Of all the Victoria Conditions in Clash Royale, The crossbow is perhaps the most cruel . While it is attacking a tank, this siege machine does not give much fear, but once your ago is in a tower, it will surely drive you crazy if it is not solved quickly. Placed near the river, a crossbow will often cause a counter-catching wave to appear quickly from the rival . But if you are a cunning player, you will be able to anticipate such answers with the right cards or spells Portions.

This is the case of the clip published by akramitoz on Twitter. As you can see in the video that we have left right down, the characters launched with total accuracy and spells placed perfectly in the correct order to protect the crossbow provoked the enemy tower to collapse more and more as if it were melted snow In front of the sun in summer.

As if it were a nightmare, this video shows the full potential of a crossbow that is perfectly protected. A player who receives response after response in this way has good chances of uninstalling the Supercell game as soon as he finishes the game and the rival launches a couple of emojis that can anger the player. Fortunately for the sanity of this poor opponent, This clip is fake.

Fictitious decks are played by friends who have written the order of placement of each letter. Even if the real crossbow mallets base their defenses in spell batteries (usually 3 or 4, rarely more), a serious mallet can not have so many similar spells and be as effective as this clip. We will have to wait for this play to come true, and we can see once and for all the true power of the crossbow in the hands of a professional player of Clash Royale.