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“Touken Ranbu Musou” Steam version will be released on May 24. With 4K/60fps compatible, the male figure of the swordsman is more beautiful

On May 17, DMM Games announced the release of the 3D action game “ Touken Ranbu ” Steam version. The release date is May 24. The price is 8778 yen (tax included). Reservations have been started today, and a trial version that can take over save data in the product version has been distributed.

“Touken Ranbu Musou” is a collaboration work of the sword training simulation game “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” and “Musou” series. Familiar swordsmen appearing in “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-” will be converted to 3D and fight in the Warring States period. In “Touken Ranbu Musou”, the story of the swordsmen in the Honmaru, who lost the priest, is drawn with the mysterious sword “appearance” that will appear for the first time in the series. This is the first console work of the Touken Ranbu series, and has been evaluated mainly by series fans since the release of the Nintendo Switch version and PC (DMM Games) version on February 17.

The Steam version announced today supports 4K high resolution. Playing at up to 60fps is also possible, and you can enjoy the beautiful swordsmen with more beautiful graphics. In addition, DLC, which has already been released on other platforms, will be released at the same time. In addition to the background of Honmaru and the addition of BGM, the DLC of this work is called “Inner -style costume”, which is another costume of swordsmen. It seems that you can enjoy the various costumes of swordsmen with a more beautiful graphic in the Steam version.

In the trial version that was now available today, you can play the “Introduction” of the main story. It is possible to experience an exhilarating warrior action with 15 swordsmen. Save data created in the trial version can be taken over to the product version, so you can play from the continuation after the game is released.

“Touken Ranbu Musou” Steam version will be released on May 24.

TOUKEN RANBU WARRIORS [DEMO] English Gameplay Walkthrough

© 2015 EXNOA LLC/Nitro Plus
© Koei Tecmo Games All Rights Reserved.

Nintendo Switch (TM) “Touken no Saiko” trial version will be delivered from February 3 (Thursday)! A photo campaign hit by a not for sale poster is also held!

Joint company EXNOA (Head office: Minato-ku, CEO: Midori, URL: is Nintendo Switch (TM) from February 3 (Thursday) )) I knew that the trial version of “Swordsun Sanko Muso” was started.

Joint company EXNOA (Head office: Minato-ku, CEO: Midori, URL: is Nintendo Switch (TM) from February 3 (Thursday) ) We started delivery of trial version of “Swordsan Sanko”.

The Nintendo SwitchTM “Touken Sanko” trial version that was started from today is used to play an introduction free of charge.

In addition, in commemoration of trial version delivery, a photo campaign will be held by 10 people by a non-sale “Sword Muso Poster” (B2 size). By all means, please post a boasting picture freely by shooting a sword math.

In addition, we also decided to deliver additional content (hereinafter, DLC) to enjoy this work more deeply. Details such as delivery date will be informed sequentially with the official site or official Twitter. Please look forward to the follow-up!

# Nintendo SwitchTM “Touken Sanko Muso” trial version delivery started!

Nintendo SwitchTM “Touken Sanko” trial version can be part of the main story, and you can play free of charge using a sword math 15.

Save data you have played can be taken over to the product version, so you can enjoy it from the continuation even after the game is released.

▼ Click here for downloading “Touken Sanken” trial version


· To download the trial version, about 2GB of free space of Nintendo SwitchTM main unit.
· Nintendo account is required to download the trial version.
· The use of trial version is free, but the communication fee for downloading will be borne by the customer.

# Not for sale “Touken Sanken Muso Posters” (B2 size) Held Photo Campaign!

“Touken Sanko Mai Photo Campaign” is being held to commemorate trial delivery delivery. Post a boasting sword Master’s photo with the “Photo Mode” system, put a Hash Tag “# Touken Sanka Successive Express Edition Photo Camp” and to Twitter.

From the person who took a lottery, we will give you the “Swords Sankida Posters B2 Size” (B2 size) for 10 people by lottery! Please see the official site for details.

Holding period: From February 3, 202 (Thu) to February 16, 2022 (Wed)

“Touken Sanka noou Photo Campaign” detail URL:

▲ ▲ Various swordsmen math pictures can be made by leveraging photomodes!

# DLC delivery decision such as additional costumes and draft arrange music!

“Swords Sanko Muso” that can change the season of Main Maru, “Honmaru Sai” and “Swords Ranbu -Online-“, “Additional song”, which is specially arranged for this work, and the sword Master Distribution of DLCs of “Inner New-style Booking”, which allows you to change the size of the DLC!

“Motaru Scenery” and “Additional Music” are the same time on the release of the book (Thursday) of February 17, and “Inner New Books” is scheduled to be distributed sequentially by the end of April. We are also planning a good season pass that you can purchase all DLCs together, so please wait for the follow-up.

“Touken Sanko Muso DLC” Detail URL:

▲ 3 3 songs and 3 songs and 2 songs of Main Song can be viewed and setup!

▲ 可能 “Swords Ranbu -online-” “Inner Number” can be changed to the image of the image!

▲ All DLCs’ s good deals passed will also be released!

# “Sword Sanka Muso”

Sword Development Simulation Game “Toukan Ranbu -online-” and Koe Tecmo Games, which is a collaboration action game “Muso” series of Kohe Tecomo Games, which can enjoy exhilarating action, is the first household game. We will update at any time on the official Twitter and the official site for the latest information and follow-up.

# Story Overview

The main “Audijo (Niwa)” who bundles the swordsmen, and the fifteen swing swords who drifted, suddenly the attack of receive.

Nintendo Switch Sports Official HD Trailer | Nintendo Direct February 2022

After that, it was the mission of “assault survey” that was brought from the time of time. The main lackers will lead to the Sengoku Rospeater, which goes to history modification.

“Touken Sanko Muso” official site:

Product information

Title: Touken Sanko Muso Platform: Nintendo SwitchTM / PC (DMM Game Player) Release Date: Tuesday, February 17 (Thu) Normal Edition Price: Hope Retail Price 8,778 yen (tax included) Rating: CERO B (targeted for 12 years old or more ) Rights notation: (C) 2015 EXNOA LLC / NITRO PLUS (C) Kohe Tecmo Games All Rights Reserved. “Swordsun Sanko” official site: “Touken no dance Muso “official Twitter: DMM GAMES console game official YouTube channel: swords dancing -ONLINE-: https: // / NetGame / Feature / tohken_html / = / NAVI = NONE / DMM Games PC / Consumer Game Official Twitter:

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