NOTICE TO TOUR FOUR STRATEGY AMATEURS, STUDIO BIT REACTOR has not born to joke. Carried by Greg Fourth, Artist then Artistic Director at Fir axis Games from March 1997 to January 2019, this team based in Hunt Valley, in Maryland, intends to advance gender thanks to its experience in this area.

Because Greg Fourth is obviously come with other former Fir axis Games, especially regulars of the COM franchise, with a view to bringing new ideas to the tactics in turn. A family of games too left aside, to the taste of the founders of the studio. Aloes that all genres have been able to show something new in this new generation of technologies, one thing is clear: tactical tactics games have been much neglected and have enormous potential for innovation. We have a culture. Very focused on the team, and we gathered an incredible group of talented, experienced and dedicated developers to inject a rich narration, an immersive presentation and solid gaming mechanisms to give such a legitimate time to shine – an age d Ground games in turn is offered to us, commented Greg Fourth, co-founder and CEO of bit Reactor.

Also, ostensibly displayed ambitions in an interview published by Games Industry, where the same Greg Fourth explains aimed the Got, nothing less. The veteran relies on Com: Enemy Unknown who had won several game titles of the year in the press in 2012. To realize his ambitions, Bit Reactor counts in any case recruiting talents both on site and remotely, Even if no offer is currently available on the studio site.