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[Repo] I went to the first e -sports center for the disabled

This is a game, what kind of exercise is it? It’s a non-disabled person to watch the game, and if it’s a disabled person, the texture is different. It can be a hobby and a job. It is a motivation for life. We can’t compete with non-disabled people, but we can compete in the battleground.

I heard at the Gwangyang Disabled E-Sports Center (hereinafter referred to as the Center). What kind of exercise is this? An official with a disabled person who heard this was angry, but could not be released. You can’t ruin the event.

What is memorable after the coverage was that we can compete in the battleground, even if we can’t compete with non-disabled people. I remember listening someday. However, it was different when I listened directly from the disabled person. I felt that esports might have been greater than we have achieved so far.

The POSCO 1%Sharing Foundation and ‘Warm Companion’ have established esports training facilities in the Gwangyang National Sports Center to support the independence of the disabled. Gwangyang Disabled E-Sports Center is the first space for esports activities for the disabled. The meaning of the e-sports industry is that e-sports centers were built in the sports facilities supported by the government and the Korean Sports Association. E-sports approached the authentic sports world.

The Gwangyang Disabled E-Sports Center is meaningful in that it is built in the region and is only for the disabled. The e-sports industry has evolved significantly, but in Korea, there is a limit that it has grown only on the metropolitan area and non-disabled people. The Gwangyang Disabled E-Sports Center leaves the task of whether the Korean e-sports industry can go successfully to the next level.

Why was it in Gwangyang? In Gwangyang, there is a steelworks operated by POSCO. POSCO supports physical education as one of the social contribution activities of the steelworks operation. As of 2020, POSCO sponsored 150 million won to 13 individuals and organizations, including archery and weightlifting. The disabled esports is a new field that POSCO supports this time. Originally, POSCO was also interested in establishing e-sports teams, but due to various circumstances, the direction changed to support for the disabled. POSCO is preparing a disabled e-sports center in Pohang.

The establishment of the center focused on ‘Barrier Free’ so that people with disabilities can use it smoothly. A typical example of the barrier-free is to eliminate stairs and jaws so that people with disabilities who use wheelchairs can move easily. In fact, I confirmed that people with disabilities who use wheelchairs move easily without difficulty when they go to the center.

In the center there were 10 dedicated gaming computers that could smooth e-sports. Computers, gaming desks, and gaming chairs were raised at 35 million won. As it is an esports facility, there are no other apps on the computer. This center is intended to be not used as a good PC room and a computer school. The computer had ‘League of Legends’, ‘FIFA Online 4’, ‘Cartrider’ and ‘Battleground’.

Currently, nine players are registered in the center. There were no teenagers and consisted of 20s and 30s. Disorders are distinguished by type and degree. In the case of types, it is typically divided into body and spirit. The degree is the difference caused by the central nervous system. Nine registered players have various types and degrees.

Kim Jin-wook, Secretary General of the Sports Association for the Disabled, introduced the center for new employment activities for the disabled. Employment activities for people with disabilities are somewhat different from non-disabled people. As there are many realistic difficulties for the disabled, they can get a job in my company in physical education. The Gwangyang Sports Association added esports to existing sports athletes. If there are people with disabilities who perform in e-sports, we expect companies to consider new sports players. It’s still the starting stage, so there’s no performance.

In general, if you run an e-sports academy, you will set your goal as a pro gamer. If you look higher, ‘League of Legends’ can win the Roll Cup. The disabled e-sports center is somewhat realistic. There are about 20 people with disabilities with POSCO. They were capable of existing sports and were sponsored by companies. Kim Jin-wook’s goal is to ensure that this sponsorship continues to esports. Kim Jin-wook said, We will manage operations to help employment and feature activities in the digital sector.

To do that, Kim Jin-wook said that the center is noticed from becoming a PC room. Gaming computer specifications are good, so there may be some people who simply come to play the game. I think e-sports and games are different in terms of professional consciousness, he promised.

Kim Jin-wook cited △ building dedicated internet network, △ support for professional game teams, and increased budget for the disabled.

Leaders are needed for training. The center has a good computer and will, but no one can guide it. Kim Jin-wook, Secretary General, can also support the disabled e-sports athletes, but he is not capable of teaching. There is no one who will tell you even if you are looking for a competition.

Kim Jin-wook said, There is a realistic difficulty of Gwangyang’s regional problem and budget. If you want to see the game in the professional game team, the concept of volunteer activities is to tell the inquirers the game.

Dedicated Internet network construction is a different facility support from existing sports. If you play the game at the level of competition, you will need a fast internet network. It costs about 700,000 won a month to build an internet network that is good for the center. Considering the characteristics of the center, which is operated by government support and support, it is a burdensome amount. Kim Jin-wook expected that if he practiced in a good Internet network environment, it would be a great help for the disabled players.

The center operating budget is entirely dependent on support. It is hard for the center to expect imports. In the case of the Gwangyang Disabled E-Sports Center, it depends on the budget for Gwangyang citizens’ sports, the budget for the disabled, and the e-sports budget for the disabled. As a result, it is difficult for a handicapped player to go to other competitions. If you are a wheelchair-used person with disabilities, dedicated vehicles and guardians should be accompanied. The current budget structure is hard to participate in the competition even if you practice in the center. Kim Jin-wook said he needed a corporate sponsorship or a government-free e-sports budget.

Due to the budget limit, the center was limited to 1 pm to 5 pm. It is a dedicated facility, but the operating hours are only 4 hours. This is a limit that is difficult to assign a dedicated center personnel. Currently, the center is managed by the existing disabled sports center workers. It is nice to have a dedicated center for people with disabilities, but for the purpose of training, the four-hour operating time is unfortunate. Further budget support was needed to secure enough operating hours.

Kim Jin-wook’s dream is to play a professional gamer from this center. Eventually, esports will be confronted with avatars reflecting players on the monitor. Although there may be a body difference, the avatar is equal. It is a great meaning for the disabled if the disabled athletes play on stage such as LCK, rather than simply performing at the event contest with support and sponsorship concepts. Kim Jin-wook said, It’s a drama, but there are disabled people who have better abilities than the general public like ‘Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo’, and they can have strength in e-sports. It may be possible.

Currently, the POSCO 1%Sharing Foundation is also creating an esports center for the disabled in Pohang. The performance of Gwangyang Center, the beginning, is important. It is based on the construction of the disabled e-sports centers in Gangwon-do and Chungcheong-do. This is also the burden of Kim Jin-wook. Kim Jin-wook said, It would be nice if we were doing well and people with disabilities all over the country could go to each local e-sports center.

This Yeok-seok player is active in the center. He said for the disabled, It’s good to be able to do it. People with developmental disabilities and brain lesions are narrow, even though they want to sports, even though they have severe physical constraints. For them, sports are divided into ‘good’ and ‘can you do’, not ‘do’, and ‘no’. At least esports can be done, so it is a good sport for the disabled.

If so, is it worth buying a disabled e-sports center with taxes, and is it possible for a company to sponsor the disabled e-sports center? In response, Kang Hee-oh, the head of the E-Sports Federation of the Sports Association for the Disabled, answered. In general, the home computer specifications are low, so you may not be able to play the game you want, he said. It’s good.

In general, if you play games, you can think of a PC room. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is already working on designating and supporting PC rooms as esports facilities. However, most PC rooms are difficult for people with disabilities to access. If you are a handicapped person with a wheelchair, the chin and stairs are the barriers. The concept for these disabled people is the barrier-free. The disabled e-sports center is basically considering the barrier-free when making it. In addition to physical discomfort, gaze and prejudice are also barriers. This is why separate facilities are needed with taxes or sponsorships.

Kang Hee-oh also expressed his position as a parent with a disabled person. He said, There is a good physical education with a child.

‘Gwangyang Disabled E-Sports Center’ ****

Balority Masters: Reykjavik, Opening April 10 to Hanil War

[INTERNATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL] The world’s strongest world is gathered in one place.

Riot Games (Korea Representative Ingredrii) announced on the 8th that the Masters, the Masters, who gathered in the Earthrand Reykjavik, the Masters, who gathered in Iceland Reykjavik, will be held on April 10 to 24 (standard time) did.

Korean time was opened at 0 o’clock on the 11th. Balo Rotts e Sports history For the first time, Korea’s Dial X (DRX) and Japan’s Jeta Division are tailored to the 3th two prefixes.

‘2022 Balo Latter Champions Tour (VCT) Masters Reykjavik’ is the name of the name of the Masters Reykjavik ‘, the 12 teams in the Challenger’s Challenger’s challenge competitions gathered at the top 10 to 24, Competition.

Masters Reykjavik is the first tournament of the 2022 Balority Champions Tour, and the first major VCT area is the stage that the main VCT area is the victory. In Korea, a DRX, which is a winner of the Balority Challenger Corporation in Korea, a given application rights.

Become the Nightmare | VCT22 Masters Reykjavík Cinematic | Apr 10-24

European, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) will play three teams such as G2 E Sports, Penta, and Team Liquid. A team that has won the EMEA region is a Fun Plus Phoenix, but the G2 E Sports, which accounted for a Jewel, who was unauthorized by international travel restrictions in Russia and Ukraine and Corona 19 Regulations.

Fernaplus Phoenix, who did not participate in a genius, was given 200 VCT points and was given $ 20,000 (about 3,300,000 won).

North America is two teams, more guard and optics gaming, Brazil, Laud and Ninjas, Pajamas, Latin America, Kru E Sports, Japan, Jeta Division, Asia Pacific (APAC),, Total 12 teams are spiral.

This conference begins with a GSL group stage to which Double Elimination Rules applies and will proceed in the order of Double Elimination in which eight teams participate. The top four teams, the EMEA 1 seed, G2 E Sports and the North American Winner, the G2 E Sports, the North American winner, the Brazilian winner, and the APAC winner, Paper Rex, and the APAC winner, and the 8th team, and the remaining eight teams, It is consequently divided into two groups considering the amount of regions in the region.

DRX, which belongs to Group A Group A, has achieved a pajamas, Zeta division and one Joe, and B in B, Optics Gaming, Zeccia, Crew E Sports and Team Liquid Competition.

Balority Champions Tour Masters: Reykjavik proceeds to be irrelevant for the health and safety of athletes, officials, and local residents.

The tournament can watch African TV, Naver, Twitch, and YouTube.

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