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Practically My Floor: Factor & Click

  • 2 primary personalities with different perspectives on background.
  • Different courses to go across.
  • Places as well as characters reeled in comic style.
  • Fascinating problems that encourage you to assume momentarily.
  • Death is waiting on every corner.
  • Beast will survive on in your nightmares.

The Xbox Series X | S-and the PlayStation 5 version gets a 50 % discount for owners of the Xbox One-BZW. PlayStation 4 version.


Nearly My Floor will be released on July 1st for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch. Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions obtain an added 20 % price cut during the two-week pre-order phase.

Practically My Flooring (Xbox Series X | S) -7.99 euros.

Almost My Floor-Point & Click investigator in a frightening ambience of exceptional headaches. The maze of the limitless floors will not provide up his victim without a fight.

Practically My Floor-Point & Click investigative in a frightening environment of astonishing nightmares. Every action can finish fatally. Resolves the secret of the home # 9 homeowners or freak out. The maze of the endless floors will not provide up his sufferer without a fight.

Attributes: .

It is time to encounter the beasts, meet the various other home residents as well as to identify their destiny. The most important point is to escape the voids of fear… and also attempt to stay healthy later on.

Nearly My Flooring will be released on July 1st for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One as well as Nintendo Switch. The cost is only 9.99 euros Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions get an added 20 % discount during the two-week pre-order stage.

For Detective Adam Depend on, the strashing of keys is his life’s work. He does not wish to quit and also will certainly find out every little thing there is to learn more about house # 9. This time the cost for his ambition could be also high.

All consoles will certainly have

This is miserable news for Switch news. While Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and computer users will have access to this feature, the proprietors of Nintendo Change will certainly not be able to do what other PGA Tour 2K21 players will have the ability to do: develop their own customized training course.

One of the significant features of the new PGA Tour 2k21 video game is the designer race function. The designer race, which was a vital attribute of the franchise business The Golf Club, which came before the PGA Tour 2K franchise, is a setting that will allow gamers to create and also create their very own customized golf training course.

On August 5, the PGA Tour 2K team published a brand-new trailer for PGA Tour 2k21 highlighting the designer race setting. At the beginning of the trailer, a caution can be located suggesting that the designer race feature will certainly not be readily available for the Nintendo Switch.

Kao The Kangaroo: The crazy kangaroo is back

Tate Multimedia is delighted to be able to announce that Kao will be released more than 20 years after his debut today on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam and Epic Games Store.
Players who take Kao-extremely K-O-in hand, experience his greatest adventure so far.

The popular kangaroo embarks on a trip to find his disappeared sister and solve the mystery, which happened with his long lost father.

* Kao the Kangaroo-29.99 euros
In Kao the Kangaroo, the wonderful bag animal takes its famous magical boxing gloves and travels around the world to face famous fighters who are under the influence of a worrying, dark power.

Nintendo Switch: New update helps earn free

Nintendo rolls out the next update for the switch. This time you get a useful feature to keep the overview of your platinum points – and thus easier to get free content.


The latest update for the Nintendo Switch makes it easier for you, to keep track of your platinum points . With the update 14.1.0. If your hybrid console gets a notification feature that inform you quickly and practically about platinum points that you already earn, but not yet claim. (Source: Nintendo)

Thus, it is easier than ever to collect the points. If you have accumulated enough points through the performance of tasks and the use of certain features , you can exchange them for free content, discounts and other bonuses.

Nintendo Switch Platinum Points - Play Switch and Earn FREE MERCH!

Original message from 04 March 2022:

Nintendo has a new reward system for Switch online subscribers released. The feature offers you the chance to earn platinum points , which in turn can convert you into digital and real presents.

Nintendo Switch Online: New Reward Program Online

From now on you can easily secure platinum points and free content while gambling and the use of your Switch. For this you only have to carry out a few simple activities on your console. For example, you can save rewards by playing NES games or software with online function as well as the cloud backup of storage systems. (Source: Nintendo)

In the Nintendo Switch Online menu of your console you can look at the missions and rewards more closely ** and gets more information about the new feature. The activities are usually easy and quickly feasible as described and are regularly exchanged for new tasks. Among other things, the program also reminds a little bit of the Xbox bonus system.

Switch: Save for free content and platinum points

As rewards for your activities Nintendo gives you platinum points that you can exchange for digital backgrounds, for example. As a further innovation, you can put together your own unique user icon – For the platinum points, your framework, backgrounds and characters can be combined together for your account. Every week new symbol elements are offered if you want to change your picture.

Also real rewards can be unlocked by platinum points : Currently there is, for example, cable holder in the Pokémon Arceus design, Nintendo-64 gaming poster or a metroid dread pin set. (Source: Nintendo)

In the video we test for you the new OLED switch:

Gaming Deals for the weekend: Razer Gaming

Amazon Prime Day Gaming Deals!
You are looking for new games for the PS5, Nintendo Switch or your PC? A new headset or a gaming chair would be practical too? Then we have good news: We got on the search, the net throughout the best gaming offerings and lists following only offers that are not more favorable with no dealer.

Gaming accessories for austerity prices

This week, there are Razer Gaming Headsets and Gaming Chairs at Top Prices at Saturn and Amazon.

PlayStation 5 and PS4 offers of the week at a glance

Still looking for good gaming offers for the PlayStation 5 (checks here the availability of the console) or PS4? Here you exist:

If your PS plus subscribers are, do not forget to download the free games in March . If you want to buy a subscription, you can buy a 12-month membership here at Amazon.

The best Nintendo Switch offers for the weekend

Nintendo games and consoles have the reputation to always be very priced. It is all the better if there are switch games reduced in the offer. If you are still looking for the OLED variant, you can check availability here.

The best deals for the PC

Great game bargains for the PC and laptop, we also do not want to consider you:

Incidentally, do not forget that you can secure free games each month at Amazon if you have a Prime Account. If not, you can test Amazon Prime here for 30 days for free. The game remains after the end of membership in your library. It’s worth it!

Memories of Azur reveals an exclusive demo at the console for Nintendo Switch

Greak: Memories of Azur looks like a beautiful and fast adventure in a beautiful but hostile world, and we look forward to getting your hand on it. If you are in the same boat, do not worry, an exclusive demo at the console just released for Nintendo Switch.

In this game, players take control of Greak, Adara and Raydel, three brothers and sisters who have to flee their home to escape a murderous invasion. Each character has access to unique capabilities that will help him during his trip: Greak is small and agile, Adara can use the magic of the Arcanes and Raydel is a powerful fighter with specialized equipment.

Together, the trio must venture to the deepest in a hand drawn lush, filled with breathtaking environments and strange monsters. To survive, you will need to control the three brothers and sisters, transparently switch between the characters and solve complex puzzles to put them safe.

The main features include:

Greak: Memories of Azur - Nintendo Switch Review - I Dream of Indie

  • _ Hand-drawn art and animation: Enjoy a captivating story telling a family story, home and union, all animated by superb hand drawn art works_
  • _ Specially designed puzzles: The player will solve complex puzzles to navigate the world of azure, using the unique capabilities of the three brothers and sisters to flee the threat_
  • _ Unique gameplay: Each brother has his own powers and abilities, and the player will alternately alternate between the trio to better navigate the world.
  • _ Original band of the live orchestra: Enjoy expressive and atmospheric musical themes specially created to decorate this unique adventure._

This magnificent adventure platform game invites you to a world of cute little blues, fluid animations and many living dead to fight. Frightening ghosts, vicious zombies and demonic horned characters prevent you from escaping.

To save you, you and your siblings, you have to run, cut and make your way to freedom. Just continue moving. The output is through.

Greak: Memories of Azur will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and Steam for $ 15.99 £ / 19.99 / 19.99 €.

Do you think that Nintendo is sitting on the Metroid trilogy premium for Switch? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

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