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Alba makes it clear and also leads 2-0 against Ludwigsburg

At the start of the third quarter, Ludwigsburg returned to 10 factors (49:39). But Alba remained tranquil and responded to with a 16: 5 run as well as pulled away to 24 points for the very first time (68:44). The guests did not provide up, however Alba was now clearly premium and afterwards brought the clear success confidently.

ALBA BERLIN - MHP RIESEN Ludwigsburg | Highlights easyCredit BBL 21/22

Ludwigsburg additionally really did not take lengthy to find right into the video game. Alba was almost always in advance, however the visitors stayed tuned.

Since of several Ludwigsburg fouls, at the end of the initial quarter it became extra chaotic. The defending champion came to cost-free throws and also was able to resolve something. At the start of the second section, Alba enhanced. They put on the pace and also currently allow the ball run with their very own rankings. In the middle of the 2nd section, the Berliners had the ability to establish themselves 16 factors (38:22).

On Sunday, the resources club offered the MHP giant Ludwigsburg in the second semi-final game at home in front of 8089 viewers at the sovereign 100: 76 (49:35). Alba now leads 2-0 in the series as well as can make the last in Ludwigsburg excellent with a win following Friday. At the end of the first quarter it came to be extra frantic because of many Ludwigsburg fouls. At the start of the 3rd quarter, Ludwigsburg came back to ten factors (49:39).

Alba Berlin is just an action from the last. On Sunday, the resources club offered the MHP giant Ludwigsburg in the 2nd semi-final game at home in front of 8089 viewers at the sovereign 100: 76 (49:35). Alba now leads 2-0 in the series and also can make the last in Ludwigsburg perfect with a win next Friday. The very best Berlin launchers were Louis Olinde with 24 and Johannes Thiemann with 22 points.

Alba Berlin vs. MHP giant Ludwigsburg 100: 76 (49:35).

Berlin : Louis Olinde (24 points/5 rebounds/1 help), Johannes Thiemann (22/6/1), Oscar da Silva (14/4/1), Maodo Lo (10/1/3), Tamir Blatt (7/3/6), Jaleen Smith (5/3/6), Malte Delow (5/5/1), Yovel Zoosman (4/1/1), Christ Koumadje (4/3/1), Luke Sikma (2/6/5), Ben Lammers (2/1/2), Jonas Mattisseck (1/0/1).
Ludwigsburg : Jonah Radebaugh (18 points/8 Rebounds/1 Assist), James Woodard (14/5/5), Tremmell Darden (13/2/1), Jordan Hulls (8/1/5), Yorman Polas Bartolo (6/7/0), Jonas Wohlfarth-Bottermann (5/3/0), Jonathan Bähre (5/0/0), Ethan Happ (4/3/2), Johannes Patrick (3/1/1 ), Lukas Herzog (0/2/0), Jacob Patrick (0/0/0), Tekele Cotton (0/0/0).
The quarter at a glimpse: 25:17, 24:18, 24:24, 27:17.
customer: 8.089.

Nagelsmanns Hertha record

On Saturday, Borussia Dortmund has increased the pressure on FC Bayern with the 3-2 victory in Cofferdam, on Sunday (5.30 pm, live! At Bayern), the leader can re-submit the leader in the previous week – and as last Saturday Away.

In Berlin, it gets the Munich again with critical Heathens to do, on top of that, the balance of the coach for the FCB speaks. From twelve Bundesliga games against the old lady, Julian Nagelsmann won eight and lost no 1. That’s rather coincidence, appeases the 34-year-old and recalls that we did not always play outstanding well in Berlin, but still won.

In training he had a quota of one to thirty-one in there, thirty over it

In a special memory Nagelsmann has remained 31 March 2017. At that time, the TSG Cofferdam trained by him made a huge day with a 3-1 win in Berlin with a 3-1 win in Berlin in the direction of Champions League qualification. I still know that Niki See has shot a flutter ball from 40 meters.

40 meters were not quite, but 25 – and in Rules 100. Bundesliga’s game to so important 2: 1 leadership. He had trained that all week and there, I believe, I had a quota of one to thirty. So a there, thirty over it, laughs Nagelsmann.

Only Drum Top pt Nagelsmann’s balance

In Berlin, he got the forty meters and then the ‘I should be quiet’ gesture in the direction of Bank. So the index finger in the direction of handed lips. Because I had told him he should not shoot, yet I remember, but otherwise it is rather random that the balance is good.

For Nagelsmann, on Sunday, it is now about the six-point lead on the BVB and therefore that a positive balance is also positive.

He also loses against Bertha on Sunday, lacking Nagelsmann still seven defeatless games against the capital club, and he would have caught up Christoph Drum. He had once managed to lose 20 times against VFL Bochum, and is the only coach in this category still before Nagelsmann.

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