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Lost Ark Massive Suspension of RTM Account Online Number Plummets

Since May, the number of concurrent online users of the rapidly rising Steam version of Lost Ark has dropped sharply recently. After the operator Amazon banned script accounts on a large scale from the 15th of this month, the number of simultaneous online users quickly decreased to more than 200,000.

As of 2:00 p.m. Beijing time on June 20, the number of simultaneous online users of the Steam version of Lost Ark dropped to 273,010. You must know that the Steam version of Lost Ark exceeded 830,000 simultaneous online users on the 15th of this month. In other words, it dropped to more than 200,000 people in just five days. Moreover, on the 18th and 19th as weekends, the number of people online at the same time was more than usual, but there was still a decrease.

The Steam version of The Lost Ark has dropped so quickly in simultaneous online numbers, basically because of the massive ban on scripted accounts. As early as last month, Operator Amazon announced that it had suspended millions of accounts for using scripts. However, a larger-scale ban was initiated after some players reported accounts using scripts.

One day after the measures were taken, that is, on the 16th of this month, the number of simultaneous online users of the Steam version of Lost Ark decreased by 150,000, showing the impact of the relevant measures on the number of concurrent online users.

The scripting issue with the Steam version of Lost Ark started last month. At the end of April, the number of concurrent players online was stable at around 300,000 to 400,000, but in May, it suddenly jumped from 800,000 to 900,000. This caused trouble for regular game players, and players began to report many script accounts responsible for collecting gold coins and selling gold coins in the game.

It can be seen that the large-scale blockade measures adopted by the operators this time have achieved specific results. To this end, the operator has also banned millions of game accounts and said it is fighting against script accounts by blocking advertisements for selling gold coins and strengthening the reporting function. However, due to little success, players of regular games are dissatisfied.

Which Best open-world Games can Replace Fallout on PC?

Prolonged and painful reflections led us to conclude that many excellent games were not included in the article. However, they are not similar to Fallout in plot and setting (and sometimes completely different) but have elements of similarity directly in the gameplay.

And since the main feature of the Fallout series has always been and remains glorious freedom of action based on a large and seamless open world, it would be fair to end this material by listing games with the similar world order.
I immediately provide you with a link to a valuable and interesting article that details all the best open-world games on PC.


Fallout takes place in the Western United States, and Atom RPG takes the player to the world of the Soviet Wastes. He will become one of the few who survived the nuclear war between the USSR and the Western bloc, resulting in the apocalypse.
Atom RPG is an isometric role-playing game in which, like in Fallout, gamers have to explore the world around them, filled with various dangers and mutants. The player will meet other survivors and go for resources in devastated forests, fields, and other locations.


A tactical role-playing game from Brian Fargo, one of the creators of the Fallout universe. Yes, and many gameplay elements seem familiar from the first part of this legendary game. It was the Wasteland series, like no other, that got as close as possible to Fallout in terms of atmosphere.
Of course, despite the isometric camera, the level of graphics, detailing, and environment elaboration are often better in Wasteland. The gameplay is so saturated that almost every task provides several solutions. Any action of the heroes will direct the development of the plot in a specific direction and affect the state of the local world and its inhabitants.


A very atmospheric RPG, more similar to Fallout 2 than others. The main distinguishing features of this project are:
An advanced role-playing system.
Many game features.
An intriguing non-linear story that tells about the survival of people underground.
The game is a kind of reincarnation of the classic isometric RPG. Therefore, it contains such features typical of the genre as turn-based battles, many dialogues, and enormous opportunities for playing the chosen role.
Unfortunately, UnderRail took such an unpleasant feature of the old school CRPGs as very fuzzy, low-quality graphics, although it appeared in 2015.
Another drawback for Russian-speaking gamers, which is often present in products from indie developers – the absence of the Russian language. However, it can be partially fixed if you download an amateur crack for UnderRail from the network.


Despite its considerable age, the game has a fully three-dimensional environment and an open world (although not seamless, divided into locations). It offers the player many weapons, ammunition, and other valuable adventure equipment.
The gameplay principle here is relatively standard for an RPG. During the journey, the hero constantly encounters various characters offering to complete a couple of tasks that are not very interesting and varied but adequately paid. In addition, often on his way, he will come across another category of NPCs with unique parameters and valuable skills, from which he will have to form his brigade to establish a new order.
In Fall, you can easily ride through the wastelands in a buggy or a hummer. There is also an opportunity to craft useful little things from various rubbish collected during wanderings worldwide. True, there are no recipes here, so you will have to act at random by trial and error.
Fall: Last Days of Gaia is not just a game similar to Fallout, but one of the first survivors in the post-apocalyptic world, so to speak, the great-great-grandfather of modern survivalists


An isometric co-op action game that takes players into the distant future. True, not the brightest – as planned by the developers, the world survived the post-apocalypse, and people were divided into three factions. Their ultimate goal is to take possession of the treasures of the Crater. This is the name of the epicenter of the apocalypse in the game world. It represents countless caves and tunnels filled with technological artifacts and values ​​​​of the old civilization.
The user will have to explore the Crater alone or with friends, complete tasks, upgrade characters, craft weapons and equipment, and participate in intense battles against crowds of enemies and bosses. Although the game looks different from our primary guest, the atmosphere of post-apocalypse and adventure is preserved!


Encased is inspired by the original Fallout and Roadside Picnic, as revealed by the developers on the game’s Steam page. This is a post-apocalyptic turn-based RPG in which players will explore a wasteland full of anomalies, level up a hero, complete faction missions, and influence the world’s fate.
Encased is very similar to the classic Fallout series despite a slightly different setting – sci-fi post-apocalyptic instead of retro-futuristic post-apocalypse. At the same time, it is original enough not to become a stale clone of the cult franchise.


The Outer Worlds is as far from Fallout as possible. Literally, the game takes hundreds of light-years from Earth, and it doesn’t smell like a post-apocalypse either: humanity lives and thrives in a colony somewhere on the edge of the galaxy.
However, this is a game from Obsidian Entertainment, and it strongly resembles Fallout: New Vegas – with the same frivolous style, black humor, and player-driven plot. If you are bored with the bleak wastelands of Fallout, perhaps the bright landscapes of The Outer Worlds will give you new emotions.


Biomutant combines a colorful post-apocalypse with a touch of fantasy, parkour, and kung fu. Imagine that there were no people left in the world of Fallout, and ghouls, deathclaws, and super mutants built a new society on the ruins of civilization.
Biomutant exploits something like this setting: here, in the role of a mutated animal, you have to explore the ruins of cities and abandoned tunnels, look for artifacts of bygone days, and fight opponents using melee and ranged weapons. Funny and cute game, to the eyeballs stuffed with various activities.


Mad Max is an adaptation of the fourth part of the cult movie saga Mad Max. It should be noted that the first film appeared long before the release of Fallout (1979 versus 1997), and Fury Road, being its direct sequel, only picked up the glorious traditions of the diesel saga, modernizing and honoring them. The game based on Fury Road, in turn, adopted all the ideas laid down in the 2015 film, successfully supplementing them with a large number of its developments in terms of gameplay.
Therefore, it is not entirely correct to perceive Mad Max as a Fallout-like game because this franchise, created by George Miller, which was the basis for it, became the inspiration for almost all subsequent post-apocalyptic games including Fallout. Well, it doesn’t matter.
Mad Max is a spectacular, at times intense, open-world game. Its main advantage is an unpredictable and dynamically developing plot, almost all of which missions have an accurate Hollywood production.
In general, if you like the spirit of dieselpunk, like Fallout, and like the atmosphere of the films from the Mad Max cycle, then be sure to play this miracle – you are guaranteed a lot of impressions and pleasant emotions.


A free-to-play post-apocalyptic MMO set in a cross between Mad Max and Fallout 4.
The gameplay is based on fights involving monster-like cars assembled from many different parts and equipped with deadly guns. True, this time, the battles take place in full 3D, and the graphics of Crossout are pretty modern.
The game’s main feature is that gamers get the opportunity to build their car literally from scratch. Therefore, each created mode of transport has its design, unique technical parameters, and tactical advantages.
In addition to an advanced workshop, the game pleases with a complex damage system and the possibility of free trade between players, which allows you to get rid of unnecessary parts and weapons usefully.


A series of post-apocalyptic games that needs no introduction for Russian-speaking gamers. Based on the famous novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky, the Metro 2033 series, together with the STALKER series, is one of the most popular and recognizable game franchises in the post-Soviet space.
The games have incorporated all the best that should be present in a quality AAA action game: superb graphics, a substantial well-designed world with which the hero can interact closely, a fascinating storyline with a large number of colorful and memorable characters, and exciting shooting mechanics and much more.
Metro is not a concept of a post-apocalyptic world copied from Fallout, but rather an author’s look at what life could be like after a nuclear war. But in the end, both universes got a lot of common ground and similar elements, which is a big plus for Fallout fans.


A post-apocalyptic first-person shooter was developed by the creators of iconic PFSs such as Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein. Unsurprisingly, gunfights and chases (there are vehicles in the game) among the desert, post-nuclear landscapes are the essence of Rage. And if you have already played enough in Fallout 4, you should pay attention to this project.
The game offers a selection of unusual weapons with various upgrades and ammunition types, a variety of opponents, including both raiders and radiation-spawned mutants, and breathtaking racing missions and special competitions. Transport, by the way, is also subject to modernization and cosmetic improvement.


Multiplayer survival shooter set in guess where? That’s right – in a harsh world, experiencing an apocalypse. Unlike Fallout, here, the end of the world was caused by a deadly plague, but the atmosphere is similar.
Miscreated takes a little bit from different parts of Fallout: it has a flexible base building system, like in the fourth part, and the game itself is an MMO, like Fallout 76. True, the survival mechanics here are much more profound – get ready to get your food, fight external dangers, scold players who crept up from behind, and make dangerous forays into ruined cities, the ruins of which hide mutants.


It is an unusual project with specific notes of similarity not with the main Fallout series but with its spin-off for Fallout Shelter’s mobile platforms.
This War of Mine is a 2D war survival simulator where the player controls a group of survivors who need regular food and medical supplies. In addition, they must be protected from all-seeing and ruthless snipers and marauding encroachments of other refugees.
There is no unbridled action in this game, and even crammed with events constantly evolving storyline. But there is an incredible atmosphere in its effect on the psyche, enveloping the consciousness with a dense veil, forcing you to take a fresh look at many values ​​​​and life guidelines that seem to have long and firmly settled inside. And all because of This War of Mine, every minute puts players in front of a terrible moral choice, making it clear that sometimes the distinction between black and white, good and evil is erased, painting everything in gray when the only, almost bestial thirst for life comes first even at the cost of the lives of others.
One of the most atmospheric and emotionally complex games in the history of the gaming industry.


A Fallout-type game that offers an unusual combination of three genres at once: RPG, RTS, and car simulator. Events are developing in the post-apocalypse, but unlike other similar projects, the main character spends almost the entire gameplay behind the wheel of a vehicle. The same applies to his comrades, of whom there can be six people in the detachment simultaneously.
Desert Law offers more than four dozen vehicles upgraded for combat, each of which can be subjected to additional improvements.
The plot of the game, the development of which is shown with the help of colorful comics, is divided into 29 exciting episodes, providing an opportunity to participate in exciting battles in the spirit of Carmageddon and Ex Machina (by the way, the latter is another variation on the Fallout on wheels theme).
In general, a good game, but it should be borne in mind that it was released a long time ago – in 2005.


In the world, Mr. Prepper, the nuclear apocalypse has not yet arrived. But it is inevitable, so the main character begins to build a bunker in which they can survive any adversity.
It’s a Fallout Shelter-style side-scrolling strategy where you build deep, not up: create a safe underground shelter, place farms, greenhouses, and living quarters, mine the items and materials you need to survive, and beware of people from the government who will be certainly interested in your activities.


In Fallout 4, we took the first steps toward restoring society. Along with the usual gameplay of a role-playing action game, the mechanics of settlement management were available to us.
Endzone: A World Apart offers similar gameplay focusing solely on managing a post-apocalyptic city. This is a city-building simulator about the rebirth of civilization, where you will help people survive in conditions of radioactive contamination, acid rain, sandstorms, and other adversities. And along the way, you will send expeditions to the outside world, get pre-war artifacts and save the survivors.


Another game in the genre of settlement management is in the setting of a nuclear apocalypse. Whether a handful of people will survive under challenging conditions depends only on you. Moreover, the developers did everything to make the outcome negative: there were few supplies, many dangers, marauders and gangs attacked without a break for lunch, and even their settlers could unleash a Civil War if they didn’t like something. However, the great difficulty only fuels interest in the game.
Outside the base in The Last Haven, the world thrives: opposing factions can be tracked on the global map, zombies and mutants live their own lives, and in sorties, you control each unit.

Lost Ark May 26 Maintenance Patch Notes Available

This Thursday, May 26, 2022, Amazon Games will be conducting weekly maintenance to fix various bugs and issues found in Lost Ark, including one related to the Valor Coins that can be obtained in PvP. The maintenance starts at 9:00 am (Madrid time) and finish five hours later, around 2:00 pm. The time CEST indicated in the official announcement stands for Central European Summer Time. It is specifically Madrid time, Spanish time, converted to summertime (to put it most simply).

Lost Ark Patch Notes for May 26, 2022
All Lost Ark servers and regions will be offline today, May 26, from 9 am CEST for regular weekly updates and maintenance. Server downtime is expected to last up to 5 hours and will allow the following fixes to be applied:

Fixed an issue where players would receive the wrong amount of High-Value Coins at the end of a PvP match
The Lost Ark team also identifies users who received the wrong amount of Valor Coins after the monthly update and makes up the difference between what was earned and what should have been. It is a more manual process that will take several more days than established, so the study asks for patience from players who have suffered this failure.

They fixed an issue that allowed players to send HTML in the chat window, resulting in excessive whitespace.
Fixed an issue that would crash Book of Coordination saving if combat skill presets were loaded on a warlock
It is expected that everything will be solved by the afternoon, and players can return to Archesia as usual.

League Of Legends Bug Reveals The Next Big Event Coming To The Game

Riot Games is having a lot of trouble keeping the news about hitting League of Legends a secret. We have seen it with the case of Bel’Veth, a champion with whom all the leaks were baited. However, it is not always the fault of information leaks that news reaches the public ahead of time. Sometimes, the developer’s partners make a mistake that allows us to know the future of the video game. This time, precisely what has happened with skin points to the great summer event.

The Star Guardians return to League of Legends.
The issue has surfaced in a video posted by the Korean League of Legends account. It showcased the changes from patch 12.10 that just hit and showed off the new return to base animations that will be given out as a reward for being an honorable player. The problem is that, when showing her on different champions, a Rell skin appeared that has not yet made it to the game and corresponds to the Star Guardian theme. A set of cosmetics whose return has been rumored for some time could be coming to the game very soon.

Different leaders have been pointing out the possibility that this line of skins will be incorporated into the game in recent months, and now Riot Games seems to confirm it because of a bug. The dates would still be determined, although everything indicates that Guardians of the Stars will star in the great event of the summer, and hopefully, they will join the title in the middle of next July. It is on these dates that these types of events usually take place. The last two years with Spiritual Bloom and The Ruin are what happened.

Beyond the aspects and their possible release date, it is unknown what the main mechanics of the event will be or the plans of Riot Games in this regard. A Kai’Sa cosmetic will likely join Rell’s skin, but in any case, a dozen skins could be released that are yet to be determined. Ultimately, we also want to highlight that the summer event is always the biggest event of the year, and, while it didn’t happen with The Ruin, it’s also a player favorite.

Game events in summer: in the absence of E3, the date of Summer Game Fest

It will be a different year due to the absence of E3, but throughout the summer, there will be various fairs that will calm us down with news. We leave you the calendar, which we will update as new events are announced.

This will be a somewhat sad summer in the world of video games due to the absence of E3, which is the quintessential event in our sector, and where launches usually agglomerate thanks to the different presentations of the companies during those days. The fair indeed needed a change of scenery, and they promised that they would return with more strength next year.

The good thing is that we have not been wholly orphaned, and throughout the summer, we will have various events, spread over time, where we will learn about all the news in the sector, with the titles that will hit the market in the coming months.

So, throughout the summer, we will have several events, some already confirmed and others announced in the coming days, to calm the desire for news and discover the information that will arrive on our consoles and PCs.

For this reason, we have prepared a calendar with all the events related to the sector that we will be able to enjoy in the coming months, with their dates and everything we expect. We will update the content as new information becomes known.

Netflix Geek Week
Date: From June 6 to 10
An event organized by Netflix where they will update their catalog. The platform is known for its many series and movies about video games, and we will probably know many more. Each day is dedicated to a specific theme, which will be the following: series, movies, animation, Stranger Things, and games. We are interested in all of them, especially the last one, from June 10.

Summer Game Fest
Date: June 9 at 8:00 p.m. (peninsular time)
We have been with the Summer Game Fest for several years as a counterpart to E3, and this year is especially called to compensate for its absence. An event organized by Geoff Keighley, who is also in charge of The Game Awards gala, will be loaded, hopefully, “World Premiere” with industry news for three hours.

Upload VR Showcase
Date: June 9 (time to be confirmed)
Virtual reality games are increasingly growing and becoming more critical in the sector, so this will be the opportunity to find out more news and encourage more users to try this revolutionary technology that never ceases to amaze.

Tribeca Games Spotlight
Date: June 10
Emerging from the popular film festival and showing the sector’s growth, the Tribeca Games Festival will also offer a series of presentations that also include the possibility of playing demos and seeing interviews with its creators. All are designed to create closeness with the user. It has been the center where games like Kena or A Plague Tale have been shown in-depth so that we can expect gems.

Guerrilla Collective Showcase
Date: June 11 at 6:00 p.m. (peninsular time)
Guerrilla Collective is a digital gaming showcase to reveal new announcements, trailers, gameplay, and a Steam event page for wishlists, demos, game preorders, etc. All with the presence of developers and creatives live.

Future of Play Direct
Date June 11 at 6:30 p.m. (peninsular time)
Future Of Play Direct is a biannual Toonami-inspired showcase highlighting new ways to play and a collection of newly curated games. One of those exciting events if the indie scene catches your attention.

Xbox & Bethesda Showcase
Date: June 12 at 7:00 p.m. (peninsular time)
Although we are disappointed with the delay of Starfield and Redfall, we will surely be forgotten in one of the most anticipated events of the year. The Xbox and Bethesda show will include everything you need to know about the lineup of games coming to the Xbox ecosystem, including new releases for Game Pass on console and PC.

PC Gaming Show
Date: June 12 at 9:30 p.m. (peninsular time)
As soon as the Xbox and Bethesda event is over, we will have another exciting one focused on the PC video games that are to come. These events usually have ups and downs on their level, but there are always exciting gems. Studios like Klei Entertainment (Don’t Starve) and 11-bit studios (This War of Mine, Forstpunk) are known to present their respective new games, so there’s plenty of reason to stay tuned.

Gamescom 2022
Date: from August 24 to 28
After two years of absence due to the health situation, Gamescom returns this year in a physical event, with which we can finally see the news first-hand on the spot. It is an essential video game fair in Europe. It will have the responsibility even more of compensating for the absence of E3 and showing us everything that will arrive at the end of the year and what we expect for the next 2023.

How to create V Rising Bricks and what do you need to get them?

In this short guide, dedicated to a new resource in V Rising, we will see how to make stone bricks using the grinder. They will then be used to build a more substantial castle with much more presence. It is quite true that during the first hours of the game, the dream of living in a “castle” worthy of a vampire lord is still far from being a reality. But as you slowly work your way through V Rising’s basic quests, the game will eventually prompt you to upgrade stone brick builds. From this point, serious things begin, and we tell you how to achieve them.

How to make a Chopper?
This is one of the first Refinement Workshops in the V Rising build menu. But you will have to go through several previous stages that will require you to collect materials that are a little more advanced than just stone and wood. To be sure, you will need to have upgraded the hammer to be able to mine copper ores. Improved armor is also recommended for clearing bandit camps.

First step: the forge
We’re going to get past the sawmill pass, and you should make it easy. On the other hand, you will need copper ore for the furnace, and for that, you will have to go through the small step indicated above: improve the hammer. Then you will have to burn 80 copper ores inside to create the four ingots necessary for the design of the crusher. The copper ores will take you deeper into the forest, but you should come across them regularly on your way.

Second step: The sharpening stones
It’s a bit complex, but you’ll first need to find some in the wild to build the grinder to craft whetstones. Following the short guide below, you will see how to make them and where to find them very quickly on the map. An efficient option is to go to the points of interest and see what resources are in each place from the map. Please take advantage of it to optimize your trips through the forest.

Stone bricks and dust, the resources of the crusher
Like all other automatic stations, this workshop works thanks to the essence of blood you have collected during your victories. By sliding rough stones into the crusher, you will collect stone dust necessary to manufacture whetstone and the famous bricks needed for the advancement of your castle. Once the required components have been assembled, head back to camp and craft the structure.

Which are the Games Alternatives to Pokémon for the PC?

Pokémon has become a true cultural phenomenon, and in Japan, culture is already mixing with pocket monsters: cities have ambassador Pokémon, and the creatures are even present at weddings. Nevertheless, there is comparatively little competition in monster collecting games. But it is there nonetheless.

Pokémon for the PC does not officially exist. But there are numerous alternatives! How many similarities the individual titles still have with Pokémon can be found in the respective description. And that is exactly what we present to you in this list. The most important aspect of this overview is: You must be able to collect monsters.
On the other hand, if you are interested in some of the background to the Pokémon series itself, we will tell you how localization errors significantly shaped the series in an article.


In Bugsnax, you mainly catch the 100 types of monsters to eat them! Catching itself is the most crucial gameplay element. You have to set up classic traps because you don’t just throw a ball.
But the gameplay doesn’t stand alone. You can take the Bugsnax into battle against larger opponents. Alternatively, give them to the various NPCs and see how they change depending on the snack! Because at the same time, you still have to find out what happened to researcher Elizabeth Megafig.
It’s time for cosmetics when you’ve just had enough of the hunt! Not only can you decorate your shelter, but you can also put hats on the numerous snack animals!

Pokemon Reborn

Pokémon Reborn is an entirely free Pokémon fan game developed in RPG Maker and combines Pokémon of all generations in one game and incorporates new ideas and features such as area effects. There is also a fully functional online mode where you can fight and trade.
Otherwise, everything you would expect from a Pokémon game awaits you here. Catch monsters, train them, and finally compete against each other in battles. There are also arena fights and a separate story that will be continued with regular updates.
However, the world is an entirely separate one. So you won’t hike the exact areas you know from the originals. The game also doesn’t shy away from getting a little dark.

Tuxemon wants to be the enormous open-source Pokémon alternative, but it’s still in the very early stages of development. The game principle and graphic design have been taken over almost 1:1 from Pokémon, but they have also created their world and the associated monsters.
Due to its current pre-alpha status, you can’t play it very far just yet. This makes it most suitable for enthusiasts who want to follow the project’s development in the future or who might want to work on it themselves. As you can see from the release date, the development of such free projects likes to drag on a bit.
Because currently, the first city and a handful of fights are integrated. Accordingly, you can find out the story’s premise and test the turn-based combat system. A long journey through the world, on the other hand, is still a long way off.

Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne HD Remaster
While the series Persona was born from has long lived on consoles, it’s returned to PC with the Shin Megami Tensei 3 Nocturne HD Remaster! This list should be called Best Megami Tensei Alternatives for PC because the series had monster-collecting gameplay before Pokémon. And they weren’t even the first to do so.
Enter a post-apocalyptic Tokyo as you follow the story of a Japanese high school student who became a half-demon. A core element of the gameplay is negotiating with enemy demons. You don’t throw balls at them, and you have to bribe them instead or answer philosophical questions.
Finally, the battles themselves play out in typical turn-based JRPG battles, in which you have to consider the various strengths and weaknesses of the opponents. Especially when fighting stronger monsters, it is essential to exploit their weaknesses.

Digital Tamers Reborn

Digital Tamers Reborn is an entirely free Digimon fan game, combining Tamagotchi gameplay with monster battles. Finally, the challenge of the game comes through challenges like boss fights.
The development is also fascinating. You must first take care of the needs of your Digimon and train them. Then you send them into battles against other monsters. They act almost entirely independently. Only later in the game can you influence the fights with objects or commands. Finding the requirements for each is an essential aspect of the game.
Finally, you catch new monsters in a kind of open world. However, you don’t travel them directly yourself. Instead, you see the monsters on a map and then command your own to fight them. If it is successful, you will get a new Digimon egg.

Monster Crown

Monster Crown is very similar in design to the first generation of Pokémon but offers a much more serious setting. The story’s darker aspects are correspondingly more in the foreground than in the original.
You don’t make friends with the monsters here. Instead, you make a pact with them. The beings protect you, and you help them to become stronger. As in the first Pokémon, the battles themselves are fought in a one vs. one format and are turn-based.
The breeding system is another unique feature because you can cross the 200 standard monsters with each other as you wish and thus create entirely new species! They finally get into other players’ worlds thanks to an online exchange function.


Nexomon is another monster-collecting game that’s more Pokemon-centric. The graphic style is reminiscent of the older parts of Nintendo’s series before they leaped at the third dimension. You can catch more than 300 creatures here.
You take on the role of a child of two scientists and are also accompanied by a robot named Atlas. Your goal is to stop the evil Nexolord. The gameplay couldn’t be more similar to Pokémon. You will randomly encounter monsters that you can fight or catch in turn-based battles in the long grass. There are other trainers that you duel with. The usual elementary strengths and weaknesses are also included. However, catching the monsters is entirely random: if you defeat one, the game decides whether you get it or not.
Nexomon was initially released for Android and iOS. Only at the end of 2019 did it leap to the PC with a graphics update. In addition to Nexomon, there is also Nexomon: Extinction. In addition, the successor Nexomon 2 should also appear on Steam.

World of Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy consists not only of well-known role-playing games but also spawned some offshoots. One of them is World of Final Fantasy, all about collecting monsters.
You explore the land of Grymoire, and here, you can collect, customize and develop a wide variety of creatures. The creatures themselves call themselves Mirage, and as a player, you take on the role of a Mirage keeper. This happens as in Pokémon itself: If you have weakened the monsters enough in battle, you can make friends with them.
The battles use the Active Time Battle system known from the other Final Fantasy games, which are turn-based and have a real-time component. Depending on which Mirage you have in battle, you will also receive additional bonuses.

Persona 4 Golden

You also collect monsters in Persona 4 Golden. However, this works a little differently than in Pokémon. The creatures here are called Persona, and you get them randomly after completing battles. You can always carry a limited number with you and use their abilities in battle.
Although the Personas also level up and learn new skills, they don’t have any developments like Pokémon. Instead, you can fuse them with other demonic monsters to create unique and more robust Personas. Away from the battles, you will also explore a rural Japanese town, attend school and expand your circle of friends, making your Personas stronger.
The game was initially released in 2008 for the Playstation 2. However, an extended version for the Vita followed in 2012, making it to the PC again in 2020. Barely a year later, the offshoot Persona 5 Strikers followed.

Slime ranchers

Slime Rancher is a sandbox game. Here you catch the slime balls with your vacuum cleaner and then keep them on your farm. However, slime is not just slime and can take different forms. Slime in the shape of a cat? No problem! Likewise, they can have their properties, such as being radioactive or simply exploding spontaneously.
Pokémon meets Stardew Valley: The farm itself is also essential in addition to the catching aspect. Because you not only have to catch the slimy creatures but also lock them in enclosures and then take care of them. After all, if they’re in a bad mood, they’ll have little interest in staying on your farm. And depending on the species, they have other preferences that you have to consider when keeping and caring for them.
Even though the game was released in 2017, it still gets content updates. In December 2019, there was an event with new musical instruments that you could unlock.

Monster Sanctuary

What happens when you mix Pokemon with Metroid? The German developer Moi Rai Games probably asked the same question and developed Monster Sanctuary. Your journey begins by choosing one of four starter monsters. Then you move through a 2D pixel world in which many paths are closed at first. Only the unique abilities of some monsters open up different ways.
The fights are similar to those of Pokémon, and you take turns choosing attacks. Here, too, the monsters’ specific elemental strengths and weaknesses are essential. There is also a combo counter that boosts all of your attacks. You don’t get new companions by catching, but good ratings in the fights. Because that’s the only way, you have a higher chance of better loot, including the rare monster eggs.
Monster Sanctuary previously only appeared in an Early Access version and received its third major content update in December 2019, which added online PvP to the title. The full release is scheduled for 2020. If you want to try the title for a short time, you can download a demo.

Ni No Kuni

Ni No Kuni is a JRPG made in collaboration with Studio Ghibli. Here young Oliver tries to save his mother in a parallel world. It’s populated by many monsters that you can catch and then use in battle. However, the parallels to Pokémon stop when collecting the 444 creatures.
The combat system is a mixture of real-time and turn-based. In the battle arenas, you can move completely freely. There are cooldowns for your skills, and your monsters are subject to a stamina system. In addition, your creatures take part in the fight and you with magic and melee weapons.
The Japan role-playing game was initially released for the Nintendo DS and later received an expanded version for the PS3. It was only released as a remaster for the PC and the Nintendo Switch in addition to the PS4 in 2019.

What New Games are Coming to PC Game Pass in May 2022?

Incredible, but the next month of 2022 is already here. What does this mean? New games migrate to PC Game Pass and can be played by subscribers. This month you can look forward to a stylish samurai game and space travel like no other. Note: Microsoft has yet to release a complete list of all the additions, but we already know of a few games joining the service this month. We’re also following you closely and will update this article as Microsoft releases more information.

Trek to Yomi

At first glance, the story of Trek to Yomi sounds ordinary: the protagonist, Hiroki, has to experience how his teacher was killed in a brutal attack when he was a child. Years later, he is plotting revenge on the one hand and trying to protect the people around him. So far, it is widely known.
Trek to Yomi’s strengths may not lie in the story but in maintaining a monochromatic visual presentation and fundamental game mechanics. Unsurprisingly, swordfights are a big part of Trek to Yomi, and they play smoothly.

Hard space: Shipbreaker

After nearly two years in Early Access, Hard space: Shipbreaker is now complete, bringing the anti-dev game into the full version. Why do you want to rebel? The answer is simple because, in the new game from the creators of Homeworld, you are a sort of scrap collector who must dismantle space stations and spaceships.
At first glance, this sounds easier than it is. After all, you are in space, and the physical and technological conditions there are not necessarily straightforward. If you make a small mistake, the ship might explode outright, or you push yourself away from the object too hard and end up in the vast expanse of space.

Sniper Elite 5

This time, the fifth installment of the series takes you to France during World War II, with protagonist Fairborn once again focusing on destroying a covert operation. You’ll need to dive into fairly open levels and shoot enemies from a distance – after all, you’re a sniper. Alternatively, you can also prefer open battles.

More PC games are added to Game Pass in May
Loot River:
This pixelated dungeon crawler is all about – who would have thought – loot! However, there is still an exciting twist. We can move some of the platforms we’re standing on, opening up new paths in the level.

Citizen Sleeper:
A role-playing game set in an exciting cyberpunk world where you constantly end up with new bodies. You are the digital human consciousness owned by a ruthless corporation – they sent you to the space station to work hard. But of course, you don’t want to put up with this! You will affect the future that awaits you and other residents through your decisions. Citizen Sleeper is top-rated on Steam and will be our insider in May 2022.

This War of Mine: Final Cut:
A frustrating anti-war game based on the real experiences of war witnesses. You control a small group of civilians trying to ensure their survival in a besieged city. Sometimes survival games present you with bad moral choices.

Eiyuden Chronicle – Rising:
This is a hybrid of action RPG and city-building, a prequel to the upcoming RPG Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes. In Rising, you’ve learned about some of the characters that will play an essential role in Hundred Heroes later on.

Danganronpa 2:
Goodbye Desperate Anniversary Edition: Summer School Trip to a (Supposedly) Desert Island – Sounds Comfortable? Until you and your friends have to fight the murderous villain Monokuma. A remake will be released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the popular anime action-adventure.

Assassin’s Creed – Origins
At least Microsoft confirmed in April that action-adventure games like For Honor’s Marching Fire Edition would be added to Game Pass soon. In May, an exciting reboot of the Assassin’s Creed franchise may also come to Game Pass. However, there is no exact date yet.

These games are leaving Game Pass in May.
No longer included in subscriptions as of May 1, 2022:

Streets of Rage 4 (Cloud, Konsole, and PC)
Outlast 2 (cloud, console, and PC)
Cricket 19 (Cloud, Konsole, and PC)

No longer subscribed as of May 10, 2022:
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Edition (Cloud und Konsole)

No longer subscribed as of May 15, 2022:
Enter the dungeon (cloud, console, and PC)
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remastered (Console and PC)
Remnant: From the Ashes (Cloud, Konsole, and PC)
Steep (cloud and console)
The Catch: Carp and Coarse (Cloud, Konsole, and PC)
Wild at Heart (Cloud, Konsole, and PC)

Which are Exciting and Free PC Games for 2022 without Real Money?

Free2Play games have experienced such a boom in recent years that even bigger games have copied their monetization methods. Playing PC games without spending any money and buying more minor game advantages or skins is very popular with users.
So much so that the full version, which is genuinely wholly free, is down a bit. And, although they don’t have to hide when it comes to entertainment.

How are the games on this list different? You can download all the games listed here for free, and in most cases, you can play without registration. They also have no microtransactions at all. You can neither buy game advantages nor in-game stores such as skins. The only good monetization is an optional donation to the developer.


Widelands is a game for those who miss the good old days of The Settlers 2. Because the model is prominent. You build a medieval city by placing buildings and connecting them with roads. You have to keep shipping routes short by establishing producers and recyclers relatively close together. The farm is best near the mill, and the baker should not be far away.
Widelands offers extensive multiplayer modes and campaigns for five different nations, all of which can be played differently.

How does the game make money?
Widelands accepts donations via PayPal, debit, and credit cards to fund server operations. However, there are no incentives, such as mentioned in credits.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a multiplayer shooter released in 2003, set in World War II. As official support ends, the game thanks to the community for their help in ET: Legacy.
The Axis and allies fight for numerous mission objectives that you must defend or attack. Alternatively, there are some game modes like Last Man Standing. The community also creates many maps. All official maps are based on real locations.

How does the game make money?
ET Legacy was developed entirely in the team’s spare time. There is no way to support the project financially.

Beyond All Reason originated from the Balanced Annihilation project but focused more on automation than the original. The sci-fi strategy game builds a massive army while defending your commander. Zero-K’s gameplay is based on Supreme Commander.
In addition to multiplayer matches, there’s an entire campaign where you can play cooperatively with other players, and you’ll permanently unlock new technologies and units along the way.

How does the game make money?
Zero-K is not for profit but funds its servers’ operation, development, and advertising entirely through donations. For every euro invested, supporters receive an honor, for which they can earn an in-game avatar or commander skin.
Strictly speaking, games have stores. There are ten skins and two icons to choose from. However, since a single skin is barely noticeable in an RTS game with hundreds of units, Zero-K still deserves a place.

Battle for Wesnoth
The Battle of Wesnoth takes place in a medieval fantasy setting. You can command over 200 units spread across six factions on a single hexagonal map.
In combat, you need to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each unit and factors such as time of day and terrain, in addition to the multiplayer mode with 55 maps. It consists of 17 events that provide a total of 268 maps. Based on your decisions, you will see 245 missions in one run due to different story paths. So you can’t complain about the scope here.

How does the game make money?
In addition to donations, Battle for Wesnoth is funded through a paid version for iOS. There is no advantage to this, and the iOS version is identical in content to the other platforms. This is also necessary because the game supports cross-play.

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead
In the future of Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, most of humanity has been wiped out, and zombies and numerous monsters are taking over the world. You explore procedurally generated maps and try to survive by defeating monsters and building shelters and vehicles with NPCs. No target.
Correspondingly, the game also has many survival mechanics like hunger, thirst, morale, disease, mutation, and temperature that you have to take care of. If you die, your character is over, but you can continue to play in the same world. There’s a reason this all reminds you of the Zomboid project. Its developers are known to be fans of Cataclysm.
If you are bothered by graphics, you can simply use a different set of tiles. You can switch easily in the game’s options menu. A selection is already included in the download.

How does the game make money?
The game’s official website lists several ways to support the project. No advantage. No reward system or anything like that

Cytopia is a SimCity & Cities: Skylines-style building game. Here, you build a city on a procedurally generated map. The project has been around since 2018, but work has been slow. Still, you can already make quite a respectable city here.
In addition to versions for Linux, macOS, and Windows, Android is also in development. However, the game is not yet optimized for smartphones, which can still cause issues with the controls.

How does the game make money?
You can donate to support the game directly on the official website or donate monthly through Patreon.

Dwarf Fortress Classic
Dwarf Fortress Classic doesn’t look like much, but looks can be deceiving. Because behind the ASCII graphics is a very complex settlement simulation. The entire history of the game world is generated over the years, and the game remembers various events in your fortress. The game itself follows the motto “Failure is fun!” Some of your settlements will perish before you master the game.

How does the game make money?
Donations and Patreon events have funded the development for a long time. However, the team is currently working on a paid Steam version that stands out from the free version mainly because of its graphics. Then you can enjoy 2D sprites instead of ASCII characters.

Endless Sky
Endless Sky transports you into a completely open 2D universe where you must find your way. You can act, but you can also throw yourself into massive battles. This is how you make money, which you can use to buy better and better spaceships and upgrades.
You can also follow a story that will keep you busy for 16 hours. After exploring hundreds of galaxy-sized universes, you can simply retrofit new ships, weapons, galaxies, and planets if you haven’t had enough.

How does the game make money?
Endless Sky is one of the projects you can support with your employees. No financial donation option exists.

A team of volunteers has been working on flight simulation FlightGear since 1996. It relies on aviation like Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it even supports the physics of orbital flight. The JSBSim flight engine makes this possible. This is not from amateurs. For example, in 2015, NASA checked that newly simulated codes met aerospace industry standards.

How does the game make money?
The official website has a store where you can buy the game’s physical version. Merchandise is also available in mugs, t-shirts, hats, and an easy donation function.

As the name suggests, FreeCiv is modeled after Sid Meier’s turn-based strategy game Civilization. More specifically, the first part and the second part. No wonder: the project started in 1996.
Here you can build your empire, research new technologies, and build an army. You can play FreeCiv against other human players, but you can also play against AI. You can use ready-made maps, but you can also create your maps using the editor.

How does the game make money?
The team accepts donations to cover website hosting costs. The revenue benefits not only Freeciv itself but also the Warzone 2100 project, which is also free

Not only the accessible version of Civilization but also Colony. In FreeCol, you build a European country and a colony of the New World, and you must either defeat all other players or start a revolution and gain independence.
However, in uncharted territory, you are not alone. Because you will encounter countless indigenous villages, you can trade with them or conquer them. In addition to the original features, there is an option to play the game using a community-extended set of rules.

How does the game make money?
FreeCol is a veteran in the Libre space and has been around since 2003, thanks to volunteer work. However, there has been no way to support the project since its inception financially.

A brand new project is dawning in 2022! FreeRCT is a free fan remake of the first Roller Coaster Tycoon. However, due to the early stages of development, there is still a lack of content, and the number of attractions is very manageable. But you can still build a small comfortable amusement park.

How does the game make money?
FreeRCT relies entirely on the enthusiasm of the developers. Anyone who wants to support the project can only do so through programming knowledge and helping themselves develop. Don’t find a donation option on the project’s official website.

GeneRally sends you up to five other racers on numerous routes, controlled by a human or PC. The game follows “Easy to learn, hard to master.” This is due to the physics through which you can quickly lose control of the vehicle.
Overall, the game offers three modes: Time Trial, Racing, and Championship. While it doesn’t look like it, the game offers complex mechanics such as tire wear, gas mileage, and even a simple damage model. Thanks to the route editor, you can also create your courses.

How does the game make money?
GeneRally is entirely free and has no donation option. However, the team is GeneRally developing 2, funded through Kickstarter. After that failure, however, the project fell silent. However, it’s coming back to life in 2021. The developers have been releasing new updates on the development status since March.

Gun Girl 2
In Gun Girl 2, you’ll take on the zombie apocalypse and try to figure out what’s behind it. To do so, you’ll explore a large 2D world in the style of Metroidvania. As you progress through the game, you’ll discover new weapons and power-ups that you can use to unlock previously inaccessible areas. You can solve main and side quests, but you can also unlock different game modes and even unlock a secret character.

How does the game make money?
The game is not monetized, and there is no way to donate. At the same time, the project has also been completed and will not be further developed. The latest version appeared in 2011.

You will experience the story of Helltaker, the man of the same name, who in his dreams has a harem full of beautiful demon girls. After waking up, he decided to go to hell to pursue his dream.
You’ll solve a series of puzzles that require you to move stones and skeletons on a 2D Sokoban-style board. Not only do you have train restrictions around your neck, but you also have to watch out for various traps and collect critical items simultaneously. Once you reach one of the demon ladies, you must answer a question correctly.

How does the game make money?
While the game is entirely free, you can support the developer by purchasing a book that includes the artwork, game notes, and pancake recipes.

KeeperRL mixes Dwarf Fortress with Dungeon Keeper. You control a villain, build a dungeon, and train monsters, then you attack the world with your evil army to take over the world. Another special feature is that other players’ bases can appear in your world. There are nine different factions in total, all of which play differently. You can only unlock some of them during gameplay.

How does the game make money?
KeeperRL has opted for a unique approach to funding. The whole game is FOSS. However, buying it will give you better graphics and sound. Alternatively, you can send the developer proof that you have donated at least $20 to a nonprofit dedicated to animal welfare rather than purchasing the game through regular channels. This includes animal shelters.

Like the commercially published Battletech, MegaMek is based on the Battletech ruleset but is closer to the original desktop template. This means that the focus is on giant “mechs” and other units such as infantry and aircraft. Even battles in space are possible.
MegaMek lets you fight online, but you can also fight entire campaigns with other players with the help of MekWars. At the same time, competition with robots is also possible. Thanks to a tool called MekHQ, there’s also an entire single-player campaign. If you only have a PC, you can play games with friends in hot-seat mode.

How does the game make money?
MegaMek is developed entirely voluntarily and is not funded in any way. There is also no way to support the project through donations.

The industry is very similar to Factorio but focuses more on tower defense elements. Thanks to full cross-play, it doesn’t matter which platform you play on. You have to build a massive factory with conveyor belts and automate as much of your base as possible. This can be done not only alone but also with friends.

How does the game make money?
The industry is funded through a paid Steam version that offers quality-of-life achievements, seamless multiplayer support, and workshop integration. On the other hand, the actual game itself is entirely free.

When you see Minetest, the first thing that comes to mind is Minecraft. However, this project is slightly different from the larger model because developers see it more as the game’s engine.
In Minetest’s main menu, you can download various games written in LUA. There are no NPCs, monsters, or other animals in default mode. Most users install mods to customize the game to their unique needs.

How does the game make money?
One of the more active developers accepts donations through his PayPal account and keeps forum users up to date on whether he is currently available for the project.

Anyone who played video games in 1987 is probably familiar with Nethack. This is a true classic of freeware games. It’s also a first in the Roguelike genre, taking directly from the 1980s Rogue. Here you fight through procedurally generated dungeons and slay monsters in a hack and slash style.
Your goal is to find Yendor’s amulet with your character in the deepest part of the dungeon and escape with the treasure. When it comes to role-playing, you’ll find better and better gear. But if you die in the process, you lose everything and have to start over.

How does the game make money?
Nethack is entirely free to develop, and there is no way to support the development team financially.

Leveraging OpenRA’s engine, OpenHV aims to revive an unreleased real-time strategy game called Hard Vacuum, developed in 1993, using freely available assets and information released by the original developer.
About the resource system. Many special functions are known today, but the implementation in OpenCV is somewhat different. Instead of taking care of the collectors yourself, you build conveyor belt buildings that regularly send money to your base.

How does the game make money?
At OpenHV, money is not an issue. There aren’t even any donation options.

OpenRA is a clone of the Command & Conquer engine. However, there are many improvements, such as higher resolutions and game tweaks. This project will play The Tiberium Conflict, Red Alert, and Dune 2000. Plans to support Tiberium Sun in the future. The game automatically downloads the required resources. If you don’t have the originals, the only thing you need to do is the cutscenes.

How does the game make money?
The project accepts donations through Patreon to fund the operation of the server. As a bonus, you get your server every month.

OpenTTD is an old friend. Over the years, it was all about building a massive transportation network. Because it is the source port of Transport Tycoon Deluxe, you can also download it on Steam starting April 1, 2021.
You don’t need the original Transport Tycoon to play. Then the open-source version has its assets entirely. If you like to immerse yourself in nostalgia, you can also import original graphics, sounds, and music.

How does the game make money?
OpenTTD accepts donations via bank transfer, PayPal, and checks to fund the website and build the server. Again, these are just to support the project and do nothing for the donors.

Renegade X
Those who remember Command & Conquer Renegade will be pleased to know that a team of fans took the idea of ​​the shooter from the Command & Conquer universe and carried on. Dubbed Renegade X, the project offers a multiplayer mode with bots and even a single-player campaign.
You play against each other as spartan soldiers of GDI or NOD on numerous multiplayer maps and destroy the enemy’s base. In addition, Renegade X uses the technology of the First Tiberium War and the technology of the Tiberium Sun and Firestorm. This means you can also use mechs and such.

How does the game make money?
The team accepts donations through the project’s official website. However, backers will not receive any incentives or preferential treatment.

Remnants of the Precursors
If you were disappointed with Galactic Civilizations 4, Remnants of the Pioneers might be for you. This follows in the footsteps of Master Orion and expands the gameplay. Each faction has a unique and personalized dialogue that brings them to life.
Races differ not only in appearance. Because depending on who you play and who you meet, you have to adjust your tactics. Diplomacy and espionage also play an essential role. Because you can’t study every technology, this also affects your ship design.

How does the game make money?
The project is represented on Patreon, and you can support it with monthly donations. In return, you will receive monthly notifications about the project’s status, and you will also receive screenshots of new features being developed.

Skylords Reborn
In 2009, BattleForge used microtransactions to mix real-time strategy and card games. But why is it on this list? Simple: After it was discontinued in 2013, fans came to the rescue, morphing it into Skylords Reborn and scrapping the fundamental money components entirely.
These missions rely heavily on player cooperation. Additionally, new developers plan to expand the project with additional content such as PvE modes, PvE seasons, and new maps.

How does the game make money?
It is possible to support Skylords Reborn through Patreon donations. As a bonus, depending on the level, you can get early access to news and patch notes, special artwork, and help design new maps.

SuperTuxKart is a FOSS solution to the very popular Mario Kart. Instead of racing against Nintendo’s mascot, you use one of the FOSS projects, such as Linux’s Tux penguin or the GNU project’s wildebeest.
There’s a story mode where Gnu is kidnapped, so Tux and his friends set out to rescue him before he turns into goulash. As the event progresses, you unlock new tracks. There’s also a multiplayer mode for up to eight players.

How does the game make money?
SuperTuxKart relies on community support in the form of donations. The money is used to buy new hardware for development, pay server costs or hire artists. As a bonus, donors are named in the credits unless they expressly do not wish to do so.

While SuperTuxKart is the FOSS variant of Mario Kart, SuperTux is the open-source version of Super Mario Bros. It’s a jump and run game where you play as the mascot of the FOSS project, fight jumps and collect power-ups. I can’t deny this great example.

How does the game make money?
Like SuperTuxKart, SuperTux is funded entirely through donations. Backers sometimes gain early access to new levels or add-ons before being released to the public.

Thrive is somewhat reminiscent of Spore’s original vision. You’ll develop in seven distinct stages, starting with microbes and ending with civilizations spanning the entire universe. However, only an extensive stage as a small-celled organism is combined with a multicellular stage. Your goal is to adapt to changing environmental conditions and survive.

How does the game make money?
The Patreon campaign funded the development of Thrive. These backers have access to the developer version of the game and direct contact with the team. You can also buy the game on and Steam starting November 26, 2021. The latter version gives you access to Steam features such as cloud saves. However, the game content is the same as the free version.

As the name suggests, the free version of Pokémon is here for you. Tuxemon is another ” Tux ” project that creates open versions of popular Nintendo games. You embark on a journey to capture monsters, train them, and finally compete against other trainers in turn-based battles.
To play the latest version of Tuxemon, you must launch it directly from the game’s source code. The official website explains in detail how. The last version that worked fine was a bit old, released in March 2020. However, the project is still very early and currently offers very little.

How does the game make money?
The project accepts donations, such as payments to artists who make new tiles. Bonuses include mentions in the credits, choosing which artwork will be made next, and the ability to name a release. All received funds can be viewed on the official website. Alternatively, you can support Tuxemon every month through Patreon.

Unconquered uses the same premise as Natural Selection 2. You either side with tech-savvy humans in multiplayer battles or play as slimy aliens. Each of the two factions is entirely different. While the former relies primarily on powerful firepower, movement and camouflage are essential to aliens. However, the team’s goal is to destroy the enemy’s base.
You can also unlock upgrades in each round. Humans have acquired better and better weapons, while aliens have evolved and become more terrifying. If you don’t want to fight other players, you can also confront computer-controlled NPCs.

How does the game make money?
Unvanquished does not offer donation options. The team itself carries out the entire project.

Vega Strike
Vega Strike is a 3D space simulation game where you explore, trade and fight. However, before achieving anything, you have to work your way up because you start the game with an old cargo ship and have to find your way in the universe.
Vega Strike sees itself only as an engine. However, there is also an official campaign, On the Coldest Seas. You travel the universe as a Deucalion bounty hunter or mercenary, dealing with Aera, Rlaan, and the Federation. You can play not only in single player but also in multiplayer. Even though split-screen if necessary.
The project has existed since the early 2000s. The latest version is exclusive to Linux and does not currently support Windows or macOS. However, the team is working to restore it. However, if you have the Steam platform, you can install it with developer mode enabled. However, keep in mind that it will be automatically removed when you update SteamOS.

How does the game make money?
You can’t support Vega Strike financially, but the developers stress using any help. Even someone who doesn’t need any programming knowledge. Specifically, they’re talking about artists who can create stories, artwork, or music.

Warzone 2100
The veteran must be familiar with the name Warzone 2100. The game was released commercially in 1999. However, following a fan petition, the source code was released. Since then, it has become one of a few projects that can only be attributed to its community.
This real-time strategy game relies heavily on its 3D engine, and the gameplay focuses on the use of sensors and radar, which you can use to scout for enemy activity and plan your attacks.

How does the game make money?
Warzone 2100 also relies on donations to pay for things like server costs. Since these fees don’t change, it’s even possible to support the project with a subscription. However, supporters did not get any favors.

BVB These players can not fulfill the Dortmund requirements

Jason Malik Sancho (Camber well, England, United Kingdom, March 25, 2000), called Jason Sancho, is a British football gamer who plays a midfielder or striker at Manchester United F. C. of the Premier League of England. Created in the lower groups of Watford FC and also Manchester City FC, he authorized his initial major agreement with Borussia Dortmund in 2017. In his 2nd period, he consolidated as a starter and also was selected in the team of the 2018 Bundesliga period- 19. In the 2019-20 season he won the first trophy of him after the success at the German supernova against Munich Bayern. He was part of the Juvenile Selection of England that won the 2017 FIFA U-17 Globe Mug and debuted with the outright option in 2018.

Borussia Dortmund failed crashing into the Champions League. The early-off groups disclosed relentlessly that the squad BVB does not fulfill the international requirements in width. So some players can be found in the team of coach Marco Rose again, the currently the best followers are.

While Borussia Dortmund is ranked just one point behind Bayern in the Bundesliga, BVB have no chance of progressing in the Champions League. The recent 1: 3 defeat against BVBing Dortmund’s resignation is already sealed.

Here, the BVB started with two victories in the premier class. However, in the subsequent failures against Ajax Amsterdam (0: 4, 1: 3) and in Lisbon (1: 3), the Bundesliga presented prone ideals and unfocused. The weak performances also showed that in the squad BVB a number of players will find that could not meet the high demands in the past.

BVB shows the disappointment in the Dortmund team.

Ranger (19, lending to 2022)

The lending between Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid can now safely be described as a pure misunderstanding. After the Brazilian was outside already under Lucien Favre and Edwin Eric ago, the 19-year-old does not matter even under Marco Rose.

In the current season completed Ranger far just 231 official matches for BVB minutes. The meager result: zero goals, zero templates. The midfielder is not working properly integrated into the Dortmund game.

The away game against BVBing was Ranger then surprisingly in the starting lineup, but could not use his chance to prove himself (BVB note 4.5). In the coming weeks, the Olympic champion is likely to fade into the background again. Even a premature Leihabbruch should be reportedly not excluded.

He can help the team with his style of play, that would be in some games was urgently needed, said Father Mauro Rangers Brasília end of October compared to Spot and Goal. BVB one seems however to see this differently.

Nico Schulz (28, contract until 2024)

Sporting CP vs. Borussia Dortmund: Extended Highlights | Group Stage - MD 5 | CBS Sports Golazo

For 25.5 million euros of the left-back joined in summer 2019 from Cofferdam to Borussia Dortmund. The high transfer fee, the former national team since then could not justify.

Meanwhile, Nico Schulz is only the backup of Raphael Guerrero. Even in this role, the 28-year-old wobbly presented, as the recent defeat in Lisbon showed.

Before 0: 1 Schulz made a bad mistake when he considered a high ball incorrectly and thus gave his opponent a free path towards the goal. Even during the break of the left-back of BVB coach Rose has been replaced.

Such errors you must not you sometime in the Kreisklasse afford, the ex-Dortmund Michael Rummenigge blamed the left-footer in the kicker. Schulz and Ranger in the starting’ve BVB unfortunately a very clear quality problem was Rummenigge. After a weak game in Lisbon Schulz’s shares are likely to fall further.

Eyre Can (27, contract until 2024)

With large Vorschusslorbeeren Eyre Can came in winter 2020 to Borussia Dortmund. Finally, the Frankfurt-born collected previously at Liverpool and Juventus experiences on all the highest level. Accordingly, the BVB for the national team had to transfer to Turin and a whopping 25 million euros.

But one difference Player put Can not yet and may need to even fight for his place in the team. Axel Wiesel and Jew Bellingham deemed put on his favorite position in central midfield. Therefore, often Can acts as a backup defender. However, in this role, the ex-Munich failed to convince most part.

Even in bitter Champions League from Can proved his team a disservice. After coming off the bench to break the DFB professional rose to his opponent after 74 minutes quite unnecessarily on the ankle and was shown the red card that the game at the score of 0: vorentschied second

It is completely unnecessary as to react, said Dortmund BVBing director Michael Zorn overlooking the scene. It was not the first time that Can lost his nerve in an important duel. In his first ten premier class appearances for BVB, the trained midfielder saw two course manner, and also inflicted two penalties. The hoped leadership sprayed Can instead far too rare.

Felix Pas slack (23/2023) | Ansgar Enough (19/2023) | Steffen Tinges (23/2024)

The young player of BVB struggling to achieve this season to mold problems. For Felix Pas slack and Ansgar Enough Rose this season has barely used and moves rather more experienced players like Marius Wolf ago.

Despite the injury from Erlang Haaland, Steffen Tinges was also in the background despite the injury of Erlang Haaland. Although the trio can ensure relief in the Bundesliga, but it is (yet) not enough for higher tasks. At the same time it is clear: The weak performances in the Champions League are not to be tight to pas slack, Klaus and Tinges. Jannie Tube

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