the right-back setting.
Specific names have not yet been reported.

AWARD overlooked the center line restriction from Deschamps.

The truth that Award can do brand-new advertising on Wednesday during the Globe Mug event against Morocco (from 8:00 p.m.) or later on in the grand or little ending at the weekend break seems unrealistic.
Deschamps has actually already parked his previous normal player 4 games over the whole period on the substitute bench, consisting of alongside his Munich colleague Kingsley Coman.
To name a few things, a gross tactical carver awards is stated to have been the definitive element for his destruction.
In the very first World Cup video game by Les Bleus against Australia, he is said to have actually opposed the guideline numerous times to go via the center line.
Deschamps punished the Ignorance of the Bavaria celebrity with the substitute bank.
Because then, Award has actually only been located in the duty of the very first congratulator how television recordings and photos on social media reveal him as well as his colleagues from the past couple of days.
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[Repo] I went to the first e -sports center for the disabled

This is a game, what kind of exercise is it? It’s a non-disabled person to watch the game, and if it’s a disabled person, the texture is different. It can be a hobby and a job. It is a motivation for life. We can’t compete with non-disabled people, but we can compete in the battleground.

I heard at the Gwangyang Disabled E-Sports Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center). What kind of exercise is this? An official with a disabled person who heard this was angry, but could not be released. You can’t ruin the event.

What is memorable after the coverage was that we can compete in the battleground, even if we can’t compete with non-disabled people. I remember listening someday. However, it was different when I listened directly from the disabled person. I felt that esports might have been greater than we have achieved so far.

The POSCO 1%Sharing Foundation and ‘Warm Companion’ have established esports training facilities in the Gwangyang National Sports Center to support the independence of the disabled. Gwangyang Disabled E-Sports Center is the first space for esports activities for the disabled. The meaning of the e-sports industry is that e-sports centers were built in the sports facilities supported by the government and the Korean Sports Association. E-sports approached the authentic sports world.

The Gwangyang Disabled E-Sports Center is meaningful in that it is built in the region and is only for the disabled. The e-sports industry has evolved significantly, but in Korea, there is a limit that it has grown only on the metropolitan area and non-disabled people. The Gwangyang Disabled E-Sports Center leaves the task of whether the Korean e-sports industry can go successfully to the next level.

Why was it in Gwangyang? In Gwangyang, there is a steelworks operated by POSCO. POSCO supports physical education as one of the social contribution activities of the steelworks operation. As of 2020, POSCO sponsored 150 million won to 13 individuals and organizations, including archery and weightlifting. The disabled esports is a new field that POSCO supports this time. Originally, POSCO was also interested in establishing e-sports teams, but due to various circumstances, the direction changed to support for the disabled. POSCO is preparing a disabled e-sports center in Pohang.

The establishment of the center focused on ‘Barrier Free’ so that people with disabilities can use it smoothly. A typical example of the barrier-free is to eliminate stairs and jaws so that people with disabilities who use wheelchairs can move easily. In fact, I confirmed that people with disabilities who use wheelchairs move easily without difficulty when they go to the center.

In the center there were 10 dedicated gaming computers that could smooth e-sports. Computers, gaming desks, and gaming chairs were raised at 35 million won. As it is an esports facility, there are no other apps on the computer. This center is intended to be not used as a good PC room and a computer school. The computer had ‘League of Legends’, ‘FIFA Online 4’, ‘Cartrider’ and ‘Battleground’.

Currently, nine players are registered in the center. There were no teenagers and consisted of 20s and 30s. Disorders are distinguished by type and degree. In the case of types, it is typically divided into body and spirit. The degree is the difference caused by the central nervous system. Nine registered players have various types and degrees.

Kim Jin-wook, Secretary General of the Sports Association for the Disabled, introduced the center for new employment activities for the disabled. Employment activities for people with disabilities are somewhat different from non-disabled people. As there are many realistic difficulties for the disabled, they can get a job in my company in physical education. The Gwangyang Sports Association added esports to existing sports athletes. If there are people with disabilities who perform in e-sports, we expect companies to consider new sports players. It’s still the starting stage, so there’s no performance.

In general, if you run an e-sports academy, you will set your goal as a pro gamer. If you look higher, ‘League of Legends’ can win the Roll Cup. The disabled e-sports center is somewhat realistic. There are about 20 people with disabilities with POSCO. They were capable of existing sports and were sponsored by companies. Kim Jin-wook’s goal is to ensure that this sponsorship continues to esports. Kim Jin-wook said, We will manage operations to help employment and feature activities in the digital sector.

To do that, Kim Jin-wook said that the center is noticed from becoming a PC room. Gaming computer specifications are good, so there may be some people who simply come to play the game. I think e-sports and games are different in terms of professional consciousness, he promised.

Kim Jin-wook cited △ building dedicated internet network, △ support for professional game teams, and increased budget for the disabled.

Leaders are needed for training. The center has a good computer and will, but no one can guide it. Kim Jin-wook, Secretary General, can also support the disabled e-sports athletes, but he is not capable of teaching. There is no one who will tell you even if you are looking for a competition.

Kim Jin-wook said, There is a realistic difficulty of Gwangyang’s regional problem and budget. If you want to see the game in the professional game team, the concept of volunteer activities is to tell the inquirers the game.

Dedicated Internet network construction is a different facility support from existing sports. If you play the game at the level of competition, you will need a fast internet network. It costs about 700,000 won a month to build an internet network that is good for the center. Considering the characteristics of the center, which is operated by government support and support, it is a burdensome amount. Kim Jin-wook expected that if he practiced in a good Internet network environment, it would be a great help for the disabled players.

The center operating budget is entirely dependent on support. It is hard for the center to expect imports. In the case of the Gwangyang Disabled E-Sports Center, it depends on the budget for Gwangyang citizens’ sports, the budget for the disabled, and the e-sports budget for the disabled. As a result, it is difficult for a handicapped player to go to other competitions. If you are a wheelchair-used person with disabilities, dedicated vehicles and guardians should be accompanied. The current budget structure is hard to participate in the competition even if you practice in the center. Kim Jin-wook said he needed a corporate sponsorship or a government-free e-sports budget.

Due to the budget limit, the center was limited to 1 pm to 5 pm. It is a dedicated facility, but the operating hours are only 4 hours. This is a limit that is difficult to assign a dedicated center personnel. Currently, the center is managed by the existing disabled sports center workers. It is nice to have a dedicated center for people with disabilities, but for the purpose of training, the four-hour operating time is unfortunate. Further budget support was needed to secure enough operating hours.

Kim Jin-wook’s dream is to play a professional gamer from this center. Eventually, esports will be confronted with avatars reflecting players on the monitor. Although there may be a body difference, the avatar is equal. It is a great meaning for the disabled if the disabled athletes play on stage such as LCK, rather than simply performing at the event contest with support and sponsorship concepts. Kim Jin-wook said, It’s a drama, but there are disabled people who have better abilities than the general public like ‘Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo’, and they can have strength in e-sports. It may be possible.

Currently, the POSCO 1%Sharing Foundation is also creating an esports center for the disabled in Pohang. The performance of Gwangyang Center, the beginning, is important. It is based on the construction of the disabled e-sports centers in Gangwon-do and Chungcheong-do. This is also the burden of Kim Jin-wook. Kim Jin-wook said, It would be nice if we were doing well and people with disabilities all over the country could go to each local e-sports center.

This Yeok-seok player is active in the center. He said for the disabled, It’s good to be able to do it. People with developmental disabilities and brain lesions are narrow, even though they want to sports, even though they have severe physical constraints. For them, sports are divided into ‘good’ and ‘can you do’, not ‘do’, and ‘no’. At least esports can be done, so it is a good sport for the disabled.

If so, is it worth buying a disabled e-sports center with taxes, and is it possible for a company to sponsor the disabled e-sports center? In response, Kang Hee-oh, the head of the E-Sports Federation of the Sports Association for the Disabled, answered. In general, the home computer specifications are low, so you may not be able to play the game you want, he said. It’s good.

In general, if you play games, you can think of a PC room. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is already working on designating and supporting PC rooms as esports facilities. However, most PC rooms are difficult for people with disabilities to access. If you are a handicapped person with a wheelchair, the chin and stairs are the barriers. The concept for these disabled people is the barrier-free. The disabled e-sports center is basically considering the barrier-free when making it. In addition to physical discomfort, gaze and prejudice are also barriers. This is why separate facilities are needed with taxes or sponsorships.

Kang Hee-oh also expressed his position as a parent with a disabled person. He said, There is a good physical education with a child.

‘Gwangyang Disabled E-Sports Center’ ****

Balority Masters: Reykjavik, Opening April 10 to Hanil War

[INTERNATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL] The world’s strongest world is gathered in one place.

Riot Games (Korea Representative Ingredrii) announced on the 8th that the Masters, the Masters, who gathered in the Earthrand Reykjavik, the Masters, who gathered in Iceland Reykjavik, will be held on April 10 to 24 (standard time) did.

Korean time was opened at 0 o’clock on the 11th. Balo Rotts e Sports history For the first time, Korea’s Dial X (DRX) and Japan’s Jeta Division are tailored to the 3th two prefixes.

‘2022 Balo Latter Champions Tour (VCT) Masters Reykjavik’ is the name of the name of the Masters Reykjavik ‘, the 12 teams in the Challenger’s Challenger’s challenge competitions gathered at the top 10 to 24, Competition.

Masters Reykjavik is the first tournament of the 2022 Balority Champions Tour, and the first major VCT area is the stage that the main VCT area is the victory. In Korea, a DRX, which is a winner of the Balority Challenger Corporation in Korea, a given application rights.

Become the Nightmare | VCT22 Masters Reykjavík Cinematic | Apr 10-24

European, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) will play three teams such as G2 E Sports, Penta, and Team Liquid. A team that has won the EMEA region is a Fun Plus Phoenix, but the G2 E Sports, which accounted for a Jewel, who was unauthorized by international travel restrictions in Russia and Ukraine and Corona 19 Regulations.

Fernaplus Phoenix, who did not participate in a genius, was given 200 VCT points and was given $ 20,000 (about 3,300,000 won).

North America is two teams, more guard and optics gaming, Brazil, Laud and Ninjas, Pajamas, Latin America, Kru E Sports, Japan, Jeta Division, Asia Pacific (APAC),, Total 12 teams are spiral.

This conference begins with a GSL group stage to which Double Elimination Rules applies and will proceed in the order of Double Elimination in which eight teams participate. The top four teams, the EMEA 1 seed, G2 E Sports and the North American Winner, the G2 E Sports, the North American winner, the Brazilian winner, and the APAC winner, Paper Rex, and the APAC winner, and the 8th team, and the remaining eight teams, It is consequently divided into two groups considering the amount of regions in the region.

DRX, which belongs to Group A Group A, has achieved a pajamas, Zeta division and one Joe, and B in B, Optics Gaming, Zeccia, Crew E Sports and Team Liquid Competition.

Balority Champions Tour Masters: Reykjavik proceeds to be irrelevant for the health and safety of athletes, officials, and local residents.

The tournament can watch African TV, Naver, Twitch, and YouTube.

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