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Lost Ark satisfies large player desire, makes the web server

When you have to redeem your Founder’s Packs to benefit from the activity, we reveal you below to what web content it goes as well as until.

What is it? Just how to expect, are the preferred servers from Lost Ark after the start on Tuesday are full. Prior to the main start for “all” considering that Tuesday the gamers can play with the Founder’s Packs. Any person that bought these editions got exclusive web content such as pets or titles.

  • Because the servers are so full, it involves lengthy lines up
  • Players with Founder’s Packs have actually already unlocked their content on their web server and do not intend to alter without them
    Because they desire to do that on a server where they stay safe, * Some have not yet retrieved their Founder’s packs
  • The designers now supply to disperse the Founder’s Packs once again on another web server if you have fetched the web content on one more server

The server change Inlost Ark were not alternative for gamers with Foundder’s Pack. However an announcement of the programmers makes the entire a lot more appealing. You have to hurry with your choice.

Founder’s Pack redeem twice – just how does that work?

** The developers work according to Roxx, particularly to provide you with the items on the new web servers. You can after that redeem them on each server on which you have actually not yet retrieved your initial Founder’s pack.

Players interacted us that one of the reasons why they wait to switch to smaller sized players’ web servers, which is that many of them have actually currently retrieved their founder packages on one more server. These include the Founder’s Exclusive Animal as well as the Founder’s title from the Bronze Pack.

Include in that Royal Crystals for customers of the gold, platinum as well as silver bundles. These items are not tradable and will only be retrieved on a new web server. The team composes the group that your actual Founder’s packs are not influenced as well as the material continues to remain on the servers on which they have redeemed them (or they stay in the inventory if they have actually not yet redeemed them).

That’s what the developers claim: In the discussion forum of Lost Ark, “Roxx” writes from the team on February 11, that you are delighted about the wonderful rush of the players, but likewise recognizes that the gaming experience suffers from the linked lines.

Which web content is there once more?

Gamers interacted us that one of the reasons why they think twice to change to smaller sized gamers’ web servers, which is that numerous of them have actually currently redeemed their founder bundles on another server. In order to counteract the expedition of new web servers to a much more beneficial choice, we will certainly redeem all purchasers of the founding package, which will certainly retrieve your package until Monday, the 14th of February at 21:00 German time, an additional set with the exclusive objects of the Grants Founder’s Packs you can in. These include the Founder’s Special Pet as well as the Founder’s title from the Bronze Pack. The team writes the team that your real Founder’s packs are not impacted and also the material proceeds to stay on the servers on which they have redeemed them (or they stay in the supply if they have not yet retrieved them).

You can then redeem them on each server on which you have actually not yet redeemed your initial Founder’s pack.

Note: If you have actually currently retrieved the title or wallpaper on a web server collection (Ex. EU), you can not trigger it on this collection for another time.

The German Server Asta was locked for all Free-2 play gamers. Is this for you now lastly the argument that makes your web server modification eye-catching or should the programmers come up with something much better?

  • Bronze plan
  • Founder’s title *
  • Founder’s Exclusive Family pet (not tradable).
  • (The one month of crystalline aura are not mentioned).
  • Silver package.
  • 150 Royal Crystals.
  • Founder’s title *.
  • Founder’s Unique Pet (not tradable).
  • Originally the silver plan: 1,000 Royal Crystals, a family pet, thirty days of crystalline auroa, title of pioneers, a silver box with 30 resurrection springtimes, 10,000 silver, box with enthusiast tools, tools box for travelers, on degree 20, 30, 40 and also 50 even more benefit boxes with useful material.
  • Gold bundle.

Lost Ark 2021 First Impressions
* 500 Royal Crystals.
* Founder’s title *.
* Founder’s Special Pet dog (not tradable).

  • Northern Legislator Skin (not tradable).
  • Initially the Gold Plan: 4,000 Royal Crystals, a pet dog, thirty days of crystalline auroa, title of leaders, a gold box with the same content as the silver box, an unique avatar skin and also a personality site.
  • Platinum package.
  • 1,000 Royal Crystals.
  • Founder’s title *.
  • Founder’s Unique Pet (not tradable).
  • Northern Lawmaker Skin (not tradable).
  • Founder’s Platinum Skin (not tradable).
  • Founder’s Exclusive Mount (not tradable).
  • Platinum Invite Dog crate (not tradable) with wallpaper, Structure, Legendary Rapport Gift Selection Breast as well as Launch Restricted Card Pack.
  • Originally the platinum plan: 7,000 Royal Crystals, a family pet, 30 days of crystalline auroa, title of pioneers, a platinum box with 60 rebirth springs, 50,000 silver, 5 devices boxes for adventurers, box with collection agency devices, hero upper bodies with unique Much Loot for Degree 20, 30, 40 and also 50, an exclusive avatar, a character site, an additional avatar, an exclusive install, platinum welcome upper body with cosmetic material.

Fifteen new servers in FREE-TO-PLAY launch of LOST ARK

Last Tuesday, Lost Ark kicked off his anticipated access to the West, to welcome the players who invested in one of the Founder packs of the MMORPG. And the players have clearly answered present since the title has recorded a peak of more than 530,000 simultaneous connections on the servers and that some players face sometimes long queues of a few hours.
However, the “TRUE” Commercial Launch Free-To-Play of Lost Ark is planned for today, in principle from 18h – from the beginning of the afternoon, the MMORPG is the subject of a Maintenance aimed at preparing the reopening of the game servers. And unsurprisingly, the operator Amazon Games expects a serious influx of new players in the evening.

On the official forums, Amazon Games teams announce the opening of fifteen new servers, including six for European players (Inanna, Thaemine, Sirius, Antares, Belshaza and Nineveh). These fifteen servers are added to those already available, the 25 open to launch the anticipated access, then those added to reduce queues.

New ETA cancelled for Lost Ark Launch, another delay, characters NOT deleted, here's what's up
And as the first Lost Ark servers are stormed, Amazon Games now prohibits the creation of new characters. In other words, the new players who will join the MMORPG on the occasion of the Free-To-Play launch will have to create characters on the new servers and will not have access to the already overloaded “historical” servers. It is certainly binding for the players who hoped to find nearby loved ones, but the operator sees a necessity to prevent the queues to connect to longer. Note that players already having characters on the first servers will always be able to create new characters (within the limit of the number of _slots available). This limitation is nevertheless temporary and intends to apply only the time that the players’ populations of each server stabilize.

Update (18h) : As often in patch deployment, the schedules indicated are not always representative of reality. Following deployment difficulties, the free-to-play launch of Lost Ark is delayed by a few hours. We will take his trouble in patience.

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