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Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga in the test: The best Lego

Not too long ago Players could hardly save themselves before Lego games. No successful franchise was certainly in front of the colorful rods, which in the same, but still funious play their way to the current consoles. Now the last Lego Star Wars game is nearly six years back. Developer TT Games has left the latest project time. The break seems to have used the team. Because according to the last, but relatively interchangeable games of the series, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga formally from the scope, atmosphere and funny ideas formally from all seams.

Nine movies and a complete universe

At the beginning of the game you can decide which of the three trilogies would attend to you first. In the beginning you can only choose Episode 1, 4 and 7. Each episode consists of five short missions associated with sections in which you can clearly explore the associated locations such as Naboo, Tatooine or Jakku.

If you complete all tasks there, then your next episode shuts off. In addition, there is still a free mode in which you can start any well-known planet of the Star Wars Universum you have already visited. There you then collect different deflections that can unlock your upgrades, new characters or cheatcodes.

Which version did we play?

We were able to play Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on the Xbox Series X play. The game all times flowed smoothly, even if hundreds of lego stones flew over the screen. Initial crashes, loading problems and story trailers were resolved with a hotfix during the test phase.

The Skywalker Saga is also available for Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

This does not necessarily revolutionize the classic fame of the previous Lego games, but just feels more about the sections in the open game world than before. So if you like to search for collective objects, you can sink here next to the about twelve-hour campaign additionally dozens of playing hours.

It was a long time ago in a far, far away galaxy

We especially liked the presentation of the game world during the test. All known locations were lovingly transferred to the little life. If you are strolling with the classic star Wars music in the background by Mos Eisley and you pass through Banthas or aggressive Jawas (including the iconic “Utinni!”), You are as a Star Wars-Fan guarantees the heart.

Also, the degree of detail of the LEGO buildings invites this time to just stay and enjoy the environment. In the last titles, there were always more common objects, which did not exist out of Lego, TT Games tries again to create a more homogeneous look. Especially the interiors of ships and space stations now exist almost completely from building blocks.

Of course, the typical LEGO humor is not too short. Thus, Darth Vader tries to change desperately in his Tie hunter to the radio station with the imperial march, or a gardener mows the lawn in peace, while the battle of the trade federation Against the Gungans rabt. Especially the Skywalker Saga takes some controversial scenes of the Disney Sequel on the sher. Luke Skywalker drinks green milk in every unobserved moment of green milk, Rey tries Kylo Ren because of his missing shirts, or an exaggerated crying Chewbacca, ice cold is left by Leia before the Millennium Falcon.

Unfortunately, the quality of each episode swatches something. In the first three, every GAG does not necessarily ignite. The leveldesign feels especially in episode 1 outrun and is filled with diligence tasks. However, this increases from movie to film, so that at the end a very positive overall impression remains.

Small innovations and contaminated sites

Unlike the older games LEGO Star Wars uses: The Skywalker Saga a dynamic third person perspective. This comes particularly well when you aim about the shoulder and then even dividing individual body parts of your opponent. So, for example, Stormtrooper shoots the helmet from the head, which then tries to catch their headgear. For example, this gives you time to cover the style of Gears of War or other coverage shooters behind objects.

Also the melee has been revised. Instead of just pounding a button on a key, you can now run different combos. This is necessary, because otherwise your opponents block all the beats. Also with the Batman Arkham games you have served. So you can use buttons insert beats counter or unlockable attacks with a sideways jump. This evaluates the gameplay noticeably, even if the control can sometimes be fumbling sometimes. Because the keys for combos and evokes are double occupied and strike again and again in the fight.

Real demand you can not expect in this Lego game. In terms of serial, the level of difficulty is very low. Opponents hardly cause any significant damage and even if you die, you only lose a few legotins, which you have immediately with one to two destroyed boxes. This makes the game ideal if you would like to have fun in the local co-op, for example, with your children, experienced players * inside will make themselves surgery quickly.

A paradise for collectors

Star Wars Games RANKED! (w/ Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga)

If you belong to the kind of players *, who likes to collect all sorts of extras, then the skywalker saga is likely to deal with you for a while. On your travels you can collect over 1,000 upgrade stones, with which you can improve the abilities of your legophiles.

There are over 300 pieces from the figurines . These divide into different classes, such as Jedi, heroes, scrap collectors or astrodroids with their own skills, which you all needed to get to the different collective objects.

What colleague Jonas Gössling has fallen on the postries and what does not see that and hear you in the test video:

The Holocaps are particularly rare. This makes her funny cheats free. In “PJU-PJU” mode, you listen to instead of blasterfired mouthmitted weft noises, light sevenes are replaced by baguettes or their turns a furious pork that torments your opponents with shouting. Especially funny we found the Nuschel mode. In it the well-synchronized German dialogues are replaced by the lego language of the older games.

Koop mode

You can play the complete game in local co-op mode. The picture is then shared vertically for the split screen. Player * In 2, only a button on the second controller must press and can immediately enter the game.

Unfortunately, there is no online mode.

Unfortunately, with so many objects, of course, the best developer will eventually out the ideas as you could hide. So quickly you meet the same switch puzzles, obstacles and mission types. For a variety, however, you can already repeat passed story missions to try special challenges or to assemble mini-room ships.

A dream for fans

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga knows his audience exactly. Star Wars enthusiasts receive the great atmosphere of the films and a lot of fanservice. Lego friends, on the other hand, are looking forward to the high level of detail of the buildings and the small innovations in the meanwhile Gameplay.

If you have not yet begun with the Lego games, but then this will not pick you up here. For everyone else, however, the Skywalker Saga is a real party and one of the best LEGO titles for years.

¿Cuándo sale The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 is one of the most anticipated games, good, probably of all time if we are honest. The first game is now widely considered one of the best Tloz games ever created, but many also have it on their list of the best video games ever created. So, before its launch, many fans of Nintendo ask themselves When is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2? ? Here is everything we know so far.

Release date of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

Originally, the long-awaited sequel was scheduled for a vague release date in 2022. However, that changed with the announcement of a delay.

Now, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 will be launched in the spring of 2023 . At the time of writing this article, there is nothing more specific than that or a fixed release date. When that changes, we will make sure to update this publication. But, at least by definition, you can expect The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 launch in March, April, May or June 2023, unless Nintendo has a different concept of what spring means that the rest of us..

Actually, this is not a great delay since, probably, the game would probably go out at the end of this year, but clearly that is no longer the case.

That’s all you need to know for when the Legend of Zelda comes out: Breath of the Wild 2 for the Nintendo switch. Once we have more up-to-date information, we will make sure to update this publication.

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Gaming Deals for the weekend: Razer Gaming

Amazon Prime Day Gaming Deals!
You are looking for new games for the PS5, Nintendo Switch or your PC? A new headset or a gaming chair would be practical too? Then we have good news: We got on the search, the net throughout the best gaming offerings and lists following only offers that are not more favorable with no dealer.

Gaming accessories for austerity prices

This week, there are Razer Gaming Headsets and Gaming Chairs at Top Prices at Saturn and Amazon.

PlayStation 5 and PS4 offers of the week at a glance

Still looking for good gaming offers for the PlayStation 5 (checks here the availability of the console) or PS4? Here you exist:

If your PS plus subscribers are, do not forget to download the free games in March . If you want to buy a subscription, you can buy a 12-month membership here at Amazon.

The best Nintendo Switch offers for the weekend

Nintendo games and consoles have the reputation to always be very priced. It is all the better if there are switch games reduced in the offer. If you are still looking for the OLED variant, you can check availability here.

The best deals for the PC

Great game bargains for the PC and laptop, we also do not want to consider you:

Incidentally, do not forget that you can secure free games each month at Amazon if you have a Prime Account. If not, you can test Amazon Prime here for 30 days for free. The game remains after the end of membership in your library. It’s worth it!

Quantic Dream develops 3 games internally but must recruit

Star Wars Eclipse is only one of the three games currently in preparation at Quantic Dream, confirms the studio of David Cage in a statement. Only downside, these games just come out of their pre-production phase in the best case, and it says that the studio would have difficulty strengthening its workforce.

Let’s start with the official speech: coming out of the year 2021, Quantic Dream is doing well. The studio recorded a net outcome of 5.8 million euros, which represents a record profit for the third consecutive year. The merit returns mainly to Detroit: Become Human, which has now sold more than any other Quantic Dream game.

Star Wars Eclipse – Official Cinematic Reveal Trailer
Nos very good financial results can be explained by the robustness of the sales of our Back catalog titles, including Detroit: Become Human, which has exceeded the symbolic bar of the million copies sold on Steam during the year 2021. This title is now the largest commercial success of Quantic Dream, with more than 6.5 million copies sold on PC and PS4 in the world “, confirms Director General Guillaume de Fondaumière.

By counting Star Wars Eclipse , its big contract unveiled last December to Game Awards, Quantic Dream is currently working on three games. But while the exit of Detroit: Become Human dates back to May 25, 2018, none of these three titles seems close to his exit. “_Quantic Dream is continuing serenely the distinct development of its three internal productions. Now that the pre-production and prototyping phases have been carried out, 2022 will mark a new step of progression in the phases of production of these three unique titles”, perhaps We read.

It is not the only one in this case, but Quantic Dream needs to reinforce. If he says he has increased his workforce by more than 50% in 2021, the studio is now engaged in a second major recruitment cycle on its two production sites in Paris and Montreal. “In constant innovation concern, we open up new types of games and challenges and we will continue to make an important effort in research and development. This offers great opportunities for those who wish to work on ambitious and innovative projects., within diversified teams and more and more led by women “, Advance Sophie Buhl, production director.

This call for recruitment and this new communication exercise intervene a few days after the publication of an article by Tom Henderson, whose sources estimate that Star Wars Eclipse will not be available before 2027 or 2028. To believe the Article, the diffusion of the majestic kinematic trailer at Game Awards would not have had the expected effect on the recruitment of talents. A source would also have suggested that Quantic Dream hopes to acquire, a few years after receiving a NetEase Games investment out of its long-term relationship with PlayStation.

Lego Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker explores the creation of the galaxy in a video

Three trilogies, nine movies and a whole galaxy for traveling… but with a somewhat more cXboxualted Xboxpect of the usual. Lego Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker is about to reach the market and Warner Bros. Games, TT Games and LucXboxfilm Games continue to work on offer their vision about the project . The study hXbox published a video ‘behind the camerXbox’ focused on the construction of the very, very distant galaxy. You can see it below.

LEGO® Star Wars™: The Skywalker Saga - Building the Galaxy

Developers emphXboxize that this huge world hXbox been designed with the intention that it really seems like a cohesive galaxy, where the player can make use of his freedom to enjoy a content Xbox vXboxt Xbox fun. TT Games hXbox fired the creative process through the iconic locations of the Saga created by George LucXbox.

The video also shows the work you have incurred add the weather effects or the implementation of different colors for the sky, all in order to “capture the attention” of every detail. The developer hXbox used a new graphic engine, so we are facing a product that takes a step forward when it comes to its audiovisual Xboxpect.

Planets and characters of all kinds

Among the planets that we can visit are Naboo, Mustafar, Endor, Tatooine or the cloud city of Bespin , the station in which they have only, Chewie and Leia are betrayed and sold by Lando, although then it is redirected becoming general of rebellion. Whether we talk about playable characters (more than 300), we can control the Hutt, Yaddle or the endearing Babu Frik. The protagonists have an improvement room thanks to a progression system bXboxed on bricks, a coin that serves to improve the skills of strength and the power of the blXboxts, among other attributes.

Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker will go on sale April 5 at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

After weather-related failures: DFB terminates two third-league

Both games should have been held on the 27th match day, ie in the middle of February, but fell due to weather conditions.

FNC vs IG | Finals Game 1 | World Championship | Fnatic vs Invictus Gaming (2018)
Now the DFB has released both games. The tension expected duel of the two rising candidates Osnabrück and Brunswick will be made up on Saturday, March 26th, at 14 o’clock. The schedule of the 3rd league looks a conference break this week as in the two upper leagues.

The host VfL points out that purchased tickets will lose their validity and the purchase price is refunded, instead, a new sales phase begins in the coming week. “Alternatively, the card can also be exchanged directly into a new ticket of the same category, which is valid for catching patch,” says the club website.


The relegation threatened SC Vier receives the FSV Zwickau three days later on Tuesday, March 29, at 19 o’clock. The game does not take place as originally intended in Lotte. Venue is the second league stadium of the SC Paderborn, the Benteler Arena.

Game Pass: PC oriented delivery with Total War Warhammer III

Already mid-February, and already the revised and corrected version of the Game Pass program for the end of the month. Microsoft’s service (s) subscribers will be able to find a new game batch to occupy their Xbox or PC, if it’s still available to them available for the number of outputs each week. Especially their PC elsewhere.

As announced a few weeks ago, Total War: Warhammer III will join the contingent of the games available on the service at the exit, on February 17th. Galactic Civilizations III and Alice: Back to the land of madness will complete PC additions, respectively on 24 and 28 February. And for those that the Super Bowl would have put in the atmosphere, Madden NFL 22 will appear in the service catalog via EA Play as of 17.

Soon available on the Game Pass

First Look Campaign Map | Total War: WARHAMMER III

In the direction of departures, four independent games make their Valsies, including the Curiosity Hypnospace Outlaw and Metroidvania Touhou Luna Nights dear to Pipomantis. Titanfall will also leave the EA PLAY library on Console and PC on March 1, 2022.

They will leave the Game Pass on February 28

Founded by Ancient Firaxis Games, Bit Reactor wants to write the future tactical game in turn

NOTICE TO TOUR FOUR STRATEGY AMATEURS, STUDIO BIT REACTOR has not born to joke. Carried by Greg Fourth, Artist then Artistic Director at Fir axis Games from March 1997 to January 2019, this team based in Hunt Valley, in Maryland, intends to advance gender thanks to its experience in this area.

Because Greg Fourth is obviously come with other former Fir axis Games, especially regulars of the COM franchise, with a view to bringing new ideas to the tactics in turn. A family of games too left aside, to the taste of the founders of the studio. Aloes that all genres have been able to show something new in this new generation of technologies, one thing is clear: tactical tactics games have been much neglected and have enormous potential for innovation. We have a culture. Very focused on the team, and we gathered an incredible group of talented, experienced and dedicated developers to inject a rich narration, an immersive presentation and solid gaming mechanisms to give such a legitimate time to shine – an age d Ground games in turn is offered to us, commented Greg Fourth, co-founder and CEO of bit Reactor.

Also, ostensibly displayed ambitions in an interview published by Games Industry, where the same Greg Fourth explains aimed the Got, nothing less. The veteran relies on Com: Enemy Unknown who had won several game titles of the year in the press in 2012. To realize his ambitions, Bit Reactor counts in any case recruiting talents both on site and remotely, Even if no offer is currently available on the studio site.

Sony responds to Microsoft: he expects the activision games to be multiplatform

The purchActivision Blizzarde of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft hActivision Blizzard an injured principal: PlayStation. The Sony Game Division hActivision Blizzard maintained close collaboration with those responsible for Call of Duty in recent years. Given the risk that Redmond’s catalog will convert the company’s catalog exclusively for your ecosystem, the Japanese firm expects Microsoft to keep the multiplatform launches’ caliber.

We hope that Microsoft complies with contractual agreements and continue to ensure that the Activision Games are multiplatform , declared a Sony representative to The Wall Street Journal. The annual deliveries of Call of Duty, Diablo 4, Overwatch 2 and War zone himself are some of the titles that are in the air.

What is Microsoft’s posture?

The American giant hActivision Blizzard only expressed that they plan continue giving support to the communities that are currently enjoying their games. The purchActivision Blizzarde is about increActivision Blizzarding the availability of the Activision Blizzard content through more platforms. This is consistent with Microsoft’s commitment to give players more options to play games they want, anywhere, said Microsoft spokesman at Stephen Total, reputed journalist.

The Activision Blizzard games are enjoyed on a variety of platforms, and we plan to continue giving support to these communities when we move forward, said Phil Spencer in the statement of the agreement. The selection of Microsoft Gaming maintained a similar line during its lActivision Blizzardt great purchActivision Blizzarde: Animal Media. At that time he stated that exclusivity would be analyzed on a cActivision Blizzarde-by-cActivision Blizzarde bActivision Blizzardis and that some new games would remain entirely linked to Xbox. It wActivision Blizzard not until the E3 2021 when it wActivision Blizzard confirmed that Star field , the first great name after the agreement, would not see the light in PlayStation system.

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PS Games more than August disclosed by PlayStation them

The Globe Trade Facility of the City of New York city (abbreviated WTC) is a complex made up of service structures located in the Lower Manhattan district, the United States. Created by the Minor Yamazaki engineer as well as established by Port Authority of New York as well as New Jacket, it is inaugurated on April 4, 1973. At its completion, the North Tower goes beyond the Realm State Structure and also becomes the highest possible skyscraper. World, record it only keeps one month, up until the finalization of the Willis Tower of Chicago.
Its name resembles those of various other World Profession Center, although New York city has actually reached top track record. It means Globe Profession Center or International Service Center.
Marked by a fire on 13 February 1975 and after that by a bomb strike on February 26, 1993, the twin towers were totally damaged by two airplanes drawn away on September 11, 2001. Their geographical position was then nicknamed Ground Absolutely no (although New Yorkers favor the name World Trade Facility site ). The website today invites a memorial on the area of the towers ruined and a new complicated, including the One World Profession Facility is the highest possible tower.
Determined by its two most renowned structures, the Double Towers (twin towers), it was an icon of the American power in the eyes of the whole world as well as a symbol of New York city, similarly as the Empire State Building as well as the statuary of freedom.


Whoops! It seems that we know what the PlayStation Games more than August will be, thanks to a small mistake on the PlayStation blog this morning. Even if you will not have access to these games before a dozen days, here’s what will happen to PS more in August!

On the PS4 Front, we have plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, as well as Tennis World Tour 2. For PS5 games, there is Hunter’s Arena: Legends. You can see a review of Battle for Neighborvillle here. We also covered the World Tour 2 a few times, while Hunter’s Arena: Legends is a brand-new version.

Oh, and it’s still time to recover PS more July versions, if you have not done so yet. Some of them look good! There is also a sale on the PSN store right now, if you have a few dollars to spend. Some games are really cheap! The PlayStation More August range will be unlocked around the first week of August.

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