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Path of Exile: This Experiment of GGG is probably in the pants

The new league Sentinel for Path of Exile was unveiled – and hardly surprises with content . Once again we get mechanics that enable us to weigh up risk against rewards. Insofar as no reason to panic, everything is the same. But in the live stream and on the official side of the Sentinel update, the developers at GGG promise an experiment: no adjustments to the balancing. Wait, please? Suddenly there is nothing like the old with Sentinel. Or, well, too much for the old one!

Build-Bau is part of Path of Exile

While the developers are still happily emphasizing that patches from the Archnemesis league from Patch 3.17.0 will also work in 3.18.0, the alarm bells at poe veterans. Because the constantly changing meta, the new build ideas and dealing with nerfs & buffs are for many of them what Poe keeps fresh. New endgame challenges and special league mechanics are nice, but only part of the fun. Just look at one of the top posts in the much-visited, official subdit of Path of Exile, which shows a crying swindler, i.e. one of the specializations of the shadow-you just need buffs and balance adjustments like hardly any other class:

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The feedback is also clear in the comments: ****

  • _ “So is it 3.17 part 2?” _
  • _ “I will of course play like everyone else, but the lack of balance changes kills a bit of enthusiasm.” _

GGG Finally did it
* “I don’t think the balancing was good enough to make no changes in this league.” _
“Meta changes are the be-all and end-all of the game for me, it changes my builds in every league, but this league will simply be the same league starters from previous ones.” _
* “Missing new skills are the worst for me. They are what I am most looking forward to. The list of those that I have not yet used is very short” , add another user – next to There is also no new skills
* _ “No changed balance and no new skills? What did you think? If you leave everything apart from the league mechanics unchanged, this is a recipe for a very low playing time.” _

What will the Sentinel playing numbers look like?

I fear that the number of players in Sentinel will noticeably suffer from this experiment. Sure, there are people who just didn’t look into the previous league, accordingly the builds from Archnemesis are still fresh for them. But the loyal core of Path of Exile (buy now), who really deals deeply with the matter, will be bored. Build-hobbyists and streamers, so to speak, have been fed up with the playing methods of Patch 3.17.0-the Sentinel mechanics and new over-bosses do not change so much on everyday game. or how do you see that? Am I too black painters here and the league content itself is actually reason enough to take a look at Poe with Patch 3.18.0? Tell me your page in the comments!

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Rocket League will again host Formula 1 for the coming season

Rocket League 2022 Formula 1 Fan Pass Trailer
Psyonix confirmed the arrival of the Fan Pass Formula 1 2022 in Rocket League for May 4, before the very publicized Grand Prix of Miami. This DLC will notably give access to a new vehicle and personalization options.

The new owners of Formula 1 want to make their investment grow and seek to give another dimension to competition. Among the many partnerships implemented so far, that with Rocket League and Psyonix will continue in the coming year. The FAN PASS Formula 1 2022, available on May 4, will cost 1100 credits and will offer a new formula 1, five stickers in the colors of Alfa Romeo 2022, Alpaderi 2022, Ferrari 2022, McLaren 2022 and Red Bull 2022, as well as Pirelli wheels.

Additional content should be added this summer, in connection with the various Grands Prix, and new stickers should allow you to put on the colors of other teams (Alpine 2022, Aston Martin 2022, Haas 2022, Mercedes 2022 and Williams 2022). In the fall, new tire colors will be added.

BVB-Off in the Europa League difficult to explain

Eintracht Frankfurt’s Captain Sebastian Rode has evidenced the disappointing performance of his ex-club Borussia Dortmund in the Europa League.

“It’s really hard to explain what’s worse at other clubs, who had already proclaimed the final and then excreted,” Rode said the “kicker” with regard to the BVB, which failed as Champions League relegated in the playoffs War, as well as Bayer Leverkusen. The Werkself had to delete her sails in the second round.

Eintracht Frankfurt is, on the other hand, “really focused on returning from round to Round,” Rode said. “Every round is still something special for us, even if we were already there in recent years more often. We enjoy playing in the Europa League – many others perhaps as downgrade because they prefer to do in the Champions League be. “

FC Barcelona “The Househike Favorite” against Eintracht Frankfurt

Great anticipation prevails at Rode and the SGE before the quarterfinal first leg against FC Barcelona on Thursday (21:00 clock).

“This becomes an absolutely horny kick, on which completely Frankfurt is pleased and above all we as a team. We have earned it and deserves us to deny such a game. We will enjoy that – and nevertheless go in, move on said the 31-year-old, who returned from BVB to Frankfurt in 2019.

Barca has finally found an old strength and be “the househohe Favorite,” Rode said. “We have to pure our attributes: be uncomfortable, everyone helps the other – only so it can go. And then of course you also need the quixer luck that you pure a thing in front.”

Praise for ex-BVB teammate Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Eintracht Frankfurt vs Barcelona [1-1], Europa League, Quarter-Final 1st Leg - MATCH REVIEW

A big praise paid Rode Barca Goal Hunter Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. His former BVB teammate is “an excellent footballer”, so the Eintracht-Profi. “Auba did not have any offers from absolute top clubs over and over again. At Arsenal, he did not play the big role in the meantime. He loves life, it enjoys and therefore too.”

From FC Barcelona, the 32 years old Gaboner “has always dreamed,” described Rode. “That fulfilled for him, and you look now that he feels very comfortable.”

Care losses for BVB – FC Bayern waves record

Early leaving in the Champions League must pay Borussia Dortmund expensive. The financial distance of BVB to the Bundesliga Primus FC Bayern will probably be a good bit bigger.

The supposedly lightweight group with Ajax Amsterdam, League seasoning and Besiktas became a surprisingly fatal in this Champions League season in this Champions League season.

After two clear bankruptcies against the Dutch and a lesson in Lisbon, the BVB missed the K.O round of the royal class with only nine points – a financial disaster for the club, as the “Ruhr messages” prepare.

According to the start premium of € 15.64 million, there are therefore around nine million euros for the three victories. There are also 26.2 million euros from a saucepan, which is distributed to the best Champions League participants of the last ten years and twelve million euros from the TV pool.

Thus, the BVB conceded 62 million euros in the season 2021/22 and thus 19 million euros less than in the previous year, when only in the quarter-finals of the royal class was against Manchester City terminus.

The Penalty That Decided The Title Race Between Bayern & Dortmund - Bundesliga Rewind

FC Bayern concedes record-sensitive

All the more bitter that the FC Bayern has been so cool this year.

Depending on how far the Munich in the Champions League still come, they could even crack their previous record season 2019/20 with revenue of 130 million euros.

The quarter-final hurdle is in any case feasible for the German record champion. There, the FC Villarreal is waiting for the team of coach Julian Nagelsmann.

Historical successes soon BVB for the BVB?

In this season, the BVB is still lucky enough for the early retirement that the premiums have risen as a whole and highly evaluated past success.

Above all, the latter is supposed to gain in importance in the royal class. According to “The Athletic”, the UEFA is planning the awarding of two starting places due to the historically reached as part of the increase in the ChampionsLeague attendance field from 36 to 36 Stars to the season 2024/25.

Thus, two spots go to the best teams of the past five seasons who could not qualify for competition through their league.

Another place goes to the top 5 people in Europe, an additional starter is determined in the qualification. Alternatively, it is mooded that each room goes to the two best leagues of the five-year rating.

BVB | “Supreme Duty”: Sebastian Kehl increases the pressure on the team

While Borussia Dortmund’s professional team has to put a lot of criticism, the U19 of BVB hovers in the Youth League on Cloud after her coup. According to the most recent results, License Player Manager Sebastian Kehl has now spread praise and tadel to the teams.

At least on his substructure Borussia Dortmund can leave: in the middle of the public debate about the Bundesliga team and their increasingly battered coach Marco Rose, the A-Juniors with their surprising success in the second round of the Youth League against Manchester United for positive headlines.

In a sense, the talents of the black-yellow have made their role models, how to tackle K.O.-Duel. The latter have been in the past few months the Achillesferse of the professional team, which was excreted from the Champions League, the DFB Cup and recently from the Europa League despite clear favorite role.

According to license player manager Sebastian Kehl, it can not go on. “In the next few weeks, we must meet our demands and expectations, must also do with our fans reparation,” emphasized the former BVB captain in conversation with the “kicker”.

For all stakeholders, the “supreme duty to clear the Champions League qualification and secure the 2nd place,” Sehl supplemented.

BVB bosses have their own offspring “very precisely” in view

Hope for improvement makes at least perspective of the talent pool of Borussia. In the Youth League, the junior staff have impressively proved to be striving for higher.

“We all were pleased that our U19 continues to represent our colors in Europe. The cheers was felt. You could also read that all night in the chat courses,” Kehl betrayed the jump into the Bundesliga several youngsters: ” We have some hopeful talents and pursue their development very well. “

Augsburg against BVB in the Bundesliga: 2 cards and Dortmund

Experience a Bundesliga game from Borussia Dortmund live in the stadium and win a jersey of the BVB? BVB makes it possible!

Still until March 1st you have the opportunity to apply for two cards for a home game of Borussia Dortmund. There is also a signed jersey of black yellow.

How to participate:

Subscribe @ BVB and @bwin_de on Instagram!

FCA Claim Valuable Point vs Dortmund | Augsburg - BVB 1-1 | All Goals | MD 24 – Bundesliga 21/22
Mark at least one friend: in in the comments of the raffle post on Instagram, with which you would like to visit the game!

⁠ Partitioning Closing is Thursday, the 01.03.2022 at 23:59

The winners: Inside are from @ BVB via random principle among all participants: in the inside, in the store, announced in the story and then contacted.⁠ The complete conditions of participation can be found here.

BVB flies from the Europa League

On Thursday evening, BVB from the Europa League has flown. After the out of the Champions League in December, the journey in the second largest club competition in Europe has finished two duels with the Rangers from Glasgow.

A 2: 2 (2: 1) The Rangers did not reach the DFB Cup winner on Thursday in the Ibrox Stadium after 2: 4 in the first leg of the playoffs to move up to the second round.

James Tavernier (22nd, Faulfmeter / 57.) Sanciled both goals of the Rangers in the scottish champion sold out with 50,000 spectators. Jew Bellingham (31.) and Donyell paint (42nd) met for the BVB. The secondary final is played on the 10th and 17th of March.

Attractive betting options and top quotas

In the Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund continues with the away game at FC Augsburg. At 17:30 clock is on Sunday attraction at the Fuggerstädtern. Then the BVB wants to rehabilitate again in the championship for an unsuccessful appearance on European stage.

For the game of Dortmund at FC Augsburg offers you bwin attractive betting options and top quotas. All information about this is here.

In the future, do you want to combat a game of BVB in the jersey on the grandstand? Just make with the raffle of BVB and bwin with and profits!

LOL: The champion created in just three days demonstrating the great change of Riot Games

The oldest characters of League of Legends are usually the ones that drag more problems. Many of them were created too fast and have fewer animations or a somewhat more generic design. This is because, when the game was launched, Riot Games tried to fulfill his commitment to launch two new characters per month during the first years. This trend remained until the third season, when they decided to remove the foot of the accelerator to take a much more normal rhythm.

The League of Legend champion created in just three days

From this old era in the design of League of Legends remained a few very interesting curiosities. Among them one that is still a legend in the developer: the creation of the skill kit of a champion in just three days. It was the case of the ancient Yorick , a character that was never too popular and ended up receiving a rework in season 6 that is still maintained until today.

Riot Games built me a ONE-OF-A-KIND Puzzle Box!! - Legends of Runeterra

The characteristic element of the old version of Yorick was the invocation of spirits . In this way, all the character’s skills were very similar. It is true that the enlisted ghosts had different effects and launching methods, but all with almost identical models and the function of hitting enemies. The main difference is that one did only harm, another slowish and the last one was capable of stealing life for the champion.

What was innovative was its definitive, which allowed * to select a partner to create a spectral copy **. This could attack the rivals and, in case the ally chosen died, it reassures it with a lifetime for ten seconds to continue in the fight. A very innovative skill for the time that gave him some niches of use and allowed him to have an opportunity in League of Legends. Above all, in cases where he was accompanied by a very powerful shooter who needed protection.

The truth is that for the time it took, there was a very managed character . However, this is one of the aspects that has changed most in League of Legends. While before the champions had a very small development time, they usually take a whole year to take place. A fact that revealed the interview with Riot August and who has exceptions, as rare cases of heroes created in five or six months or those who may take much more to develop.

In fact, Riot Games recently took the decision to slow down the pace of launch of characters in League of Legends. The reason is that they want that each champion reaches the game does it in their optimal state without feeling pressed with the launch dates. New heroes will continue to arrive and they will do it as quickly as possible, but without that added pressure of having to be ready for a given day.

Press Reviews: BVB was “delivered on GEIH and spoiling”

After the embarrassing 2: 4 bankruptcy against the Rangers from Glasgow, Borussia Dortmund is standing in front of the Europa League. After the game, a desiring verdict is made in the media. The international press reviews for BVB bankruptcy:


Sun: “The Rangers stun the European Giant Borussia Dortmund in their own backyard.”

Mirror: “The Rangers dismantle Borussia Dortmund with an impressive victory despite Jew Bellingham’s goal. Giovanni van Bronckhorst led the Gers to a historical victory in the Westfalen Stadium, which makes them under control the Europa League duel.”

Daily Mail: “The Rangers met four times in a six-goer thriller against Borussia Dortmund. The Scottish team stands after a brilliant game victory in Germany courtesy of James Tavernier, Alfredo Morelos, John Lundstram and an own goal a foot in the second round of the Europa League. “

Guardian: “The Rangers dismantle the stunned Borussia Dortmund in an unforgettable night.”

Daily Star: “Haaland sat polling during the defeat on the tribune. The Bundesliga club was stunned.”

What is wrong with Borussia Dortmund’s defense? | ESPN FC


Daily Record: “The Rangers scored their well-best result of all times after an incredible victory against Borussia Dortmund in Germany to put a foot in the 16th Finals of the Europa League.”

The Evening Times: “Rangers in Germany in the dreamland, because Borussia Dortmund is conquered with a breathtaking victory in the Europa League.”

More: The horror testimony of BVB

The Herald: “Rangers were in Dreamland in Germany. A place among the last 16 of the Europa League is now very real reality.”

The Scotsman: “Wild Rangers rioted in Dortmund to get one of their greatest results of all time. The Rangers have recently achieved many good results in the Europa League, but none of them surpasses this, a breathtaking 4: 2 Outward victory at Borussia Dortmund. “


Gazzetta dello Rangers: “Borussia Dortmund, orphan of the injured Haaland.”

TuttoRangers: “The Dortmund orphaned by Haaland suffers from the Rangers. The Germans have to accomplish an art piece in the second leg to move into the next round.”


Marca: “Dortmund does not know how it should go on without Haaland: Rangers win in Germany. The men of Marco Rose were delivered throughout the game to their rivals on GEIH and spoiling. There is a Dortmund with the Norwegian striker the place and another without the Nordic Giant. “

AS: “Blam without Haaland. With Haaland laughs dortmund with the world and cries alone without him.”

Rangerss: “Dortmund breaks against the Rangers at home. The failure of the Norwegian Erling Haaland was heavy on the Germans.”


Picture: “Is that embarrassing! DFB Cup? Out! Champions League? Out! Europe League? Probably out!”

Kicker: “That threatens: Driving BVB is clear. Borussia Dortmund has lost the first leg in the K.-Round Play-off of the Europa League surprisingly clearly against the Glasgow Rangers with 2: 4. The BVB conceded two neck strokes against the Scottish Master and after the break. “

NTV: “BVB is blaming very evil in Europe. After the out of the Champions League, the BVB tip calls the victory in the Europa League as a new destination. But what the team in the playoff first leg against the Glasgow Rangers offers, everything else looks like hopeful. “

More: Network reactions to BVB-Blamage

RTL: “False Start in the Europa League – and what kind of! Borussia Dortmund has cashed a bitter 2: 4 defeat in the intermediate round home game against Glasgow Rangers and now has to worry about the progress in the second round.”

Süddeutsche: “Next Blamage for the BVB. Desolate defense, harmless offensive – Borussia Dortmund threatens the next embarrassing knockout on an international stage.”

FAZ: “It does not often happen that the players of Borussia Dortmund be angry angry and angry, if they show themselves after a football match before the famous southstande.”

Champions League: Karim Adeyemi with fight announcement to FC Bayern

During the FC Bayern in the Football Bundesliga has a comfortable lead on Borussia Dortmund, the Munich in the second round of the Champions League goes back at zero. Opponent RB Salzburg presents itself in front of the two duels in the royal class already expressed self-confident.

On Saturday (15:30) we continue for FC Bayern in the Bundesliga against VfL Bochum. Subsequently, the record champion on Wednesday (21 clock) travels to the eighth final first leg of the Champions League to Salzburg. The Austrians around the German international Karim Adeyemi show up in front of the clash of attack.

Thus, the DFB attacker sent a fight announcement in the direction of Munich after the 2-1 success via Rapid Vienna on Friday night.

“As I said, Bavaria is a top team, but all cards are open. We go in there and of course we want to win the game. In the Champions League everything is possible, as often said and of course we look forward to the game, said Adeyemi against “Sky”.

FC Bayern Favorite? Adeyemi counter

When asked if the FC Bayern was in the second round of the favorite, the 20-year-old answered: “Not in our eyes. We play to win. We do not play a draw. Of course we want to win the first game there. And let’s see how it works. “

Karim Adeyemi | Dortmund Transfer Target | Skills, Goals & Assists | HD

The Salzburg rank in the Austrian Bundesliga currently also at the top of the table. In the group stage of the Champions League, RB had to do with the FC Sevilla, VfL Wolfsburg and the OSC Lille.

Salzburg landed in second place, which meant the qualification for the secondary finale. While the K.O. Phase of the royal class is still new territory for the Austrians, FC Bayern has been permanent guests here for years. Incidentally, the second leg will take place on March 8th in Munich.

BVB: Rose fires mentality

The Speaking Out activity is a social motion against psychological, sex-related and also physical abuse in the specialist fumbling market, where individuals publicize their accusations of misconduct dedicated by powerful and/or famous individuals. Similar to other empowerment activities based upon damaging silence such as Metro, the objective of Speaking (a hashtag that began to spread out on Twitter in June 2020) is to equip wrestling-related people to inform their tales of misuse they have experienced.

No inspiration, too few types and a lack of mentality: At the moment of BVB coachs failure, the resemble of Borussia Dortmund was once exposed to well-known allegations. And these times also came from BVB coach Marco Rose.

Marco Rose had seen enough. The coach of the BVB fueled after the deserved COAL.O. In the secondary finals at the second division FC St. Pauli the criticism of his luxury cadre, which is not too often, when it comes to it.

It’s just a pity and a piece of stupid that we use these clichés, said the 45-year-old on Tuesday night after the completely deserved 1: 2 (0: 2) -Late at briefly recording Kietzkickern. This is not to explain and, above all, not to apologize.

The great opportunity, as in the previous year for the already departed to jump in the league Rivals FC Bayern Munich in the League and again to conquer the DFB Cup, is there for the number two in German football.

The finality makes it particularly bitter, complained of the diminished disappointed rose. Captain Marco Reus, from which as many of his teammates was not much to be seen in 93 minutes in the Millerntor Stadium, showed on fire — at least verbally. It’s bitter, as a top favorite, also admitted the national player. In any case, we have missed a huge chance to win the cup again.

It lacks types at BVB


Even ex-nationalist Bastian Schweinsteiger held the mirror, which was straight with hanging heads from the square of the square. In the last, they had still been faced in the league against Frankfurt (3: 2 after 0: 2) and Freiburg (5: 1). The BVB has shown the face today, which there is also. There are types that have the bondage and absolutely want it if it is bad, the ARD expert.

The former Bavaria star continued to put his finger into the BVB wound. The Bavaria also make mistakes, but then Dortmund also Part and leaves something again, criticized the World Champion of 2014.

Out of the Cup, from which champions in the Europa League, and in the league six points behind Bavaria — Zeus was annoyed accordingly when he was addressed to the bitter consequences. Shall we give up now? The BVB captain stunned the ARD reporter with sparkling eyes.

More: The best network reactions to the DFB Cup from the BVB

On the other hand, Rose demanded to develop further as a team and to learn from mistakes. In the end we are out, that confirms a few things that will be kept us in recent months, maybe years again and again. We have to work, we just have to go the next step as a team.

Euphoria at FC St. Pauli

An almost sensational development has already taken the Kiezklub. Seasonally across the season, St. Pauli (75 points from 40 games) is parlayed as a point-prone second division 2021 in the league of rank 17 on one and is in the cup for the first time since 2006 again in the quarterfinals. This also flushes 1.004 million euros in the club class. I’m mega pride on the boys. They made it great, just as we made it, Coach Time Schultz cheered, who was 16 years ago as a kicker at the semi-final.

More: The BVB stars in notes

In contrast to the BVB, the Kiezkicker were immediately light wax. The hits of Étienne Amended (4 minutes) and the own goal of Axel Wiesel (40th/ancestor) also fell at reasonable times. The horn’s hunter by the Haaland (58. / Trier Farmer) was too little like the BVB performance. Massive, too, this is: St. Pauli’s Kicker were four kilometers more on the way as the favorite — and agreed with the Cup Coup on the Hamburger City Berry at HSV on Friday. The boys should also celebrate, but first, it’s all steaming to Derby, said Schulz. After that, in the spot game free week, I will give you the opportunity enough to celebrate, promised the coach.

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