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All Battle Royale cards in rotation for Apex Legends Season 14

In APEX Legends, players will be able to experience the Royal Battle on various cards added to the rotation list. Earlier, the developers reported that in the 14th season, Kings-Canyon will return to the game with some significant updates. If you are interested in what cards will be added to the Battle Royale mode next season, we will help you. That’s all the players need to know about Battle Royale cards in the rotation for the 14th season of APEX Legends.

What are the Battle Royale cards in the Apex Legends Season 14?

As the developer previously reported, Kings Canyon will return to the game with significant changes (and with the new name). Players will see the ReForged Kings Canyon card, joining the ranking regime in the Apex Legends Season 14. This card will be presented in split 1 for the rating royal battle. The iconic POI of the city of skulls will no longer return to the game. However, a new POI called Relic was added to the map, the design of which is inspired by Skull Town.

Data collection experts and community experts also noted that Storm Point may become the second card presented for split 2 for the rating of the royal battle. Storm Point was also part of the rating rotation of Battle Royale cards in season 13, and it will be interesting to see all the new changes that will appear on this map in the future.

As for the rotation of public matches, players can expect as overlated Kingz-canyon as well as stormy point to be present in the cards bullet. While there is no news about the edge of the world and Olympus, the players will have to wait until the new season comes to see all the available cards. In the 14th season, a new legend named Vantage will appear, and the fans cannot be patient to see how this character will affect the meta.

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How to defeat marilite, Demon of fire in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Like a snake manifestation of rage and flame, Marilit hit the strangers, whom she once called their comrades before grieving around the fiery crystal, greedily a duck of his power for himself at the top of the volcanic mountain Galg. Your reflexes should be sharper than ever to shy away from fiery blades marilite and rejuvenate the fiery crystal, but do not worry – we are here to help you survive in this fatal dance. Here how to defeat Marilit, Demon Demon in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin .

Battle with marilitis, fire monster

Preparing for the battle with marilite

Before fighting marilitis, you should be ready to use its weakness… Water And also Saint . Installing a sage as one of your professions will give you access to powerful water and holy magic, and choosing additional work that uses either fists or daggers will allow you to use quick attacks for quick recharge MP.

Mission levels range from from 50 to 84 as for the main and additional mission version of the battle with marilite, so equip equipment at least the same level before you go to face to face. In addition, if you unlocked the ability Change special effects Through Forge Be sure to give your weapons and armor at least a few of the following Equipment effects before going to battle:

  • Water saturation
  • Fill holy
  • Caused by water damage
  • Caused damage from water break
  • Saint damage

  • Inflicted Holy Break damage
  • Applied magic damage
  • Applied magic damage
  • Caused by the enemy damage from weakness
  • Caused damage from the enemy weakness

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin | The Definitive Review
* Physical damage
* Fire resistance
* MP recovery rate with ordinary attacks
* Action Ability Cost MP

After you have decided on the affairs and equipment of your group, go to Mount Gang area on the world map to resist the fire mesmer.

attacks and abilities marilite

Marilite relies on his speed to attack the players fire and physical attacks during battle, preferring to close with its enemies. Because of this, Marilite has the potential to crush your group if you are not careful – such attacks, as flaming rage allow her to quickly cross the arena, while Asura allows it to attack from a safe distance. Attacks that marilite will use during the battle following:

  • normal attack combination
    • Marilite deals from two to five blows to any player right in front of her. This attack can be blocked in the usual way or evincible from it.
  • Dance blades
    • Marilitis imposes on the offensive Buff, increasing his attack for a short time.
  • Stone view
    • Marilit Spark looks at her enemies, turning all the players who came across her eyes, in a stone for a short time. This attack cannot be blocked, and it should be avoided, turning away from marilite.
  • Rain from swords
    • Marilita crepts the player with a series of blows with a sword down. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.
  • rapid hit
    • Marilit rushes forward, inflicting horizontal strikes on the player in front of her three of its blades. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.
  • Rakshas Slash
    • Marilite violently waves with all six of his own blades in a small area around him, inflicting damage to all players within the range. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.
  • Asura
    • Marilite attacks the player with energy blades created by the swords of her swords. This attack can be partially blocked, evade it from it or turn against marilite with the help of the shield of the soul.
  • Inferno
    • Marilite causes fire pillars to break out from under the earth under the players, inflicting fire damage. From this attack you can evaporate.
  • flaming rage
    • Marilit rushes to the player, turning, creating a burning tornado. This attack can be partially blocking or avoiding it.

how to defeat marilite

The key to the battle with marilite is to stay at a distance, making jerks and evading, using water or holy magic. To start a battle, switch to the work of the sage and to hit Marilit Waterga And also Daja until MP will terminate. From there, initiate both of your ally resonance states forcing them to act as distraction, using their abilities on marilite more aggressively.

While Marilitis is busy attacking your teammates, hit it Ordinary attacks to recover MP , then distance themselves from marilite before playing Waterga and Diaja. In addition, if your weapon has saturation with water or Fill the holy Equipment effects, each ordinary attack will be to use the weakness of Kraken on water or saint and lower its gap sensor.

Just continue this cycle of spells using resonances and restoring MPs, and then apply spells again. If marilite starts to use Stone view Stop targeting on it and make sure that Jack Face from Devil Fire . This will allow you to avoid disease status disease.

The battle will go into the second phase when the health of Marilite falls to half, after which her attacks will become impregnated with fire and it will start using flaming rage and also Inferno . However, the schemes of attacks Marilitis will remain the same before the end of the battle, so continue to use Watergua, sidia and ordinary attacks with water or holy strength to break her break scale. Just keep calm and caution, and you will definitely handle this Fiery Devil in the blink of an eye!

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Lost Ark: 11 tips to get the optimum from your personality

The globe vonLost Ark uses many different difficulties for adventurers and heroes. Some try to do successes, while others wish to get one of the most out of their personality by great tuning. We have some pointers for you if you count yourself to the last team.

What are these suggestions? This guide is targeted at players that wish to take a dungeon the title MVP (The majority of Prized Possession Player) to take home. For regular quests and exploring the world a lot of it is irrelevant.

The short article originates from our visitors “Imperator” by the EU server “Thirain”. He has already reached his persistent Progress Guild “Empyrean” in the EU version of a Gears score of 1,330 in Tier 3.

Nevertheless, a few of the screenshots of his account on the Russian web server, where it is currently previously been on the roadway are.

1. Thus, the equipment system works

Lost Ark differentiates between:

Unlike numerous various other MMO is really hoped in Lost Ark in no lucky-item-drop, however all players erfarmen in concept, the same equipment. 10 Skin courts pick the visual appearance and supply added valuable merit factors.

Each tool has a quality in between 1 and 100, which has wonderful impact on the given benefit impacts.

On top of that, the core is then divided Gears still underway 3 classes (animal). That is likewise the ticket to greater regions – Yorn is roughly opened up prior to completion of T1, Punika only from the end of T2. This makes certain that decline in the highest possible area for you always matching challenge your present gearscore.

  • 6 items of equipment (safety helmet, chest protector, trousers, handwear covers, shoulder security and tool) in each 25 Thing steps, which define the base results, relying on the character class. Completely amount to “phase of the equipment” or Gears Core (GS) or Item level.
  • 7 accessories (pendant, earring 2 *, 2 * ring capability stone, arm band). The bracelet is just as GS 1490 is offered.

  • T1 (Rate 1 or Class 1) to GS 600

  • T2 (Rate 2 or Class 2) to 1.100 GS
  • T3 (Tier 3 or Class 3) to GS 1575

All equipment parts are there per class progress in 5 different rankings that are rising in their thickness:

10. The card magazine.

You need to decide for a handful of engravings that fit your character class and also design. You can read with Alt + I in the inscribing introduction, which various bonuses are available. At the colleagues of ScentCulture you will locate a listing of how you get the different inscriptions (via ScentCulture).

  • You either boost the damages to the percentage of jewelery (these are the triangular).
  • You reduce the cooldown of the skill using jewelery percent (these are circular).

For each and every engraving you can consume to 15 factors (do not bring even more advantage) – all 5, 10 and also 15 factors there is a bonus. There are additionally unfavorable engravings that are always presented in red.

The Squad Degree: The progress of your Executive experience is similar to enhancing rewards with quests or accumulating obligations at regular intervals, the main characteristic of your character class and also vitality. Both make you more powerful and more efficient.

So you will not lose any kind of products and the enjoyable will cost you just a couple of tiny silver coins. The only can you make before you transmits the item level piece of equipment at the NPC “Equipment gain” formerly held use.

usage Battle objects: There are a variety of battle products, which likewise enable special features. The twister explosive is a popular swash-Item, destroying bomb ideal for partial break.

This possibility of result enhancement is neglected by the vast majority of unknown factors. There are an entire variety of special food buff (food aficionado) in Lost ARK, which can aid you in the battle.

For the greater rankings you require in dungeons got reward brand names. With a Grinder game like Lost Ark essentially you require patience, gold or luck.

In dungeons, nevertheless, you can just alter at certain factors fight products in the Quick Access Toolbar. So be well prepared.

11. Enthusiast food.

From the various gathered cards you can select six and also move into the battle with this support. Just like the abilities, you can likewise preconfigure numerous map sets and also utilize them to test. In the Late-End Game you will certainly have collected sufficient cards to boost them, therefore wrapping the special reward.

In some locations of the endgame from the fighting phase 50 (eg end opponent-noise) you will certainly find jewels. It is both in T2 (there are all jewels in the foreground shade blue) in addition to T3 (there are all gems orange) in each 10 gem phases, subdivided into the usual history shades green, blue, purple, red and orange.

Important : You can always consume among these specials. The increase generally characteristic of the character class has instant impact on the strike force, whereas increasing the vitality creates even more hit points. As well as quicker regrowth of the combat source is okay either.

  • rolling (” problems”) .
  • Each manager has over its life indicator as well as often including a strip of his fatigue (tiredness counter). He goes for a minute defenseless on the ground and also takes increased damage if you and also your group participants this fatigue indicator you brought to no by tumbling. This is commonly the suitable moment to the last use Arousal ability.
  • In lots of manager technicians there is usually extremely specific moments when tumbling in all possible, specifically, is critical to protect against a one-hit-Wipe. Because each ability has a predefined cooldown, you require perfect timing as well.
  • counter (” Counter Attack”) .
  • Managers have now and also heavy strikes that are announced by briefly lights on the body or the ground. A counterattack at the correct time prevents significant damages. The counters we have actually clarified in this guide.
  • partial break (” Devastation”) .
  • Some employers (specifically guards) have unique body components such as tails, paws or storage tanks. From time to time a blue circle these body components show up for a short moment – then as well as just after that you can damage this body component by means of partial break as well as hence lower the damages the employer sustainable.
  • Super Armor (” Super Shield”).
  • Such an ability provides extra protection impact as paralysis resistance Umstoßimmunität or such for a short time. Extremely convenient for employers that you frequently swirl through the air and also, certainly, indispensable part of your method in PvP fights.
  • This video clip clarifies carefully the topic you CC (through YouTube).

Important : The last version of the outcome is constantly random – you can merge two square gems and a round gem and get a round gem.

Primarily, there are two different variants, each of which are bound to exactly a fight.

In your stock, you can transform 3 gems of the same level to 1 gem of the next greater degree making use of “jewels” through “gems”.

These supposed Tripods must be brought customarily in the day-to-day chaos dungeons or acquired in the AH. It would not be LOST ARK, if not below would be a random consider the game: Transfer succeeds in higher-level Tripods just with 15% probability.

From T3, you then have the possibility to appoint added modifications/ supports from particular abilities to all 6 device components in the Late-EndGame. This is done via the NPC “Transfer Set Up Tree”.

7. Comprehend the fight values.

Essential tip : You can even double the same engraving directions double – the factors are after that doubled. It is currently possible in T2 rather fast to bring the most vital engraving to the maximum level 3 as well as thus dust fat benefits.

Lost Ark - Wish I Knew Sooner | Tips, Tricks, & Game Knowledge for New Players
Several players want to check out and also check out Arkesia uninterrupted uninterrupted. Overall, aspiring development players choose to prepare carefully making use of YouTube videos and guides on the different employer auto mechanics. Ultimately, no one likes to wiped – certainly not a prospective MVP.

Lots of equipment are soul-bonded and also as a result not tradable. However there remain in the late endgame at the orange T3 collection (you obtain from Gearscore 1.340 just via countless Argos runs) the opportunity to get all parts quickly in the public auction house against gold.

6. Gem.

In your fortress you can prepare a lush banquet. With enhancing benefits, the benefits also enhance, which last for an hour. They also survive your fatality and also are thus optimally suited for extensive attempts in the two solo towers.

3. You come to the best equipment.

What are inscriptions? The appropriate engravings (inscriptions) are an essential part of the power of your character. In general, there are 40 various positive inscription – some of them individually per character class, others are the very same for everybody.

That’s why prep work is really essential for later raids. It ought to not only learn the auto mechanics of in charge, however also recognize the phases in which burst plays a role.

8th. Fight abilities and runes understand.

So she is uncomplicated to solid equipment.

Guideline: Know your character class! You need to all understand specifically when you exactly perform with your character class in the battle what.

Purchase engravings in the AH: If you do not intend to wish for your luck, can help this on your own on the jumps. For this, you do not most likely to the AH in the default “market”, yet in the thorough search of the “auction residence” tab. There you can search in all currently up for sale equipment components according to the called for engraving effects or chosen battle worths. Arrange the outcome after quality as well as strike swiftly.

You can organize beforehand make various skill-sets that can be triggered relying on the difficulty. It makes sense to a skill-set to have one for solo runs in a mess dungeon as well as a second version for joint Guardian raids.

5. The ideal accessories and also inscriptions.

The turning is necessary: Specifically the situational proper order of fight abilities established is essential. In the jargon this is called a turning. Often the skill X needs before the skill Y to deploy to optimal impact.

The enormous lucky and associated irritation variable in crafting in the late-endgame is most likely the Achillesferse in the long-lasting inspiration of Lost Ark. Nonetheless, the crafts only do not lose the nerves.

For higher-quality jewels, the AH is an exceptional choice. Seek you regarding the comprehensive search for the appropriate gem as well as yard some gold coins. Degree 7 prices regarding 1,000 gold.


4. Get a solid equipment from the trading message.

To get the ideal equipment, it is rewarding to run especially Dungeons and also Raids guard. After that, to make your equipment more, you have to make use of the equipment reinforcement. Buy engravings in the AH: If you do not desire to hope for your luck, can aid this yourself on the jumps. The rotation is crucial: Specifically the situational proper order of fight abilities established is important. Vital : You can constantly eat one of these delicacies.

At the NPC “JewelenExpert” you can arbitrarily change the bound skill against the insertion of silver. With raising jewelness that is ending up being significantly expensive and also extra costly. In the Late-EndGame, an adjustment attempt sets you back greater than 100,000 silver and skills available at 18 is absolutely a lottery.

Skilltree stock (Tripod libary).

Additional overviews around Lost Ark can be located here:.

The inscribing instructions (books) are likewise acquiring through the AH. Naturally, it is an offer demand design, specifically the desired engravings are as a result quickly most likely to the gold. Legendary (orange) publications set you back the 15,000 gold per item. And you need 20 equal copies of it.

9. Prep work on the employer.

  • Unusual (green).
  • Rare (blue).
  • Epic (purple).
  • Legendary (orange).
  • Antique (red).

You can likewise buy the abilities in the AH. The last usability is just after grinding at the NPC “capacity rock fulfilled” – which in turn is an issue of luck.

Primarily, the increase of 4% of the hit factors is a great option.

When Redeem incentive notes a brand-new tool is produced, its quality is established by coincidence. When purple T2 sword, the series of extra damage in between 5% (in regards to top quality 1) and also 10% (in terms of quality 100). So, if you get a short article with quality below 80, you must it instantly in the stock home window with “taking apart” back to the original incentive brands convert and begin equivalent to a brand-new trial.

Once again, prep work is half the success. Look at precisely what unique forces the one in charges have ahead of you as well as chooses such an appropriate card set. For a fire-feeding dragon, for example, a collection of 8% fire damages decrease is a good selection.

How do you get to equipment? To obtain the ideal equipment, it is worthwhile to run specifically Dungeons as well as Raids guard.

The factors for these engravings get their inscription guidelines (however are always just 2 energetic at the very same time), accessories and the ability stone.

Both the one in charge and also gets herself throughout a battle strengthening effects (aficionados) as well as weakening effects (debuffs). The you have to constantly keep in mind and also responding accordingly – for example with the struggle subject “panacea” that all debuffs from you.

After the German translations are greater than made use of to, here essentially the most important additional attributes (all of reduced there to high) of different abilities:.

After the prepared board includes 10 parts, but you can not consume a lot, you ought to welcome your friends and guild members. Or you make you brand-new buddies by welding in the location conversation for “Free Feast”. You can then go to the Ctrl + Right Mouse button → “Check out Fortress” your island.

For each purchase in this tab, a certain number of pheons schedule in addition to the gold used relying on the item level. They get their in the video game reasonably rare – they must consequently utilize this function with factor to consider.

Along with the basic worths of the character like assault as well as hit factors, there are still some battle values whose deeper understanding is rather handy. You should readjust the financial investment right into these factors, depending upon the favored means of playing style.

Ultimately, you can prepare in your citadel on your own for T2, t1 and also t3 and also would not have to go anywhere. These buffs constantly hold only 20 mins and have actually disappeared as quickly as you died.

After each boost in the battle phase (by experience factors) and also via some incentives their supposed ability points, which after that to the desired fighting abilities to a maximum ability degree of 12 at a combat level from 60 (11, it obtains in a fighting phase 55, optimum 10 can be awarded for all fight levels listed below). A comprehensive guide to her place at Lostark4Fansites (by means of Lostark4Fansites).

At the cruise ship Peyto, which supports in the sea of Gienah, there is for T3, t2 and t1 to get food against gold and also products.

2. General pointers for equipment.

A general tip: constantly look past the dealerships as well as the NPC in your citadel – occasionally they have amazing things available. Supposedly, there need to even be purple cooking recipes in the limitless immensity of Arkesia.

If you adhere to all these suggestions, you should offer a great colleague and also have the chance to get the MVP title in a dungeon on your own.

Lost Ark Guides: All ideas, tricks as well as develops in the summary.

  • A T2-blue part is constantly better than a T1-purple component.
  • To get a new pet class, it is enough in principle to improve all 6 items of equipment on item level 15th The clout of the purple and orange parts, nevertheless, is far better.
  • In addition, there are class-dependent set bonuses for a certain variety of set-pieces. These collections can you at the NPC “void trading” or “void equipment manufacturing” get versus compensate brands in the dungeons. For which of the collections supplied you choose depends primarily on your having fun design.

Exactly how to assess the equipment? After that, to make your equipment a lot more, you have to make use of the equipment reinforcement. With increasing item level, nevertheless, the success price decreases continually. From Item Level 20 can there ever (depending on luck) 60000-150000 gold for a single effective process enhancement strategy.

learn skills : Each character class has 18 battle abilities to pick from plus 2 rebirths that need to be made only on the Key Mission. From it you select 8 + 1 ability, which you can make use of in a fight after that use the rate dial “K”.

  • Possibility of a vital strike.
  • Expertise primarily affected personality class-specific fighting abilities such as the Paladin, the rate of holiness growth.
  • Control triggers damages boost with damaged challengers.
  • Agility boosts the assault and motion rate and minimizes the cooldown of your skills.
  • Strength raises defense guards and also healing.
  • Capability raises the duration and strength of weakenings of the challenger (as an example, wobbling) and decreasing the gotten very own weakenings.

Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to change Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Arceus adds a lot of new game mechanics with which franchise fanatics have not been familiar for a long time. Even some of the most basic features, such as the evolution of Pokémon, have changed. If you are wondering How to change Pokémon in Legends Arceus We have all the information you will need here.

How to change Pokémon in Pokémon Legends Arceus

Change out of battle

It is not clear immediately how to exchange Pokémon inside and out of your group outside the battle, but in reality there are a couple of ways to do it. Before venturing in the open world areas of HISUI, the party can be adjusted in JubiLife Village.

Time needed: 1 minute.

How to change Pokémon out of battle:

  • Go to Village Pastures and talk to Marie, the woman who is stop right next to the sign.

She will allow you to access your boxes / pastures. The pastures are immediately to the left of it after entering the town.

  • Talk to the Galaxy Red team member that is present in all camps and will offer you several options.

Selling articles, offers a place to rest and allows you to change the Pokémon in your group.

This second option is the best for those who do not want to return to RetiLife while they explore. The base camps can also be distorted to use fast trips, making it easy to pass for some rapid changes.

Change Pokémon during battle

There is also more than one way to change your Pokémon in the middle of a battle. The HUD shows many things at once on the right side, but you can simply press down on the D-pad so that the Pokémon list in the group appears. From there, just choose one to exchange. This will take a turn, so be careful when turning on and off.

This second option is a little more simplified. You can go through the Pokémon images in the lower right corner of the screen with R and L, then press X to choose the Pokémon to change to the battle.

That’s all you need to know about How to Change Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus . Be sure to consult our wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and other useful information about the game while traveling through the HISUI region.

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Pokemon Legends Arceus - How To Swap Pokemon and Change Team

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PS Games more than August disclosed by PlayStation them

The Globe Trade Facility of the City of New York city (abbreviated WTC) is a complex made up of service structures located in the Lower Manhattan district, the United States. Created by the Minor Yamazaki engineer as well as established by Port Authority of New York as well as New Jacket, it is inaugurated on April 4, 1973. At its completion, the North Tower goes beyond the Realm State Structure and also becomes the highest possible skyscraper. World, record it only keeps one month, up until the finalization of the Willis Tower of Chicago.
Its name resembles those of various other World Profession Center, although New York city has actually reached top track record. It means Globe Profession Center or International Service Center.
Marked by a fire on 13 February 1975 and after that by a bomb strike on February 26, 1993, the twin towers were totally damaged by two airplanes drawn away on September 11, 2001. Their geographical position was then nicknamed Ground Absolutely no (although New Yorkers favor the name World Trade Facility site ). The website today invites a memorial on the area of the towers ruined and a new complicated, including the One World Profession Facility is the highest possible tower.
Determined by its two most renowned structures, the Double Towers (twin towers), it was an icon of the American power in the eyes of the whole world as well as a symbol of New York city, similarly as the Empire State Building as well as the statuary of freedom.


Whoops! It seems that we know what the PlayStation Games more than August will be, thanks to a small mistake on the PlayStation blog this morning. Even if you will not have access to these games before a dozen days, here’s what will happen to PS more in August!

On the PS4 Front, we have plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, as well as Tennis World Tour 2. For PS5 games, there is Hunter’s Arena: Legends. You can see a review of Battle for Neighborvillle here. We also covered the World Tour 2 a few times, while Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a brand-new version.

Oh, and it’s still time to recover PS more July versions, if you have not done so yet. Some of them look good! There is also a sale on the PSN store right now, if you have a few dollars to spend. Some games are really cheap! The PlayStation More August range will be unlocked around the first week of August.

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