“The coach gave us a clear plan,” attacker Dennis Eckert Ayensa disclosed after the clear victory in Nuremberg. Above all, the 25-year-old seemed to have internalized. In addition to a hit, he contributed three assists to the 5: 0. No wonder the striker said, a “day that has worked out”.

That was not just for Eckert Ayensa, as he knew himself. He wanted to highlight the new additions like Florian Pick, Visar Musliu and Hans Nunoo Sarpei, which would strengthen the level, flexibility and competition in the team. Especially the latter “does the team good” with the runs and the buggy strength as a six. But Eckert Ayensa also praised the collective. Everyone has a “great game”.

We have to go to victory every week. That made us strongly in the 3rd league.

Dennis Eckert Ayensa

“We were handy, snappy. We absolutely wanted it,” he touched the performance of the entire team properly. “That was crucial.” The idea of ​​coach Rüdiger Rehm – with included “When we should start when we should amount to the spaces behind the defense” – fritted clearly. Another factor, according to Eckert Ayensa, also played a major role in the highest second ligament of the Schanzer: “We have to go to victory every week. That made us strongly in the 3rd league. In short, the FCI must continue so on and” Output puncture to put the opponent under pressure “.

Rehm praises use until the last minute

Trainer Rehm wanted after his highest second ligament as a coach “do not lose many words,” but also rightly said, “All moments were on our side today.” From the club website of the FCN, he was also quoted as follows: “We were full of the first minute. We were handy and greedy and ready to be purposeful with the ball.” On top of that, the FCI maintained this behavior “from the first to the last minute”.

Not only was Eckert Ayensa “overjoyed”. Because “For us it’s mega important to put an exclamation mark in the league”. Unfortunately, the 5: 0 has introduced only three counters to the previously worst offensive team of the league. “But that gives us power for the next weeks. Ingolstadt lives – we live after this game today. We take the momentum.”

Incidentally, that a table in the second league was largely won with more than four goals, was the 5-0 of red-white food against the VFB Oldenburg on the 28th matchday 1996/97. Nevertheless, Essen rose then – something that Ingolstadt absolutely wants to prevent. Currently, the Schanzer separates only four points from the relegation control area. There is the next opponent of the Upper Bavaria with the SV Sandhausen. This is supposed to get the new power of the FCI coming week Sunday (13.30 clock) in Ingolstadt.