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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet shares new and mysterious Paldea photos

Every day that passes, it is a day less to finally play Pokémon Scarlet & Violet _. In this way, The Pokémon Company is doing everything possible so that the emotion of the public is maintained at most of the time as possible. This is something that we can see with the new promotional images of the game .

Through his official account, Pokémon has shared four new photos, which, according to the Twitter message, were taken by a photographer from the Paldea region , a nation where the new games are developed.


As they could see, only four paintings of circles in trees and stones are presented to us, and only that. There is no additional information. It is unknown if this information is related to new Pokémon , or if it has something to do with some of the stories in which we can participate in our adventure through Paldea.

We remind you that Pokémon Scarlet & Violet_ will arrive at the Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022 . In related issues, there is already a release date for the next expansion of the TCG. Similarly, here you can check our review of The Arceus Chronicles.

Pokemon Go: Player reaches Level 30 without having caught a MON

* SHUNDO * Dialga reaching Level 50 ???? | Pokémon GO
What do players do if they have already invested in a particular game for many hours and then reading before boredom? They are looking for new challenges. What was known in World of Warcraft in the form of the Iron Man challenge or in the shape of the floral picker Double Agent now makes a similar shape in Pokémon Go School: the levels of one’s own character under difficult conditions.

Eggs hide and turn pokéstops

A coach has set itself in Niantics Mobile Game of a SOLCCHEN challenge and solved his character without catching a single Pokémon in the wild:

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Within six months (since October 2021) Reddit users achieved NotAkawaiicatgirl in this way the stage 30 after he had trapped exclusively his starter Pokémon. His self-made rules for the Challenge louds:

  • Catching Pokémon is not allowed.
  • He may hunt eggs.
  • He may only add friends to his friends list, which he knows in real life.
  • He must not swap Pokémon.

The player writes, he has so far only received two best friends in the game and experience points, especially by turning Pokéstop photo tracks, the hatching of eggs, accepting and sending gifts as well as developing Pokémon.

Unfortunately, Notabakawaiicatgirl accidentally completed weekly research that requires him to catch a Pokémon. Because he can not finish this research without violating the rules of his challenge, he remains excluded from other weekly research tasks. Nevertheless, he wants to continue and levels his character up to level 40, which represents the hard cap for his level method. Anyway, we find: this performance can be seen, or what do you mean? Write us in the comments!

Source: Dexerto

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Pokemon: As beautiful would the monsters look like

A feature lacking in the Pokémon games is the possibility to cross the monsters. A fan shows how nice some mergers could look like, Game Freak would actually dare the step.

Pokémon the Movie Coco - Track 5 Strange and Wonderful Creatures (Full Version)

Fans celebrate Pokémon intersections

With every new generation Pokémon, Game Freak introduces new features: regional forms, gigadynamax-Pokémon and other gaming. But how about when a new Pokémon game would allow crosses of Pokémon, so new monsters come out?

The artist Qoutedotlass now shows on Reddit, as the results of such a feature could look like. For this he draws the possible intersections of Garados and Corasonn, Eneco and Akhnatoll as well as Guardevoir and Ninjatom.

Here you can admire the result:

The Reddit Post has now been born 27,000 times greipvoted. Fans think they would like to see the creations in the game, albeit only as regional forms, for example in the case of Garados. Some even want to create entire Pokédex entries for the earthly forms.

_Ihr Will want to create your own Pokémon mergers, but brings at most stick figures on paper? Then you could be interested in this page: _

Will the feature ever come?

Crossing Pokémon would be very easy to implement in the games. The feature monster breed is already available, as well as the huge pool on available Pokémon. Game Freak could only choose a handful of Pokémon a handful of Pokémon , which produce a mixed shape when pairing. Just as there are only a few new regional forms per new generation.

Whether Game Freak does the effort, however, is another question. It remains to be seen what you can come up for Pokémon Karmesin & Purpur , which should appear 2022.

_9 Pokémon, whom a crossroads with an elegant Pokémon Guttun Guttun, we give Game Freak at this point as a tip with on the way: _

Pokemon Go requests for your point of view to Johto

** Inpokémon Go found the fantastic Johto tour only a couple of weeks back. Now Niantic asks the community for your comments.

Currently Niantic wishes to have a comments from the neighborhood to the Johto tour as well as obtains clear words from the trains. We show you which issues gamers slam.

What kind of event is it? On February 26, 2022, the Great Pokémon Go Tour found for the coaches: Johto.

Along with new shinys, such as those of Phanpy, Remoraid and also Mantax, but likewise both local Pokémon Skaraborn and also Corasonn, who provided it during events in the Raid.

3 troubles revealing instructors niantic

Niantic’s study came precisely for numerous coaches, since the list of troubles is currently long. Because of this, some reddit individuals currently utilize the chance to tell Niantic their annoyance. Your emphasis gets on the following 3 troubles:

  • Geoffh2016: “Thinking about that individuals desire to have in the situation of chargeable events of Shinys, it makes no feeling that the chance is not such as neighborhood days at 1/20 or at least about 1/30.”.

  • Jastermareel: “What do you think concerning the Johto tour? Bring the foolish smoke in order! “.

The regional Pokémon additionally commemorated his stunning debut that day, which is why it was very desirable. Nevertheless, it could only be entraped in the RAIDs for which the RAID passes corresponding to take part are required.

One of one of the most common criticism factors is the Shiny Quote. A lot of trainers criticize that the Shinys recently released by Niantic to the Johto Tour were tough to obtain. Specifically regarding Corasonn a couple of annoy.

  • Rorywan: “I informed you that the RAIDs with Corasonn are the worst and sophisticales what Niantic has actually ever before done.”.

2. The Johto tour was stressful.

Is de Johto Tour Ticket het geld waard? - Pokemon GO Nederlands

Whether and also how Niantic will certainly respond to this feedback, continues to be to be seen for the minute. You will certainly find out from us on Meinmmo if there is a new info regarding this.

Now Niantic asks the neighborhood for your responses. Niantic’s survey came exactly for many instructors, since the checklist of problems is now long. Many coaches criticize that the Shinys freshly released by Niantic to the Johto Tour were difficult to get. ** What is the specific shiny allocation for the respective Pokémon, nonetheless, Niantic has not yet officially revealed. It enhances when Niantic does not appear to pay attention to the community. “.

  • Saturnianali8r: “I forgot to obtain new eggs, up until 1/4 of the occasion mored than since I was too concentrated on the collecting difficulties, the monsters of smoke and also unique research study.”.

The chance of a Shiny was not adapted, which is why several gamers had to acquire added paid RAID passes. Other Shinys were only very unusual to find, according to the records of some gamers.

Just how are the possibilities? What is the specific shiny allocation for the respective Pokémon, nonetheless, Niantic has not yet officially revealed.

  • Sebimeyer: “I will certainly provide you a feedback, but it undoubtedly does not matter to you, so I’m not a hope that you will in fact hear us. I truly do not recognize it and do not take treatment of the “Why”, I simply desire my video game fun. “.

3. Neighborhood with the community.

But not only the Shinys as well as the event in themselves are a solid objection in many trains. For a very long time, there are numerous troubles in Pokémon Go, which are continuously expressed by the community in the social networks. These include numerous pests, however additionally modifications in the game, like the smoke modifications.

Thus far, nonetheless, little up until nothing has actually taken place in these locations, which is why some reddit users have actually used the study to warn of these misuses and missing communication from Niantic (by means of

  • Saturnianali8r: “In the end there is a concern of what a rather would relocate to purchase an event ticket. It enhances when Niantic does not show up to pay attention to the area. “.

  • Gazza89: “I told you very disrespectful that if you mount regional Pokemon in Raids, shiny possibilities must really raise as well as do not set to 1 to 250, that was horrible. Which you ought to introduce the shiny chances for this beforehand, as it is already on the boundary to the Lootbox, so do not raise and allow people spend a great deal of money for RAID passes “.

To the Shiny Quote Throughout the Johto Tour, the adhering to comments can be found on Reddit (using

I too have actually tried my luck on a spectacular Corasonn. That did not work, however I had a special shiny luck to the Johto tour.

1. The Shiny Quotas

An additional objection of some coaches was the training course of the Johto tour. This happened on a solitary day, which is why several material has heaped and also it became partially as well much to gamers. Some reddit users really felt the event as demanding as well as overloaded and would certainly have desired a division of occasion content (via

  • Shadraig: “It’s a community point, and the community needs to be asked what you desire at the tour and what not. Packing everything on a day was awful. “.

How do you find the feedback of the coach? Do you support these criticisms? Or did you have other experiences that your Niantic has alerted? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments and exchanges you with other instructors.

  • Jayt247: “I informed you that I liked the occasion, however I will deny any type of more paid tickets, unless you can reverse the smoke. In my solutions, which did not contain a feedback alternative, I stated that I enjoyed the event, however was really disappointed with Niantic “.

  • Thetof91: “You have actually released a Shiny to the occasion and also it was global in Raids. Many individuals have actually made Raids on this day, I also since they thought it could be a shiny. “.

  • Tomasdez: “Funny Kanto [Occasion] as well as Stressy Johto”.

Incidentally: Have you already took part in our study? We need to know regarding you just how you like the smoke adjustment.

  • Vozzmicke: “Inform them that your Shiny quotas desires”.

Timed Research Guide for Pokemon Go Johto Celebration Event

The Johto Celebration Event starts in Pokémon Go around the world and it’s time to deal with all the cool things that you have to do in the game in the next five days. One of these activities is the scheduled research that is started next to the event. Just like the last, you have a few days to complete the research tasks with rewards waiting for you when you do this. To summarize everything, you will find here our scheduled research guide for Pokémon Go Johto Celebration event with all tasks and rewards.

Johto Celebration Event Time-controlled research tasks and rewards

Below you will find the tasks and rewards for the timed research on Johto Celebration Event in Pokémon Go. This should take the entire event, which takes place from 26 to 31 January at 8pm. Close it while the event is live to get the rewards listed below.

  • Catch 15 dark pokémon – 5 large balls

* Start 15 Shadow Pokémon – 5 revived
* Defeat a team go-misset leader three times – a pokémon encounter

Rewards: 15 Poké Balls, Incense and 5,000 EP

Most of them will be pretty hard and take a lot of time, especially if you have to beat the Team Go Rocket Leaders. Luckily we have already put forward instructions on how to defeat Arlo, Cliff and Sierra. Try it if you need help.

While you work to complete these timed research, you should read our full guide for completing the Johto Collection Challenge. While there is no pokémon of type Dark on the list, you can get some while trying to turn off the Team Go Rocket Leaders. In any case, there is a lot to do during Johto Celebration Events, even outside of these scheduled research. We will also break the field research tasks and unique instructions for hard to find Pokémon. So look at our complete reporting.

Otherwise, we hope that this scheduled research guide for Pokémon Go Johto Celebration Event with all tasks and rewards helps you to get the most out of the event. Good luck and pay attention to the next event that will take place soon.

Play offer HOLE Twitch Prime now for free and get items, rewards and free games in the game


Pokemon Go Pokemon Go-instructions

How to increase FPS in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus is a first fantastic attempt so that the series becomes a completely open world. Players can now explore large open areas while trap and fight against Pokémon to complete applications throughout the HISUI region. It is the evolution that many fans have felt that the series needed for a long time, but when making a larger world, Pokemon Legends Arceus fights with its performance, particularly with its speed of pictures and visual effects in Nintendo Switch, which is now five years old. Fortunately, there are some things you can do so that everything works better. Here is How to increase FPS in Pokémon Legends Arceus .

increase in performance in Pokémon Legends Arceus

Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to get 60 fps on Yuzu

The main way you can increase your FPS in Pokemon Legends Arceus is to play the game in portable mode, instead of placing your Nintendo Switch at the base and playing on your television.

Actually, this was discovered by Digital Foundry, where they discovered that playing on portable devices would limit the resolution at 720p and, in doing so, it would maintain a more stable frame rate.

When you play coupled, the game aims to a resolution of 1080p, but this finally affects the FPS you will get when you play on your television.

Apart from this, just be sure to keep the game updated with the latest patch that launch Nintendo and Game Freak. While there has not been any specific mention that these focus directly on improving performance and FPS, they could always help improve some mild setbacks.

However, because Nintendo Switch does not allow players to change graphic configuration, there is no way you can drastically increase the FPS in Pokemon Legends Arceus, apart from playing portable mode and keeping the game updated.

To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our Pokémon Legends Arceus wiki, or see more of our coverage about the game below.

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Pokemon legends: Arceus: With this code you grab 15 new free

Also in Pokémon legends: Arceus waving free gifts that distribute Nintendo at regular intervals. The so-called secret gifts are codes that apply only for a period of time. When redeeming the codes, you can get special items that give you a small advantage in the game.

With the latest action, you only need one code with which your entire 15 items can be free. To do this you have to pay a visit to the secret gift menu. How exactly works and everything else about the action we reveal you here.

Pokémon fans are served well

What is the code? To get the free items, you have to enter the serial code thx4y0urhelp . Then you can get the 15 items for your score in Pokémon legends: Arceus.

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Attention: Note that you need to use a zero instead of an O in the code at “Y0UR” so that it can be redeemed. Otherwise, the code will not work.

What do I get for it? The following items can you get you with the code:

  • 5 power stones
  • 5 Special bonboes
  • 5 star pieces

An accurate guidance of how you can redeem the secret gifts will learn free:

__0 __1

more on the subject

Pokémon legends: Arceus – secret gifts, how it works


How long is the code valid? The code can now be redeemed by 01 April 2022 at 01:59 in the morning.

Nintendo and Game Freak have published the Update 1.1 as part of the Pokémon Presents Show, which brings some new content for the game. All information about this is in the following trailer:

More articles about Pokémon legends: Arceus at a glance:

  • Pokémon legends Arceus is still implemented 2022 as anime series
  • Pokémon legends Arceus – all guides and tips at a glance
  • Pokémon Arceus Free Update: Free DLC immediately brings new missions and bonuses

More free gifts in the coming months

Currently there are many more secret gifts that you can save you up to date. With the code ArceusAdventure you receive, for example, 30 hyperballs, 30 ton balls and 30 nozzle balls. However, the code must be redeemed by the end of the month.

Other items like the Hisuian Fukano Kimono Set or the Baneful Fuchs mask can secure you via the Internet until the beginning of May. There is also a bonus of 30 heavy balls for those who had pre-ordered the game in the eShop.

Which items do you want yourself in the next distribution action as secret gift?

Pokemon Legends Arceus: How to start Daybreak Update content and

The Daybreak update has been published for Pokemon Legends: Arceus and adds a handful of new missions and inquiries that are available after completing the main history of the game. Version 1.1.0 by Pokemon Legends: Arceus added new massive outbreaks with Pokemon, which usually do not appear in certain areas, the Eternal Battle Reverie, which offers a spitting ride of challenging struggles, and much more, so there is a lot, what to look forward to Can Daybreak Update. However, with the PostGame requests, the first step is to unlock all new content, but that’s not exactly clear how that works. Learn how to start with Daybreak in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

How to start Daybreak in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Before you can start the new Daybreak content, you have to have them first Castle the main story from Pokemon: Legends Arceus and viewed the credits. After completing the game, you can find May and your Munchlax in Heights Camp in Obsidian Fieldlands a new quest called “ a new anomaly. **” This is the first daybreak Quest and brings you on the way to unlock the rest of the new content that has been added in this update.

Pokémon Legends Arceus Free Daybreak Update

This quest sends you to Ramanas Island in the southwest where you find a Mass outbreak of Hisuian Zorua . This is strange, as Zorua is usually not found in Obsidian Fieldlands, so the Galaxy Expedition Team decides to investigate research. Once you have found the Hisuian Zorua outbreak, you can continue with the remaining Daybreak quests. Most of them involve the investigation of strange new massive mass outbreaks in various areas of the Hisui region, but as soon as they have completed the outbreak quest in each area, they can transition to the fighting challenges and other contents added in Daybreak update.

Pokémon legends: Arceus is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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Fitness instructor verdict to Johto

Fitness instructors had the opportunity to unlock special material with a ticket acquisition. Unique Study, Temporary Research, Collection agency Challenges as well as much more belonged to the tour.

That was the event: A few weeks earlier, Niantic introduced the Great Johto Tour, that started as followers from the Canto Tour of 2021 in February 2022. For the very first time there was all Pokémon from the Johto region in their spectacular kind (as Shiny) to capture. There were regional Pokémon like Corasonn and Skaraborn in Raids.

Diepokémon Go Tour: Johto worked on Saturday and provided with its contents for a great deal of conversation. We check out the neighborhood as well as look where fitness instructor see improvement opportunities.

tiring, way too many web content, insufficient shinys – a conclusion of the area

These components were used: For the ticket purchasers Niantic had much to provide. One one to all five environments, one to Raids, one for swap, one with unique Pokémon.

There were increased shiny chances in the wilderness, unique raids with Corasonn, Skaraborn, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Raikou, Dissi and Suicune were active as well as the legendary beasts were also catching in the wilderness. For a very special material, the new Go Arena Trainers – these are computer-controlled opponents whose optics as well as battle team are based on genuine coaches, which in the weeks prior to the event.

The entire thing was still combined with egg perks as well as sweet rewards, which computer animated once again to play. In our excellent overview to the Johto tour you can see all material.

Amazing web content, yet much way too much

In our Facebook team to Pokémon Go composes Tinka L.: “Much too lots of tasks to resolve in this time! The trains are just released at the Pokéstop at 18:00 and also thus only made flight and beetle. Shiny Rate: 4 pieces in the 12 hours! Disappointing.”

In the group, Filipe writes: “11 Euro for 3 Shinys is currently Mies and also I was energetic throughout the day and also have spent more than 1,000 poké rounds.”

Also users Workingonit64 believes (through that ought to have split the Johto tour into a number of tiny events. “That… that was way too much. Way too much for a day. I have dropped extra throughout the day as well as have provided complete throttle, as well as it’s very easy. to. Much. “He would certainly have desired that Niantic had actually extended the occasion over several days, so one can process the top priorities together.

Inadequate Shinys?

A coach reports on Reddit from his Discord Team. That should have left an unpleasant cells for the committed fitness instructors. “

In the talk about the thread, individuals established the assertion that instructors without a ticket had less content and thus had much more fun (by means of

How did that start? In method, you could find Shinys, but much not so high numbers as the free area days. Usually one reviews from instructors that can catch concerning 6 to 9 Shinys.

This was revealed: For ticket buyers Niantic guaranteed a better opportunity of specific iridescent Pokémon. That was the disagreement for several to decide for a ticket purchase and the silver or gold version.

On Creates Users Ishana92: “I like the idea of Johto Occasions. Place it all in a solitary day, is a bit as well a lot.

Some instructors additionally compose that they are quite completely satisfied with their return of the Shinys.

Tobi B. had extra good luck as well as writes “18 Shinys, among them, which I had actually not had. In basic, I am completely satisfied. “

That’s what the players claim to the material: In the area of Pokémon Go made a great deal of fancy a whole lot, which took a great deal of allure: the contents are good, but it is much also much for a one-day event.

In the reddit neighborhood of Thesilphroad, this is one of the most examined opinion contribution to the Johto tour on February 27th. Lots of trainers claim and concur that with all the contents can load an entire weekend and could make their very own occasion from the combat event with the go-arena trainers.

smoke also weak

These were the only boomed new Shinys, so the only brand-new ones that can truly expect in case when purchased a ticket. And also it needed 12 hours of consistent interest on the phone to check 4 or 5 spawns per hr. That was not effectively considered. (Or worse, possibly it was.) “

Customer BoxinMonkey solutions: “It felt like that’s the trouble. Really felt really different than the Kanto tour, where it was a lot a lot more typical. “

Hence, individuals Siamkor creates on Reddit: “The most common issue I see is that individuals had little mantax/ phanpy encounters while running smoke the whole event.

What was the problem? Community often wrote in the area that your smoke would certainly not attract a great deal of Pokémon. Specifically those that wished to generate regularly and also solely through smoke showed seldom.

And after that there were the go-arena instructors – however wherever?

Christian R. creates on our Facebook web page to Pokémon Go: “The study as well as cumulative jobs were rather good and also there was likewise a reward. The arena trainer thing was very aggravating since she barely arised. As well as nothing was to be kept in mind by the higher glossy chance revealed ahead of time. “

Some instructors call Niantic an event for settlement and repetition of the battle difficulty to run over numerous days and significantly increases the chances for coach generates.

The issue: These go-arena fitness instructors were very uncommon to satisfy. For one of the battle challenges you ought to beat all of these instructors. If you found a train with luck on a stop and also might fight him, after that have to relocate on and look at various other quits after further trains.

What are the coach? Niantic started week prior to the Johto tour a competition in which coach might apply. The winners were after that activated as coaches in the video game with their Pokémon as well as their avatar to the Johto tour and all instructors worldwide can discover them at Pokéstops.

This brought coach to anguish. Meinmo-Author Franzi Korittke attempted on the job, but finally got up.

Shiny Rate Super Mies, barely anything else showed up in the smoke than in the wild. The task with the brand-new trains was not solvable for me, in instance of simply this new trains. My verdict, I’m so annoyed that I need a pause and I’ll never purchase event tickets once more. “

Severine B. creates in our Pokémon team: “I did not make the tasks. There are about 12 quits and 2 arenas, yet the trainers were not findable.

Exactly how much good luck did you have with the Johto tour?

That was the event: A couple of weeks earlier, Niantic revealed the Great Johto Tour, who began as successors from the Canto Tour of 2021 in February 2022. These contents were used: For the ticket buyers Niantic had much to provide. What are the coach? Niantic began week prior to the Johto tour a competitors in which train could use. The issue: These go-arena fitness instructors were very unusual to satisfy.

What is DayBreak update in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

It’s no secret that Pokémon Legends: Arceus had a huge success and such a necessary breath of fresh air in the series formula. Nintendo releases new content in the form of updates for Legends Arceus. The first content update is called DayBreak.

DayBreak is a small content update, the main focus on the investigation of the reasons Mass Flashes . Official screenshots show the outbreak of all alpha pokemon by players a new huge task.

In addition, new battles with legendary poekoums and play Outdoors are also added. This includes the ability to test yourself with Arkeus , Dialga as well as Palkya .

It is not yet clear whether new Pokemon was added, but there are strange Livni happens in the Hisui area. The update is already available for all players who have passed the game and saw the titles.

Pokémon Legends Arceus Free Daybreak Update

You can watch video from the official Pokemon channel on YouTube below.

In addition to this, photo studio expands. Now you can be photographed with your favorite characters from the game to create even more memorable screenshots.

To learn more about Pokémon Legends: Arceus, check out the “Best Receptions for Enamorus” section in Pokémon Legends: Arceus in the game manuals for professionals!

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