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The promotion of Pokemon Journeys encourages the return of Greninja de Ash

Viajes Pokémon is preparing to bring Ash’s Greninja back to anime, and is anticipating the return of fan favorites to the series with a promotion for the next episode! With the latest version of the series starting its climax, Ash Ketchum is now facing some of its tougher battles so far. The last victory of him has taken him to the top of the Ultra class in the world series of coronation, and the next battle of him will give him the opportunity to ascend to the next ranking and make his way between the eight best coaches of the tournament in general. That means that he is going to need all the help he can get.

Greninja first appearance Pokemon Journeys Eps 108 Preview
After appearing in the sequence of the most recent opening theme of the series, fans were especially anxious to see Greninja de Ash return to anime considering that it is one of the most popular additions to their teams throughout the franchise. However, he has finally ended up, since Greninja will open his way to the anime with the next main episode when Ash and Lucario look for help for his first Battle of Master Class, and Greninja and Lucario will help each other. outside! You can see the preview of Viajes Pokémon’ Next episode below:

Episode 108 of Viajes Pokémon: The series is titled “Lucario and Greninja! The guide of the waves of destiny! » and the episode is described as such (seen by @anipokefandom on Twitter), “In order to go on before entering the Top 8 of Master Class, Ash and Lucario decide to go see the Greninja with which Ash traveled once in the region of Kalos. Lucario challenges Greninja to a battle, but he finishes not being a rival for him. However, does it seem that Greninja wants to say something to Lucario? And now, Lucario and Greninja waveguide overlapping!

As the fans had seen Ash and Lucario until now, they have been using their auras to join their strength. It is what has helped them to get some important victories, but it seems that the next level of this use is something that Ash’s Greninja has experience. Addressing Kalos to meet with the favorite of fans, it seems that we will not see much of Greninja, but this return remains a big problem.

What do you think? What do you expect to see from the return of Greninja de Ash? Who do you expect to see return before Pokemon Journeys comes to an end in general? Let us know all your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even communicate with me directly about all animated things and other great things. @Valdezology on Twitter!

Halo: Paramount + reveals the worlds largest Master Chief hologram

To promote the aureola television series in Paramount +, a massive hologram of Master Chief has appeared in several different countries, including Canada, Mexico, Australia and Brazil. The “halogram” was created in association with Minute Media, Wavemaker and Kaleida. With a height of 60 feet, the 3D hologram could be found in Toronto, Mexico City, the port of Sydney and Sao Paulo on April 17. Unfortunately, it was only an appearance of a day of John-117, so the fans who lost the opportunity will have to settle for seeing Master Chief in the Xbox games or the appearances of him in the transmission series.

In a press release, Marco Nobili, senior marketing vice president, data and transmission analysis of Paramount, talked about the initial success of the aureola series, and the ways in which the company seeks to promote it.

“Halo has generated a tremendous response between fans around the world like Paramount + the premiere of the most viewed series of all time worldwide. We are proud to continue with the boost of the series by giving life to halo for fanatics in Australia, Latin America and Canada, in an epic and innovative way that only Paramount + could achieve. This is a celebration for fans and for this iconic franchise that continues to entertain people from all over the world, “said Nobili.

Halo The Series (2022) | Official Trailer | Paramount+
So far, four episodes of aureola have been launched in Paramount +, with a fifth set to debut at the end of this week. The first season of the program will consist of nine episodes in total, and a second season has already been confirmed. It will be interesting to see how the front desk is the first season once the end has been issued, and if the program can maintain this type of impulse. Clearly Aureola has had a very strong start for the transmission platform, and it will be interesting to see how the occasional fanatics and veteran Xbox players are felt about the series as it continues. Hopefully the show can keep the landing!

What do you think about the aureola series in paramount +? Did you have the opportunity to see the “halogram”? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Buy Xbox: Xbox Series X now available for multiple retailers

Update March 25, 10:15
While the Xbox Series X can continue to buy at Otto, it is now also available at Media Markt. Again, you do not get the Microsoft console individually, but Media Markt offers two bundles each with a Ubisoft game. Below we list the three currently available Xbox X bundles.

Xbox Series X from stock available

  • Xbox Series X + Forza Horizon 5 for 559 euros at OTTO
  • Xbox Series X + Far Cry 6 for 539,99 Euro at Media Markt
  • Xbox Series X + Rainbow Six Extraction for 519,99 Euro at Media Market

Original message
Amazon, Cyberport, Media Markt, now just Otto: The availability of Xbox Series X was never better like now. Almost daily you can buy the Microsoft console somewhere, not infrequently there are several drops in one day. Currently you can order the Xbox Series X + Forza Horizon 5 at OTTO for 559 Euro , it is available from stock. Until 11.04.22 Otto offers the “0% 100 days payment break”, i. Who orders now, that must pay only 100 days after delivery – at no extra charge. Optionally, at OTTO you can also take 3 months Xbox Game Ultimate (19.99 Euro) and a warranty extension to 36 months (29.99 euros). We are curious how long the offer stays with Otto stay – and where there is the Xbox X (maybe solo without game) to buy.

Check availability of Xbox Series X

  • Amazon
  • Alternate
  • Otto
  • Euronics
  • Conrad
  • Cyberport
  • Media market
  • Saturn

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Table of contents

  1. 1CBOX ALL ACCESS buy an Xbox Series X
  2. 2 updated game publications for Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S)
  3. 3xbox Series S Bundle with Fortnite & Rocket League for 269,99 €
  4. 4Amazon is the address No. 1 to buy an Xbox Series X
    1. 4.1xbox Series X and accessories
  5. 5Gratis games for Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S in March
    1. 5.1Games with gold in March
  6. 6xbox Series S: Where are the differences to the Xbox Series X?

Buy a Xbox Series X with Xbox ALCCESS

Xbox ALL Access: Xbox Series X + Xbox Games Pass Ultimate immediately receive and pay off over 24 months. Source: Cyberport

Almost daily write us readers who desperately want to buy a Xbox Series X without usuch surcharge. And we quickly realize that these people have never heard of the Xbox All Access offer. That’s why we want to introduce it again at this point. With Xbox ALL Access you get an Xbox Series X within a very short time (we’ll tell exactly where it is available). Included in the package is also the game flat rate Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You pay 32.99 euros / month over a term of 24 months – the principle is therefore comparable to a smartphone that you buy with two-year contract. After 24 months, the Xbox X is paid off and you can keep it. We’ve got out the calculator: Overall, Xbox ALCCESS costs 791,16 euros. One would be 499 euros for the console (if you get a get) and additional 311.76 euros (24 x 12.99 €) for two years Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In total, the 810.76 euros are. With Xbox All Access, you immediately get an Xbox Series X Plus the extremely useful Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and pays less than in the single purchase. Yes, we find the deal so well that we would like to have pointed out again. And with Cyberport we also found a dealer in which the Xbox Series X is available with Xbox ALCCESS from stock.

Available now: Xbox Series X with Xbox ALL Access at Cyberport

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Current Game Publications for Xbox One / Xbox Series X / S)

  • Battlefield 2042 29.99 Euro ~~ (69,99 €) ~~

How to Get a Xbox Series X Halo Edition for Retail Price
* Far Cry 6 68,99 Euro
* Dying Light 2: Stay Human (At-Pegi) 68 euros
* Elden Ring Launch Edition 59,99 Euro ~~ (65,99 €) ~~
* ELEX 2 49,99 Euro ~~ (57.99 €) ~~
* Grid Legends 59.99 Euro ~~ (69,99 €) ~~
* WWE 2K22 59,99 Euro ~~ (69,95 €) ~~
* 25. March: Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Next Level Edition 59,99 Euro
* 29. March: Crusader Kings III (Day One Edition) 49,99 Euro
* 5. April: Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga 59,99 Euro
* 20. April: Necromunda: Hired Gun 39.99 euros
* 13. May: Evil Dead – The Game 39,99 Euro
* 26. May: Sniper Elite 5 59,99 Euro
* 26. May: The Ascent: Cyber ​​Edition 49,96 Euro
* 10. June: The Quarry 74,99 Euro

Bestseller for Xbox Series X at Amazon

XBox Series S Bundle with Fortnite & Rocket League for 269,99 €

Regular costs the Xbox Series S at Amazon 269.99 euros. Alternatively, you can buy the Xbox Series S Bundle with Fortnite & Rocket League at the same price (!). This is of course the better deal, even if Fortnite and Rocket League are Free2play games. At Fortnite you also get the Midnight Drive Pack Set, while Microsoft at Rocket League packs the Purple Masamune Car with Purple Virtual Wave Boost and Purple Zefram Wheels as well as 1,000 Rocket League Credits.

Amazon is the address # 1 to buy an Xbox Series X

At Amazon, the Xbox Series X sales are the largest, the online giant opens because of a few hundred consoles not even his sales locks. To be successful at Amazon should be essential prime customer. For the last Xbox X-Drops you could only order if you had a prime membership. Amazon Prime (incl. Prime video, Prime delivery, Prime Music etc.) can be tested for five days for free. Those who want to continue to use Prime afterwards, paying 7.99 euros per month or 69 euros annually.

XBox Series X and accessories

  • Xbox Series x 499.99 euros
  • Xbox Wireless Controller 54,99 Euro ~~ (69,99 €) ~~
  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 144,99 Euro ~~ (179,99 €) ~~
  • Xbox Stereo Headset 48.99 Euro ~~ (59.99 €) ~~
  • Xbox Play & Charge Kit from 9,99 Euro
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Free Games for Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S in March

We know that many of our readers who want to buy an Xbox Series X (Buy Now) have an Xbox One or Xbox One X. And these people will be sure which games there are free within the Xbox Live Gold Membership. Xbox Live Gold costs about 60 euros in the annual subscription. At Amazon you can save a few euros compared to the regular price. Alternatively, you reach the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership for just under 13 euros a month. Within a subscription you can dampen the inclusive games permanently.

Games with gold in March

  • The Flame in The Flood – Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One – 1st to 31st March
  • Street Power Soccer – Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One – March 16 to April 15th
  • Sacred 2 fall Angel – Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Xbox 360 – 1 to 15 March
  • SpongeBob: ice cold escapes – Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, Xbox 360 – 16th to 31st March

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XBox Series S: Where are the differences to the Xbox Series X?

While Xbox Series X has mostly sold out since its publication on November 10, 2020 and is hard to get, the sister model looks different. The Xbox Series S is for e.g. near Amazon almost continuous. But what is that? Why is the demand here apparently so much lower? Well, in contrast to the “big brother”, the Series S does not have a drive, so it is completely geared to digital content. It has built a 512 GB SSD (instead of 1TB at the Series X), and the graphics performance is weaker. The Series S creates a maximum of native 1440p resolution (and scaled on 4k UHD high), while the Series X games are native in 4K UHD (2560P). However, all Xbox Series games run both on the X and on the S, so it is 100% compatible and also significantly cheaper. While for the Xbox Series X (theoretically) is 499 euros, the Xbox Series S costs only 299 euros. Currently it is even available at Amazon for only 269.99 euros – and of course available.

MORE TOP Deals can be found in our daily updated Daily Deals: graphics card, mainboard, gaming monitor, gaming mouse, gaming chair, TV, games highlights and many other products for PC and console players from Amazon, Media Market and Co. too often reduced prices.

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New exclusive Xbox Series X of bethesda seemingly filtered

Apparently a new one has been filtered and possibly the next exclusive Xbox Series X | S of Bethesda. Bethesda, owned by Xbox, is a developer and publisher and is currently responsible for series such as ancient documents_, caer, wolfenstein, Condenar, Deshonrado, presa, Bucle mortal, furia and terremoto Meanwhile, some of their upcoming games include games like Ghostwire: Tokyo, _ Steler_ and ACAda. That said, it seems that this new game will not take advantage of this large amount of IP.

This year, Bethesda requested a registered trademark for something called “Spyteam”. What could this be, nobody knows, but it certainly sounds like a new IP, and a new IP that has been in process for a while, since registered trademarks can be traced until 2015, which of course suggests that it is a project Ambitious, since it takes at least seven years under development until now.

New Xbox Series X Exclusive Game Details LEAKS | Redfall Gameplay Images REVEALED | Xbox & PS5 News
Of course, there are many speculation about this game, including many who tag it as “a game of shooting at third PVPVE online-based team based on an important comic license” and links Roundhouse Studios. This speculation is based on job list and although interesting, is far from conclusive.

For now, it is difficult to know what to do with this. While it is true that companies have to demonstrate the intention of use when they register and renew registered trademarks, there have also been many occasions over the years when the registered trademarks have been filtered and nothing has come from them, so it is How the development of games works at times.

At the time of publication, none of the parties involved has addressed this registered trademark filtration and the speculation it has created. It is unlikely that this will change for a variety of reasons, but if it does, we will inform you what is said, prominent or not. Meanwhile, for more information about the latest and most important Xbox News, click here.

Open World RPG “ELEX II Elex 2” Steam Start Start. The fun of the sub quest rich search is good

Open World Action RPG “ ELEX II Elex 2 ” seems to be a steady selling. THQ NORDIC JAPAN Co., Ltd. has launched the same work on March 1st. The corresponding platform was PLAYSTATION 4 / PlayStation 5 / XBOX ONE / XBOX Series X | S, and a PC (STEAM) version was also released the next day. The price is PS4 / SP5 version 7590 yen, Xbox ONE / Xbox series X | 7600 yen for XBOX ONE / XBOX Series X | PC (STEAM) version is 6550 yen.

“ELEX II ELEX 2” is an open world action RPG that will be a sequel to the “ELEX”, which developer Piranha bytes worked and launched in 2017. Five powers are confronted with mysterious material Elex on the stage where civilization collapsed. The player is a hero jack, which is a hero in the battle of the previous work, and to face the aggressor, we will call each power to unity.

Looking at the number of simultaneous connectivity players in the STEAM version of this work shows that you are keeping a solid digit. 6391 people were recorded as the number of players at the time of peak. In other time zones, 4,000 to 5,000 players are maintained, and it can be seen that you are keeping a certain user base (STEAMDB).

The STEAM store page review has attracted more than 500 evaluations and acquired status with “somewhat good-looking”. It seems that the fun of open world search and conversation with NPC of the content of the content, and the unique unique view of the world. Subquest is also a rich point, and it seems that it is positively received as expanding the search width.

However, some elements are compatible with dissatisfaction. Many points have been pointed out about the behavior of the camera. It seems that there is no point in point that camera tracking during battle is not optimized and is not zoomed in and unlikely, and points that are accelerated unnaturally and the perspective is swinging. In addition, since the camera setting can not be customized in this work, there are many requests to implement the adjustment function of the viewing angle. It has also been pointed out that the game is not optimized, and it seems that the frame rate will fall somewhat. We hope that these points will be addressed in the future.

ELEX 2 Gameplay Walkthrough part 1 - New Post Apocalyptic Sci-fi RPG

“Elex II Elex 2” is on sale for PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / PC (STeam). The price is PS4 / PS5 version 7590 yen, Xbox One / Xbox Series X | 7600 yen, PC (STEAM) edition is 6550 yen.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Update adds VRR for Xbox and eliminates bugs

A Honest Review Of Dying Light 2: Stay Human
Xbox Series X players may look forward to a new Dying Light 2 Stay Human Update. Techland adds to the game on the Xbox 60+ FPS VRR and eliminates some bugs on all Xbox consoles in the game. Due to the variable image repeat rate (VRR) on supported displays, it is possible to achieve up to 120 fps on the Xbox Series X, whereby the game certainly not will gain this maximum values. But if you have a display with VRR, you can immediately find a more fluent gaming experience. Some mistakes were also removed from Dying Light 2 Stay Human, as you can look at the following picture:

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